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[QLD] Free Motorcycle Roadworthy/Safety Certificate (Usually $54.40) @ TeamMoto


Safety certificates for motorcycles cost $54.40 in Queensland*, but if you bring your bike to TeamMoto, we'll complete the inspection & presuming the bike passes, we will issue the certificate FREE of charge

Awesome deal. As much as I dislike Team Moto this is a great gesture that some of you might find useful.

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Team Moto

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    with my experiance with them - i'd rather pay and go elsewhere

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    Is this one of those "everything is broken" type of roadworthy checks?

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    Good find OP I upvoted, however myself and a lot of SEQ riders (visible in the SEQ Motorcycle riding group on Facebook) have had alot of unsavoury experiences with Team Moto.

    Personally I have been misquoted on the fitment of a Ventura rack, tried to slug me an extra $300 more than the original quotation in labour (because I had a fender eliminator fitted- which I told them at the time of quotation as they serviced my bike). Went backwards and forwards until compromising in the middle an extra $150 in labour..

    Had a work mate buy a used FZ6R- Oil filter wasn't tightened and proceeded to leak oil on his first ride all over his tyre/ engine (miraculously didn't go down).

    If laws are still the same as when my old man did road worthies, if it's failed by that work shop- you can't take it else where they have to approve it. Would be very sceptical of upselling or pinging you for non existent issues..

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    Yea good way to get people in the door then tell them to fix everything!!!!!