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Nike Air Max 200 Black/Black $85.99 (RRP $170), Air Max Oketo Black/White $68.99 (RRP $110) @ Nike + $9.95 Shipping


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    Checked these out when the Air max 90s deal showed up. Only tiny feet sizing available :/

  • Thanks OP! The Black/Black Oketo looks decent, time to replace my Puma NRGYs.

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    Understanding trainer size is like moving electric provider.

    We need a government subsidised site to help us choose the right one.

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    "Be aware that some banks may consider your Nike.com purchase an international purchase and charge a small transaction fee according to their policies. Nike doesn't charge this fee or control when your bank will charge it. We'll only charge you for the order total displayed during checkout."

    ANZ charged me 3%.

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      Good call. Got stung using commbank on nike au site. Bullplop

    • Any Ozbargainers annoyed by these kind of fees should check out ING, they rebate all those fees if you meet their monthly depost requirements.

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        Or just use one that doesn’t have any requirements or fees like Up or Citibank Plus transaction

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        Pretty sure ING rebate international transaction and currency conversion fees regardless of monthly deposits. At least they have with me in the past.

        • I think you're right about that, I got confused with the bonus interest with the attached savings account.

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      I think that is a cop out by Nike (and all these international companies). Pretty sure it is under their control as they choose their payment processor, and if the payment processor is not in oz, it is likely that bank will charge international fees.

      These fees add up with large purchases like accommodation with AirBnb. Fair Trading or someone needs to do something about this, as consumers are being misled and being hit with these fees as the general assumption is that you dont get charge international fees from a .com.au website (or even if it resolves from a .com.au website). Companies either need to be clear and transparent at time of payment that their payment processor is international and banks may charge a fee, or be forced to use payment processors within Australia if they are running a .com.au website.

    • didn't get charged by amex

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    SHIPPING IS $9.95

  • Thanks OP!

  • Would these make good tennis shoes?

  • are these good for long distance walking?

  • Damn, only hobbit feet sizes left.

  • Anything not from 2002 or earlier

  • so tempting to have these classics in my collection, but design is just so unappealing to me 😬

  • too bad i bought the am200s in August for $94

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