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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 32GB WiFi $303.20 + Bonus Book Cover @ Samsung Education Portal


The new Tab A7 is now available at Samsung Education Store, including a free Tab A7 Book Cover (RRP $69). Works out better than previous Amazon US deal with the free cover?

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    add something worth $47 and apply $50 voucher

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      The battery pack is $47 if you want. Personally I will wait Black Friday and see if it's going down lower, just bought an iPad Air 4 for missus so wallet is a bit thin.

      • —- what battery pack, I cant find it ? :) —-

        never mind, found it under mobile accessories :)

    • How do you get the $50 voucher?

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        Just sign up for marketing emails, you ill get a $50 voucher in your email

        • Nice, thanks!

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        Just sign up for samsung newsletter.
        If you are going to use with epp
        Make sure you are logged in.

        I usually sign in on incognition mode.
        Always works

        After login there will be a mini tray bar with message sign up $50 or something like that.
        click on in, fill your info and boom

  • Govt site with $50 credit only brings it down to $314.65 and no cover

  • Where are you seeing the "free Tab A7 Book Cover"?

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      When you add to Cart.

      • Thanks!

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    Ended up biting the bullet and bought the 64GB WiFi version last week for $305 with Book Cover free and an extra USB cable (to get it to $350 for $50 coupon). Surprisingly decent tablet, after turning off screen animation it feels reasonably smooth. Stock camera app is terrible but thankfully GCam mod works and it automatically transferred the GCam mod from my phone, much better photo now but still rubbish compare to high end tablets.

    Lack of RAM isn't as noticeable as last year Tab A thanks to a much faster SoC (SD662 runs circle around the Exynos 7904 in last year model) but don't expect amazing speed. For what it is the SoC is fairly similar to SD820 in 2016 Tab S3 but much cooler and energy efficient.

    Side by side to the iPad Air 4, it's still doing rather well for general task. Very decent screen, low nits is not noticeable as I'm going to use it indoor. Speakers sound decent enough but you can use headphones and should anyway, even the speakers on iPad Air 4 which is better still can't compete to my Sony WH-1000XM3 or Bose Soundsport Free. Pretty good bang for bucks I would say as comparable Chinese tablets may have bigger screen and LTE but loses Widevine L1, and streaming is what I'm using this for anyway.

    • Wouldn't you use the iPad Air 4 for streaming?

      • Apart from HDR the iPad Air 4 is not that much better when it comes to streaming, it is wider so the extra resolution doesn't exactly work when it comes to 21:9 cinematic ratio. Colour is kind of personal preference and unless you watch streaming in dark room true tone doesn't really do much in a well lit room. The iPad Air 4 is for missus and I'm comparing it side by side.

        Plus this has 3.5mm jack. Storage is expendable as well if you prefer local watch instead of streaming. Thankfully the unoptimised software doesn't really affect streaming, as general streaming app adapts well to the Tab A7. In fact, Prime Video on Android offer MORE custom settings than on iPad OS.

        • Fair enough… would of thought the higher end tablet would of been better especially with the better screen.

          Does the 3GB gimp you a bit?

          • @jlogic: Not really, as I said I don't use heavy apps so it doesn't. Just streaming, web browsing and light gaming. They all runs decently smooth (there are slight stuttering in chrome on some heavy web page but that's more due to SoC and Chrome unoptimisation). It is not really a bother, maybe a second or two extra compare to the iPad Air 4 with top of the line hardware.

            The screen on Tab A7 is really good apart from low 300 nits. As long as you don't mind the low brightness outdoor and no HDR it will be great. iPad Air 4 screen goes up to 500 nits and looks a bit nicer, as well as the wider ratio offer extra screen real estate in other tasks. Tbh even the iPad Air 4 HDR is nothing spectacular as it's only 500 nits, and it's still an LCD screen not OLED so no deep black.

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