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Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair - Various Colours - $296.65 (C&C) @ Baby Bunting


Baby Bunting is having a sale on their Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair in various colours for $296.65 C+C

Stack with the current cash rewards of 15% (max $40) to bring it down to $256.65

Cashrewards deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/577484

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  • Lol just get a 20 dollar one from ikea

  • This is a good deal! Would go for it if we didn’t just buy the mocka one.

    • The Mocka one looks exactly the same. I'd be interested to know the difference and whether the person using it could tell.

      • brand loyalty tax.

        we have both Stokke and Mocka, Stokke one is more solid but it is not worth 200%-300% more.

        • We switched from a Mocka one to the Ikea one and never looked back. The finish on the Mocka started peeling off and it's a PITA to clean because there are too many crevices for food stuck in. Don't even get me started on the seat cover, leg divider and harness! They get absolutely filthy. The harness is really finicky to get on and gets tangled easily.

          In my experience it's the definition of form over function. Also you can put the Ikea one in the dishwasher so there's that ;)

      • I've used both and if I could afford it/didn't think it was so overpriced I would prefer the Stokke one. It has the newborn seat and more side support for younger kids. Im using the mocks one on a daily basis though and it'll do. Just have to stuff the sides of the baby initially before they develop better core strength.

  • Great chair, highly recommend. Much more stable and safer than the IKEA one.

  • While these are supposedly the Ferrari of high chairs, you could always go for the VW of high chairs from K-Mart (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/prandium-high-low-chair/218...). $29.95, with a 5 point harness, excellent reviews and has served us well, over the last 13 months or so.

  • Thought I'd chime in with a brief review in case anyone is considering this item.

    I purchased mine 2nd hand about 2 weeks ago from Gumtree for $180 in dark brown (no longer offered).

    The quality of the chair is very high; the simple design, angles, adjustment of the seat and footrest, and the feet on the bottom all add up to make a great chair for our toddler. She is very independent and always wants to climb onto furniture herself, and the design of this chair allows it to remain steady and not tip over at all. It has these very handy feet in the back, that let you stand behind the chair, tilt it back, and the feet will not catch on the floor, and allow you to slide the chair back and forth.

    I would strongly recommend purchasing the harness along with the chair. The finish on the chair is very smooth and slippery, and one time when she didn't have the harness on, our kid fell off it onto the floor. So definitely get the harness. The harness quality is extremely high, and is very strong. Our kid can do it up herself, but has no chance of undoing it without our help, which is perfect. Once clipped in, the harness buckle is in the shape of a cat's head, which is cute.

    Our toddler is very small for her age, and we adjusted this to fit her perfectly. So it's good for kids from about 18 months onward. You can keep using it probably up till around 6 or 7, but by that time, kids want to sit in regular chairs like mum and dad.

    • A previous general manager had twins and one died due to a fall in a high chair, its something that made safety absolutely #1.

      Look at the stokke and if u think its safe and your kid wont get into mischief when unsupervised then you are a very relaxed 1st time parent.

      I would not leave my kid even for a minute in that chair if they can kick the table, even if it slides, a tweak or turn or imbalance in weight e.g. sibling climbing for a ride sounds like a sad trip to emergency.

      I would highly recommend instead the Peg Perego Siesta, go touch it, that thing is heavy af and a 5yo kid would really struggle tipping it over, it's about 3kg heavier then the Tripp trapp.

      Relieve yourself of the mental load and use that for something else.

      For your 2nd kid buy the IKEA high chair.
      For your 3rd kid, they will make do with whatever because you wont care by that time. Perego > Ikea > dining table.

  • Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair - $296.65

    Real OzBargainers would get their kid a Herman Miller for the same price…

  • One of our kids managed to push over the Stokke chair while himself in it by pushing his legs against the table. He hit the ground with only a few centimetres distance to the wall. That could have easily been a fatal or paralysing accident. These chairs are not safe for unsupervised infants.

    • It's good to know that the fall didnt take a turn for the worst, and I can imagine the dread felt in that moment.

      One accident is one too many with this specific product imo. Buyers beware, it happens and you never want to be that someone.

    • I don’t think any high chair should be used unsupervised, especially placed such that there’s something for the kids to push off. I realise a selling point of the Stokke is it can be used at a dining table, but early on its probably best to use the baby set with the optional tray table.

      We have a stokke ourselves and our daughters coming on 18 months. We’ll have to keep an eye on it once we do transition to her sitting at the table down the line.

      Glad your kids avoided any serious injury too.

      • 100% that children shouldn't be unsupervised in any high chair, but the fact is that life isn't that simple and we can't look into the future to be absolute with the many moving parts in any daily routine with kids. Once you scale life (or things to be mindful of) with e.g. more kids, imo there are better products which fit.

        A split second is all it takes with any product. I'd side with caution on this one and a product which makes me feel safer for that minute possibility can have my money.

        • Sure, but you can manage the risk and it’s why we don’t leave the chair next to a surface that can be pushed off and instead use the tray accessory and included harness. Many many chairs could be toppled over if left next to a surface that allows the child to kick off, like in the YouTube video posted further up.

          We’d recommend the chair ourselves, but set it up in a safe manner.