Costco Hot Dog Rolls Quality Has Dropped

I'm a long time customers of Costco Adelaide and events caterer. I did notice in the last few months that the quality of hot dog rolls has changed completely (so have my customers) . Used to be the best on the market and now they are below average being too friable and breaking apart when opening.

Did anybody else notice the difference?

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  • Some of the boys at work go to a burger/dog place and they temporarily cancelled hot dogs due to supply issues. Supposedly they have had supply issues with both dogs and rolls.

  • I think a lot of the bulk bakery for Eastern Australia was done in VIC and alternative providers had to be found (or just do without).

    • Aren't they meant to be selling these things at a loss to get people in? Or is that their roast chickens.

      • I probably should have elaborated that due to covid19 lockdowns in Vic much less capacity for bulk bakery supplies for Australia. So they may have an interim provider from elsewhere.

        • Costco should have paid more for a bakery to meet the same quality. It's this slow decline of once great institutions that kills them and their customer loyalty. Look at Woolworths and Coles old home brand, pizzas that were like a disc of glue with five bits of cheese and four cubes of rubbery ham on it. Then Aldi comes along offering cheaper pizzas that taste even better, then suddenly Woolworths and Coles old barely food home brand range disappears and is replaced with something to compete with Aldi. People were eating those disgusting cheap pizzas for decades before Aldi came along. Woolworths and Coles fed garbage to millions of low income families for decades. And now Costco is giving people garbage hotdogs to save themselves some money.

  • I like ikea hot dogs yummy