Recommendation for Home Internet Plans - Cheapest and Unlimited

Hello ,I need some help with house internet plans,which is the cheapest and unlimited,

There’s only myself and two kid

What plan and company would you recommend


  • Do you care about customer service? If so, without hesitation, Aussie Broadband

  • Required speed?

    • 1 adult 2 kids.

      Honestly just enough to make sure all can youtube stream at same time.

      I have tried 12/1 with 3 adults and it works but your video streams will be competing for bandwidth.

      If you can find a 25/5 deal that is cheap and unlimited go with that.

      Otherwise you won't need more than 50/20 and I recommend Aussie Broadband and TPG or any other reliable looking ISP that has 50/20 unlimited.

  • TPG. you do not need to pay for customer service. You pay for internet service.
    $70 NBN50 or $90 NBN100. I get constant 100mbps and no issues.

    • If you go with TPG just remember if you ever leave they need 30 days notice, getting stung with an extra month fee is rather annoying.

  • I think one that is a bit cheaper is Mate. Especially if you include a mobile phone. I feel most people are happy with their performance.

    Another is Leaptel. I have a friend with them and he reports good pricing and excellent customer service.

    Aussie have good support (arguably the best around) but expensive.

    I'm with Future, had a trouble free couple of years with them but they are expensive and as well, most plans not unlimited but you can make savings if you use their data banking. Save up quota and then move to a cheaper plan for a few months. Also additional savings if you pay in advance…

    There are other cheap ISP's around as well but its hard to find one that does not skimp on bandwidth and or support.


    is another good option if for some reason you don't want to go with TPG or ABB.

  • Go with Mate, pay for the 12/1 speed and get free upgrade to 25/5.

    no contracts,
    unlimited data on all plans
    no setup fee
    no plan change fees
    1 month risk free guarantee

  • Belong - a Telstra's budget provider. It uses the exact same as Telstra's NBN, just without the fancy 4G back up :-)

    Starter plan, $55/m on 12 months contract is a resold of 50/20 product but shaped down to 35/20. Unlimited Data of course, good for the kids on YouTube, as well Netflix at HD :)

    Why do I suggest this you may ask? Because many providers at 25/5 speed tiers are offering at $55, $59 etc, for example FlipConnect if PIA (Pay in Advance), $55.90/m on 25/5. Mates for 25/5 $59/m, or $49/m only if you bundle with mobile service with them but then again its 25/5 plan

  • Thankyou all for your recommendation and advice
    Is anyone with

    • Not myself personally but you should be aware that $49.90/m is only for the first 6 months, then it will be $59.90/m after that.

      Screen snip - look at the red circle, highlight in yellow. Just something to keep in mind :)

      • Thankyou for your time to reply , I have made many calls and this will be cheaper for me for the first 6 months ,if I’m happy with there service I’ll continue the plan ,if not I did ask if I can cancel the plan with no extra charges ,I did take a chance and did sign up ..had to pay $129 for modem and $49.90 upfront..

        Other company’s I did enquire about chargers $59.90 and will increase in price after 6 months

        Let’s just hope I didn’t make a wrong choice but hey only way to learn..

        I appreciate everyone’s feedback

        Much love xx

        • Yes, I will also suggest going for it. $49.90/m is for the first six months, and
          that is enough time to check their services, etc. And if you are satisfied with
          it, then there should be no issue if the price raises to $59.90/m

        • if you use $80 sim voucher that comes with belong, it comes out cheaper. consistent pricing as well.

  • Depending on what speed you need, Superloop 50/20 is $78.95/month, $10 off for 6 months with the referral system here. If you only want 25/5 then it will be $54.95/month. I switched from Aussie to Superloop about a year ago and no complaints at all.

    It's pretty easy to chop and change providers with the NBN and most aren't lock in contracts, so take the 6 month discounted rate then move to the next.