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$10/Month off nbn Plans for 6 Months (New Customers Only) @ Superloop


(Kudos to Smartinet, for previous deal)

Previous deal marked as expired, but works - Just used it myself

$10 off any plan for the first 6 months.

OLD INFO, But deal still works:
The Superloop NBN WhistleOut Exclusive Offer gives new residential customers sourced via WhistleOut $10 off any Superloop NBN Plan for the first 6 months (Offer), subject to these terms and conditions.

This Offer is open from 24 July 2020 until midnight AEDST 30 September 2020. Superloop may withdraw the Offer
at any time without notice. By applying for the Offer, you agree to be bound by Superloop’s Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) and these Terms and Conditions. Superloop may change these Terms and Conditions at any time in accordance with the SFOA
Using the referral link gets the same deal, but also benefits a fellow OzBargainer! Win-win!

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Referrer gets 10% off for 6 months. Referee gets $10 off for 6 months.

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  • Looks good. Does anyone know if there is any lag time between swapping over providers?
    I'm on Aussie Broadband atm.. just finishing up one of the $10/month off promos, and my FTTP connection is getting quite average.
    If I jump to Superloop.. can the transition be pretty seamless?

    • It's been a while since I did it, but FTTP is pretty instant. You can also provision more than one service because your device has 4 ports - so you could provision it on port 2 & then cancel the port 1 service once it is set up

      • This is the way it works for FTTP. The one thing to keep in mind is, you'll be running and paying for the 2 services simultaneously until you cancel your existing service.

    • I did it a couple of months ago from ABB to superloop and it could not have been easier. Changed over in about 15 minutes

    • I changed from ABB to superloop two weeks ago and am happy with the change. I am on FTTN but the change took literally 6 minutes from submitting the request to being connected. Connection has improved too. I'm in WA.

    • Thanks everyone. I think I'll make the change after exam week! ABB offer pro-rata closures, but apparently they say you need to contact them via phone (has to be verbal, not email) to cancel.

    • Yeah it's no worries at all. Just remember to change the port it's provisioned on (they'll send you a text or an email telling you what port).

    • Mine took literally 5 minutes from hitting submit on Superloop site. FTTC came from ABB.

  • Use referral.

  • Is this month to month or contract?

  • Currently on AussieBroadband. Anyone know how fast the transfer is to another supplier? and do I need to contact ABB to let them know?

    • Took about 15mins for me FTTN. and I contacted ABB afterwards to cancel my plan with them to be sure.

    • See above. I’m in the same boat and it appears to be nearly instant. No need to notify ABB as far as I can tell.

      • Wrong. You must notify your ISP as you can have up to 4 active services on your nbn box.

        • It depends on what form of NBN you have. FTTN which makes up the highest portion of users is a service per line best I can see. FTTP or HFC support multiple services.

    • 5 minutes from ABB on FTTC.

  • As far as I know you already get 6 months with $10 off if anyone refers you and the referr gets some credit on their account. I wouldn't use Whistleout's referral, I believe there's a section on this site somewhere where you can randomly get another OzBarginers referral code.

  • I just transferred over from ABB really happy with speed.
    Anyone can confirm about the referral can be stacked or not? I am already getting $10 off as I used the link above.

  • i went from Optus on 50/20 getting around 52/17 in reality to Superloop 100/40 getting 88/18 in reality. a bit underwhelming to be honest…

    • My issue with superloop was the outages. Aussie bb have been great, but their prices recently went up :(

    • I'm on 100/20 and get 109/18 HFC.

      • yeah i would have expected that based on my exp with Optus but been disappointed… might switch to ABB or Tangerine

    • My speeds went up and the latency on the Singapore undersea dropped on SL.

    • Fttn? Not really comparable unless you were on the same plan with Optus. The infrastructure may only support 88/18 or so no matter what you pay.

      • yeah FTTN, fair enough. i'll probably drop back down to 50/20 and then compare but feel like it's unlikely I'll get 53/17 with Superloop like i was with Optus but who knows

        • Yeah, FTTN is just such a crap technology it's hard to know. But my guess would be if you drop the plan you'll get similar speeds to Optus.

    • All ISP's do have outages. I found Aussie to have a lot but only in the early hours of the morning. Superloop were better and my current ISP Future Broadband (have data banking) even more reliable as they use a business network for home customers.
      Superloop have really keen pricing on their 100/20 plan and with the referral (or the code) link above, even better still.

  • far better off using the referral code for members and giving them something (10%) back than the whistleout code, just click on the random referral link

  • I'm thinking of moving from Aussie BB to Superloop as well (have HFC and get 109/23 on my 100/20 plan). With the $10 increase and their only excuse being… they're making a loss and we're paying for their local support… I told them Superloop actually has an office in Adelaide, then the guys at Aussie say they have less congestion which is why they're more expensive (ie. you get what you pay for, and they said that).

    It just amazes me that Aussie would raise prices when all other ISPs are around $10 cheaper and provide even cheaper 500Gb/1000Gb quota options.

    Thanks for the code OP. It now makes it $20 cheaper than Aussie for the first 6 months, and from what i've heard, there's a downtime of no more than 15 minutes.

    • I just joined the ABB Churn Train as a resut of finding out the $10 increase is upon us. Good timing superloop!

  • Just signed up and moved from AussieBB to superloop using the referral link above. The switch took less than 5min with a HFC connection.

  • After the 6 months runs out I rang up SL and asked if they can do any better they took of $5 the 100/20 plan happy as speeds are great and no outages and I come From iprimus it took 15 min no dramas

  • Anyone know of a decently cheap plan that can offer 80+mbps up?

  • I was with Superloop over 6 months ago then switched to Abb, does anyone know when they consider you a "new" client?

  • Thanks OP, just signed up - automatically switched over from ABB in just 5 mins!

  • Horrible customer service. Save your time. ABB all the way

    • Speak for yourself, but I have NEVER had to use or need Support. Sound to me like your on FTTN wishing it was Fibre, lol

      And hey folks, dont forget to use the Referral Link in the above post to assist fellow OzBargainers in obtaining a discount 👍

  • Does the referral link still work? Promo code has expired.

  • Thanks for the kudos, but the offer is now only for Superloop NBN 100/20 and 100/40 Unlimited Plans.

    New offer terms here: https://www.superloop.com/documents/legal/SHBB-WhistleOut-T&...

    The referral offer still seems a better deal - especially since you can stack them up to 100% rebate.

  • Do they issue invoice a month in advance?
    My current cycle finishes on 10th nov
    But they already sent invoice from 11th nov to 10th dec

    If I switch providers now , what happens to the invoice ?