Do I Acually Really Need 3000/6000 Series on 2k Monitors?

Cuz I'm getting mixed signals that its only designed for 4k gaming at 60 fps.

So 144hz gaming on lower res's isn't a thing anymore? Heck, what about the 1080p 240hz gang?


  • I used Vega 64 on a WQHD 3440 x 1440p monitor. It doesn't quite hit triple digit framerates, maybe roughly 60~70 at the worst of days but going off that you don't really need super-high-end GPU's to run 1440p.

  • Need? No
    Would you get more FPS with the new flagships? Yes

    It comes down to what you're playing and at what settings. I'm doing perfectly fine with my 1080ti at 1440p getting somewhere between 80-200 fps (at top quality settings) depending on the game I'm playing. Which is still more than I need because my monitor is only 60hz.

    The 3080/3090 and 6800XT/6900XT weren't designed only for 4k gaming but rather they're the first to provide decent fps at 4k. They're still perfectly capable of providing extremely high fps at 1080p or 1440p. Gaming at higher refresh rates will still be a thing, it's just that with more powerful GPUs those with the dollars can now move into high refresh rate gaming at higher resolutions like 1440p at 240hz. Additionally with the progression of more powerful GPUs in the lower tier end, those with limited budgets can now enter 1080p gaming at 240hz+ or 1440p at 75-144hz, where previously they couldn't because they couldn't afford GPUs that allowed that many fps.

  • It's really depends on the games. On AAA titles, if you're after max graphics quality and still want to maintain 1440p 144Hz I think you will benefit from latest generation cards. This is also presumably you want ray tracing. Even if you have hit the target, it does mean you could hang onto the card for longer.

  • Games these days will let you set a 2k or 4k overlay and have the game engine itself run at a lower resolution. It lets gamers with low end GPUs still experience some full resolution graphics and imo the overlay hud for a game is more important to be seen in 4k than the game itself.

  • The way you've asked the question simply has no answer because it's not binary. Each card falls on a continuum of price and performance and you need to pick the card that makes the most sense for what you want to play and what your budget is.

    FWIW, I have a 2080 Super and I'm frequently frustrated at how I want higher FPS. My wife has a 1070 and is perfectly happy. We both use 3440x1440. Why? Because we play different types of games and have different standards. E.g. I like to play more graphically intensive AAA games and I like to crank the settings up as far as they'll go.

    Not sure what "mixed signals" you're getting - look at the benchmarks, work out what card works best for you at your budget. It's that simple.