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Global Millennium Knife Block Set 7pc $269.98 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Like the Samurai swords before them, each Global knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand. The smooth contours and seamless construction eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.

This set includes an 8cm peeling knife, 10cm paring knife, 11cm utility knife, 14cm vegetable knife, 15cm serrated utility knife, and 20cm cook’s knife, all presented in a stainless steel knife block.

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  • I paid around $230 for the 4 knives + wooden block set, so this is a damn good deal! Only thing with these is I have found they are a bit of a pain to sharpen. The 3-stage wheel sharpener I bought really did not do a good job and actually left permanent streaks down my knife. Just ordered a whetstone to try and do it myself. But I have had them for over a year and only half-assed sharpened them once. They feel very nice in the hand.

    • Just a quick tip on the stones. 1000 grit will get 90% of the sharpening done, but still be a bit rough. 4000-5000 grit will get you a pretty sharp edge. ~12000 will get you near that "paper slicing" sharpness. I personally stop at 5000 as I'm too lazy to bother with the last polishing stone haha.

      • Yeah right, that is good. I got a 1000/4000 stone. I have heard that anything over the 5000 mark is pretty useless for the grade of steel that Global use.

  • had these for more than 10 years, this isn't a great set of knives, you'll end up only using 3 of them. You're better off spending your money on the Yaxell Mon 4pc block and buying a separate serrated knife

    • Global knives in general arent very good, ive had them break before on expensive wooden blocks. They are just spruiked on masterchef, making them seem good.

      Just follow ramsays advice, European knives like Wusthof are the best by far imo especially for the price.

      • They are a good baseline, they are definitely better than about 75% of the average household's use.

        Global/Ikea knives for me is minimal acceptable quality. I pretty much wont use knives that are worse (with the exception of Kiwi perhaps?).

        I'm not saying they are terrible, I'm only saying for $270~ you can spend your money better elsewhere.

        Disagree about the wusthof knives, personally knives are a very personal choice because techniques people prefer are different. Almost all Wusthof knives have a full bolster too.

        Hacking apart a chicken carcass? Definitely would use a cheap stainless cleaver or a Wusthof. Otherwise change your technique and dont hack bones or frozen goods with your japanese knives. Totally depends how you like to work.

        Personally for me german steel is too cheap to be worth the price you pay for wusthof knives, and the methodology of construction doesnt justify the cost (factory stamped vs handmade)

  • Strangely mine started to rust within the first year or so. Now a few more are like that. Saw a YouTube on how to potentially get rid of it. Did not happen with other stainless knives. Reasonably sharp like other brands, especially when sharpened. But would probably buy something else next time.

    • I would add that I don't feel that they have particularly good edge retention. Yes, they sharpen up extremely well if you have a good idea of what you are doing but no… can't say I'm at all impressed with the overall edge retention. Having said that… most people have unrealistic ideas about how long an edge should stay sharp.
      If especially for the ones who are in effect, brutal in their given care and usage styles. Certainly wherein the knives are used somewhat regularly.

      I had one guy say to me that a knife should stay sharp for about two years.
      Poor fellow has NFI. Admittedly he was a bit of an egotistical dipstick anyways. Even with the best of skilled users a regularly used knife will become duller within a week (refer to laws of physics). This is why a more informed user will do regular edge maintenance in between dedicated sharpening sessions.

      • If you are a commercial chef and use VG10 it will generally only last about a week or two between sharpenings.

        Specialty steels like HAP40 (65HRC) commercial chefs can use for about 4 - 6 weeks between sharpenings

    • They will definitely rust if you put them in the dishwasher or leave them in a pool of water, many knives will do that.

      The block also has poor air circulation so it doesnt help if you dont dry the knives properly before putting them back in.

  • Costco does delivery?

  • FYI, Most of these are shorter in length than a similarly priced range like the Ikasu 7 piece.
    Compare the sets side by side, I wouldn't recommend this set.

    Source: Been waiting for a Global Knives deal for a month and this one has been the only one.

    • Given the availability of yaxell knives block set at $185, I think a fair price for global knives 3 knife set to be around $150.

      Would not pay more than that for Global.

  • I have a set of global and they are nice to look at but they have stained in the dishwasher. Yes I know you're meant to handclean them. I still prefer my old plastic handle knives for veg peeling.