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KLEENEX Complete Clean Toilet Paper 60 Rolls $26 ($23.40 Subscribe & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


KLEENEX Complete Clean Toilet Tissue with unique Clean Ripple texture has a 3-in-1 combination of softness, strength & absorbency, allowing you to experience a superior clean. Try it today and make a change for the better! By choosing KLEENEX Toilet Tissue you can be assured that the product you're purchasing does not come from high conversation value forests, which may be home to rare, threatened or endangered animals and ecosystems. So, when you buy KLEENEX Brand Toilet Tissue you can be confident that you are doing your bit to help the environment.

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  • Not a fan of these. They always seem to just disintegrate in my tailpipe.

  • 39 c per roll

  • Same price per roll for the 45 pack.
    This is pretty much the permanent, non covid shortage, price.

  • Unique CleanRipple technology a no-go?

  • "Sometimes when I poop, I wipe and wipe and wipe. But there is still poop. It's like I'm wiping a marker or something."

  • Terrible sh-t rag

  • Avoid unless you like getting shit on your finger. These tear and leave a white dust all over the toilet.

  • Just read one of the top positive reviews……… :

    For me, getting a firm grab of hangers on, both wet and dry, is the deciding factor when it comes to my choice of paper. The extra thickness of the KLEENEX Complete Clean, along with the rigid "for his/her pleasure" ribbing, allows me to poke, penetrate, massage, counter-scrape and circle, without any pain, all the way up to my prostate, without fear of poking through. Excellent product, highly recommended

    • Benjamin : Wayne! Listen, we need to have a talk about Vanderhoff. The fact is he's the sponsor and you signed a contract guaranteeing him certain concessions, one of them being a spot on the show.

      Wayne Campbell : [holding a KLEENEX toilet paper pack] Well that's where I see things just a little differently. Contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor.

      Wayne Campbell : [Wiping ass with KLEENEX paper roll] Maybe I'm wrong on this one, but for me, the beast doesn't include selling out. Garth, you know what I'm talking about, right?

      Garth Algar : It's like people only do these things because they can get paid. And that's just really sad.

  • …does not come from high conversation value forests…

    Sounds like a bunch of lip service to me.