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[eBook] Learn Computer Forensics (2020) @ Tradepub


A free PDF eBook in exchange for your (fake) information. Remember do not sign up with your main e-mail account!

Tradepub values it at US$24.99.

Learn Computer Forensics by William Oettinger, copyright 2020 Packt Publishing

A computer forensics investigator must possess a variety of skills, including the ability to answer legal questions, gather and document evidence, and prepare for an investigation. This book will help you get up and running with using digital forensic tools and techniques to investigate cybercrimes successfully.

Starting with an overview of forensics and all the open source and commercial tools needed to get the job done, you'll learn core forensic practices for searching databases and analyzing data over networks, personal devices, and web applications. You'll then learn how to acquire valuable information from different places, such as filesystems, e-mails, browser histories, and search queries, and capture data remotely. As you advance, this book will guide you through implementing forensic techniques on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, to demonstrate how to recover valuable information as evidence. Finally, you'll get to grips with presenting your findings efficiently in judicial or administrative proceedings.

By the end of this book, you'll have developed a clear understanding of how to acquire, analyze, and present digital evidence like a proficient computer forensics investigator.

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    So many hoops to jump through to get access to this book.

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    Expires 1 week from now (2020-11-09 22:42:38 UTC)

    • This is a test right?

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      Thank you, kind Sir.

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    Does anyone know if the book itself is any good and worth the download please? Thx in advance..

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      You are the expert, you should tell us, FBI.

    • Work in the field, skimmed it. Looks pretty good as a beginners book to me.

    • I work in the field as well, I concur with ImTheMaddest, it looks like a good introduction. I particularly like the fact that they've included chapters on methodoloy, report writing and expert witness ethics, instead of just the technical analysis. If you want to get into the field, those aspects are just as important as your technical abilities.

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    Looks like a good write up, covers a wide range of topics in reasonable depth, tools covered are also widely used. Check out Eric Zimmerman’s (SANS DFIR lecturer) github for other great forensics tools.

  • A publisher of computer forensics book even can't inspect and identify fake info? Hmm…

  • always feels good to throw the details of one's old workplace in to one of these forms hehehe

  • Thanks, will give this a read!

  • Still works (still 11/11 in USA)

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