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can i just say, i'm sorry you got yelled at 2 years ago, and hope you managed to recover the fragments of your life in the future.
20/03/2024 - 14:55
doing my research, but what's the general sentiment from the OzB community? anyone had experience with this bad boy?
18/03/2024 - 13:52
Ok so yeah, the viscosity of all 5W-30 oils is the same, hence the grading. Any subtle "difference" between brands would be within some…
29/02/2024 - 14:24
Totally agreed. Sonicare leaves a lot to be desired in terms of cleaning ability too
27/11/2023 - 10:54
Yeah just look the my comment above 👍 Wjb nailed it with "the real difference is you pay more" hahaha
27/11/2023 - 10:53
Nope - was discussing it with a friend. His opinion (which i totally agree) is the io 6 series do much the exact same thing as the 7+ only…
27/11/2023 - 10:52
"the mouth is not a sterile environment" - the joke amongst dentist 😂 I've always been a bit ocd and always take the head off my brush…
27/11/2023 - 10:49
Honestly, the OralB IO toothbrushes are unbelievably better. Notwithstanding the free one I received at the OralB presentation I attended…
24/11/2023 - 16:28
iirc, the Drop keyboards QC is kinda wanting... I think the general sentiment is that they're a bit meh. ymmv tho!
23/11/2023 - 19:00
Was curious to know what "GBx" means - google suggested Geekbench tests, but I wanted to make sure :)
05/11/2023 - 15:41
hmm, now i don't know heaps about ram, i do know that the lower the CL number, typically the "better" (with the caveat that your clock…
27/09/2023 - 10:58
Genuinely won't see much of a difference between ssd's for boot drive. Even for pc gaming! I got brand loyalty with Samsung so i have a…
02/09/2023 - 09:32
depends on what you meant by standard - but probably is what I'll say (deferring to those who know more). the heat mass of water is really…
31/08/2023 - 21:50
well hello there fellow sff enthusiast 😎 yeah i was very surprised. the reason the noctua failed is because the fan has to live on the…
31/08/2023 - 21:45
how'd you go with the 4000D?? how's your thermals? -- just realised you changed cases, not coolers. did you change to an aircooler in the…
27/08/2023 - 17:11
So i was running my 13700k in the A4 H2O with the nucleus cooler but it wasn't easy for me to transport it from my two living locations. So…
27/08/2023 - 10:53
this is a fantastic price!! I paid 249 + shipping ($16) back in march or so, spewing! it's also a great cooler, though in my application, i…
26/08/2023 - 19:17
ah fair enough! i haven't been following tablets, so makes sense - glad you didn't take it like i was attacking you aha
24/08/2023 - 22:55
not to knock on you at all, but isn't it a given that a device will be replaced by newer model almost every year?
24/08/2023 - 22:10
mm! i just realised i meant that tilt-scroll thing - but i don't think it has as they usually have little arrows either side of the scroll…
16/08/2023 - 17:42
oh gross, yeah i know what you mean. that breakdown of the soft-touch plastic hey?
16/08/2023 - 17:42
yeah it looks like it's about $10 cheaper than elsewhere. these decent? I got a basilisk v3 which i love, but i need another mouse... was…
16/08/2023 - 17:36
you legend! absolutely fab, man! hehe
16/08/2023 - 13:53
fwiw, i bought one of theirs back in january - genuinely lasted 1sec. I plugged it in, it went pop and tripped the fuse. returned it…
16/08/2023 - 13:52
if you have a boost mobile account, does that mean you have a telstra account?
16/08/2023 - 00:40
sorry you got negged - tbh if you're not in the know i totally see how you thought it would be a coffee table book. honestly, I'd totally…
16/08/2023 - 00:40
looks like it's over :( would have bought 10/10
15/08/2023 - 23:32