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Buy Midea Mini Dishwasher New Version (Now $418, Was $599) GET Water Jug (Worth $49) + Delivery @ Star Sparky Direct


The Most Popular Product - Mini Dishwasher was sold out a while ago has arrived again!
The new version contains a Fruit Basket (No Extra Charge Required), which not contains at old version.

The Midea mini benchtop dishwasher is innovative in the world. It doesn't need to alter the plumbing in your kitchen. Midea Mini dishwashers have powerful top and bottom for the 360 degree spray ars with 72℃ steam wash to remover heavy oil. Compact outside, spacious inside. Ready to use without going through the hassles of installation. Midea Benchtop Mini Dishwashers were perfectly Designed for renters, small apartment, student accommodation, RV, caravan & camping and washing baby bottles.


  • Steam wash function
  • Drying system
  • Fruit wash, Baby care, Glass
  • 29-minute rapid wash program
  • Touch control
  • 360 degree water spray
  • Internal illumination light
  • 2 special function: Extra drying, Storage
  • LED display


  • 3 place settings
  • Freestanding benchtop dishwasher
  • Insulated Water Tank
  • SL water usage for a full cleaning cycle
  • (hand-washing dishes consumes 7 times more water)


  • Cutlery basket x 1 (Only for Model MDWMINIC/BL)
  • Water jug x 1
  • Drain hose x 1
  • Fruit Basket x 1 (New Version Only for Model MDWMINIC/BL)
  • Bottle rack x 1 (Only for Model WQP4-2602C)
  • Warranty:1 Year
Getting an EXTRA 2 YEARS WARRANTY at Star Sparky Direct

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  • "Star Spakry Direct"

    oooff spelling mistake of your own company in title

  • +10 votes

    "dishwashers have powerful top and bottom for the 360 degree spray ars"
    Oh that brings back memories of a bad curry experience I once had.

  • What is this a dishwasher for ants?? It needs to be at least 3 times the size.

    • might be okay for people living alone. or maybe even 2 people.

      wonder why it needs a fruit washing function though.

    • No, this comes with the fruit basket - the ant basket is a separate accessory.

  • Can you minus the “free” jug and just do a better discount on the dishwasher ?

  • Is this the same dishwasher as previously advertised here by you cheaper? - this also came with a jug.

    Is there a deal without the fruit basket/jug. Not overly interested in those items.

    Should also be noted shipping to Sydney Metro areas is around $34.

    • Hi Nomunny,

      Yes. That one was an old version and sold out before a few months ago.
      We have a new version with Fruit basket; while the fruit basket excludes in the old version.

  • I have one of these (an older version??) and i absolutely love it. As a person that doesn't like doing the washing up, this has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.

    • I know it's "3 piece" but what would be the most/average you could regularly fit in?

      • Surprisingly i can get a lot in. 3 big plates, 3 mugs/glasses, a few bowls (i have ones with big lips so they do fit better) and small plates, a ridiculous amount of cutlery. I had to by new dinner plates that would fit (i got some of the cheapest ones from kmart) but otherwise i used existing items.

        Occasionally I'll just run a second load for pots, mixing bowls and larger items if needed. I often overload it and it still seems to manage a good wash - i use the longest cycle with extra drying.

        It would definitely be good for a caravan or something, however i rent and it sits nicely on the bench.

        It's been perfect for what I needed but everyone's needs are different. The ultimate feature is that it doesn't need to be plumbed in like other bench top dishwashers.

    • Hi Forty,

      Thanks for your sharing!!! The Mini Dishwasher is really popular one and totally sold out in the last few months in Australia! The new version within Fruit Basket just arrives in this month.

  • Will it fit my coffee mug?.
    Bit small. Maybe good for caravan?

  • For anyone seriously looking at one of these style dishwashers I can recommend this Domain brand 6 piece machine:

    I bought mine almost 2.5 years ago and I actually mounted it inside the cupboard under the sink. I it works well. We did have to buy a smaller place setting to ensure the dinner plates fit in though.

    The only negative is that (like everything at the moment) it's almost double the price I paid back then!

  • Hey rep,

    Would look to purchase however we can’t find what the largest dinner plate size it can handle.

    Can you help with this?

    Don’t want to have to replace the dinnerware for a dishwasher. 😝

  • Have to neg as its $19 cheaper elsewhere as posted above

  • Just ordered, hope its as good as it looks. My kitchen is pocket handkerchief sized and I never thought a small dishwasher would be on the cards. I’ve been washing by hand for 60 years, 18 of them in this kitchen, and never had a dishwasher before. Should be excellent for this solo person.

    • Thanks for your order. Free feel to contact us if you have any questions. We definitely offer the best services for our customers!!