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[NSW] Red Bull Drink 24x250ml and 8x1 Litre Milk Lab Almond Milk for Sale $68 Pick-up @ The Beverage Bandits


Order online at the Beverage Bandits and grab your Redbull energy Drink and Milk Lab trade deal for a limited time only.

Email any inquires to [email protected]

Pick ups can be done 41-43 Bourke Rd Alexandria NSW 2015 - for deliveries jump online and you can organise from there,

Kind Regards

Jamal Choker
The Beverage Bandits

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    How much for the red bull or similar in its own plz?

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      $40, this isn’t really a deal, red bull $40 +milk $28 = $68

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        The milk for 28 isnt too bad, last one i did was $38 with $10 delivered

        But yeah this isnt a 'bundle' its two items being pushed at once and very odd mix, here is some milk for a healthy drink, and here is a drink which can kill you in large doses


        Yea nothing special I pay maybe $1 per can at supermarket most times


      The Redbull by itself is $40 dollars a carton mate, 25x250ml delivery will be extra, otherwise you can pick up.

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    Ahh, the marriage of two great bovine extracts


    red bull + almond milk mixed together = would not recommend


      Have you tried it? It's basically a milkshake

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    Not really a deal. Random combo also. Who is going to buy this?

    Milk @ $35

    Redbull @ $7 for 4x at Woolies ($42 for 24)

    So roughly 10% off before you consider delivery, and both the above have free delivery / easily accessible buying options


      Haha also you sell the milk for $28

      Why would anyone buy the Redbull as well to save $2? This is a weird deal… SPAM

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        They're not even saving $2.

        $40 RedBull carton, plus $28 milk carton = $68.

        Same as this so called "Trade deal."

        Usual spam from this mob.

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      Yes and half the time you can get similar energy drinks for $4.50 per 4pk


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    poor you

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    When they started this spam back in July it was only supposed to be "On sale for the next month"


    Obviously this is just their regular price. No deal/bargain.


    PS: Red Bull 4 Pack are half price at Coles ($5.42 in NSW) from Wednesday.


    See this for an actual bargain on Almond Milk: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578704

    $1/l vs $3.50/l here.