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Dell 30% Sale on Selected Latitude & Optiplex Systems (48 Hours Only)


As the title says, 30% off on selected latitude laptops. Good value for a business grade laptop.
Lack of usb3 bugs me. USB3 is via media bay is possible in some models though.
Latitude have 3 years Next business day warranty.

Also check.
17" Vostro: $500 off : $1198 ( i7 2670QM, GT 525 M, 6GB , 500 GB HDD)

Also enjoy the 7% cash back through moneybackco.It takes around 2-3 months to come back to you.

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    Unsure if this particular line would be the same, but I had quite a long chat with one of the sales reps the other day when looking to purchase an XPS 15z and was informed their shipping ETA is currently 2 months due to HDD shortages after the flood in thaiwan.

    Not really a comment on this deal per se, but definately something to keep in mind if you need these things fast.


    well my post isn't relevant to the OP but i'd just like to say that Thailand and Taiwan are two different places. Please please do not mix them up.
    It's the flood in Thailand not Taiwan. HDD are often made in Thailand whereas Taiwan makes semiconductor products. WTF is Thaiwan?


    I was just in Thailand, the business and shopping district is unaffected but the surrounding areas are under water. I even met a guy in a restaurant who worked at Western Digital whom said they were frantically moving stock from their flooded warehouses to another location.


    Even with 30% off those models aren't very good value. Eg, the cheapest one, the E6520, is $1049 for i5, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, HD3000 graphics. You can get better specs for half the price in other brands. I realise these are business models, but even still…

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      I do agree that these are a bit expensive.
      But expensive rates you pay for :
      1. 3 years warraty
      2. Robust laptops ( Solid build & casing)
      3. Dell Dock compatible
      4. Anti glare screens
      Also they have better quality over consumer grade laptops.

      Its up to you, if you think these features are worth it.


    Damnit….was looking for buying a Dell E-port replicator for my E4310 and hoping the discount might apply to some accessories too…apparently not……. :(

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