PS4 - Sell Privately on Gumtree or Trade in Next Year for PS5

Hi Everyone,
I'm in a slight conundrum.
To sell or not to sell?

PlayStation 4 (PS4) Slim 1TB Console with BOX
1 x DualShock 4 Wireless Controller (Used) - Black
1 x DualShock 4 Wireless Controller (Out of box) Green
1 x DualShock 4 Wireless Controller (Brand New in Box) Red
1 x Original Headphones
1 x Original usb charging cable

6 Games
-God of War (GOTY 2018)
-God of War 3 - Remastered for PS4
-Spiderman 2019
-Unchartered - The Nathan Drake Collection ( 3 in one) - Brand New in Wrap
-Little Big Planet 3
-Ratchet & CLank - Brand New in Wrap

Your thoughts would be most appreciated. I have a pc to keep me going. I'm in no rush. I would rather have the money but if it's a good deal, I'll get the new PS5 VIA trade in.

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    Other - refer to chat comment
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    Keep the controllers, sell the console
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    Keep it
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    Trade it in for a discount with EB/JB
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    Sell it privately


  • +2

    Sold my PS4 Pro on Facebook Marketplace
    Sold in 4 hours
    got $550 for it
    i included about 10 games (mostly the ones that will be included on PS Plus going forward)
    2 Controllers

    I kept the games i still wanted to play or love too much to let go of :)

    There is a demand for them.
    I was going to trade in but am glad i chose to sell instead

    Note i did this a few weeks ago, demand will change once the market is flooded with PS4/PS4 Pro's as people get their PS5 consoles

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      I got $500 for just a Pro console boxed and accessories less power cable on Ebay.

      • nice!
        how much in fees?

        I was happy to offload the games, made it an attaractive sell and i had not played most of them in a very long time :)

        i kept the ones i plan to play again which are mostly AAA

        • +1

          Paypal & shipping was about ~$35 all up.

          At the price I got, I was happy to keep my Games, not in a rush to sell them as basically worthless.

          • @plmko: eBay fees not 10% of sale price also?

            Edit: Just checked my last sale and appears there's some promo on at the minute so for my $1200 sale I was expecting to pay 10% on I was only charged a $3.85 insertion fee (and Paypal fees)

    • +1

      I got mine listed for 380 and lots of interest but people are offering less than EB will give me for trade in, $360 at my level. I don't have any games included becuase I only have the odd game, but maybe I should rebundle it with games at a higher price.

    • should of sold the games separately, would of got at least $10-20 per game individually.

      • True.. but i was happy as i said the games were mostly obscure titles or titles i will get included with PS Plus on my PS5 :)
        I kept the games i want to keep playing / play again :)

    • Wow, where are you located? Im having troubles to sell mine in Adelaide and Im asking for $350 no games though

      • The problem is it was $250 last black Friday

        • $250 for a PRO?

  • +5

    Depends what your ability to deal with idiots is. I was trying to give away kids stuff on gumtree, literally give it away, for zero dollars, and still had a tonne of people muck me around.

    • Sometime there’s more mucking around for free stuff. Bob sees something for free on Gumtree and thinks that could be handy. Then then the effort of picking it up is too high a “cost” for Bob to bother.

      If you’ve got the room, free stuff is easiest just to post, leave it on the front lawn and say first come first served, no messaging or meet ups required.

      • Problem with free stuff you get idiots who take it and sell it on

        • That too. Sometimes even pricing an item at $2 or $5 can weed out a lot of idiots.

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    I think it is common rule that selling privately is always more money in your pocket compared to a trade-in.

    Since you are not in a rush, just try to find a perfect price through time.

    I had an old MacBook, tried to sell it for $500 (wayyyy overpriced on purpose, hoping for a sucker lol). I kept decreasing the price by $10 everyday, until I hit $250 and started getting bombarded by messages from people willing to buy it. I guess the $250 was the "golden spot". Try to find the golden spot price on your PS4.

    Use both Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to increase your chances.

    EDIT: also, CASH IN HAND ONLY. If you accept bank/PayPal transfers, then you deserve to be scammed!

    • Thank you, I will ensure CIH only.

      • And exchange in a public place if you really want. I did that for a iPhone sale recently. I got a good price on FB.

        • He would need to see that it works before buying, so has to be a place where there is a TV. I wouldn't sell a phone at my place, something so small that they can run away with I would do in a public place. I'd also ask for id and hang on to it until they give me the phone back or the money.

          • @lordra: That’s a good point about the buyer wanting to test the PS4.

  • If you don't have a pre-order for the PS5 then I wouldn't bother.

    Once you secure a PS5 then offload it ASAP. I assume you'd only be 200-300 out of pocket afterwards.

  • I am in the same boat. I have a pro and a bunch of good quality games. I spoke to the EB store rep and he said “wow I’m shocked how little we can offer you for those games”. The value on Facebook is definitely better- I got much more per game than EB offered. I’m holding onto it until I can get the PS5. Too many precious games left to play and so many hours on offer especially over the Christmas break.

    • You had mostly the 'big' PS4 games? I kind of expected the trade value to low because everyone will have a copy and they are giving them free on PS plus.

      • Yep, 'big' games, but also some steelbooks and rarer gems. Of course what you say makes sense. But I have been selling on FB Marketplace for decent value, whereas EB is offering less.

  • +1

    If you filter out the scum bags and low life GT is ok.

  • Thank you, everyone. I've priced mine at the $350 mark. Is that a reasonable amount?

    The pros are going for circa $500 so priced this one accordingly.
    I still haven't played Spiderman & would love to replay God of War again. Should I hang on to a controller and those 2 games?

    • I sold my original PS4 a couple of months ago with a disconnected eject button (the constantly beeping and ejecting issue) for $300, console controller, power and hdmi

      It was a quick and easy sale, probably could have got more!

    • I am seeing the PS4 Pro priced at $350 currently on ebay. Where have you seen it selling for $500? Just contemplating selling my pro for the upgrade as well.

  • I had a crap experience selling my PS4 Pro ($350) on FB a month ago.
    Several flakey people and then some shifty looking dude contacted me and when I checked out his profile he recently listed that he had a PS4 pro to sell too. After I took down my listing he took down his listing… was he gonna rob me and resell my console ?
    In the end I gave up and traded in to EB games.

    • That was a smart thing to do!

    • May have been priced too long and that attracted the scumbags.

  • +1

    I'm just going to trade in at EB, can't be bothered with crazies at the moment.

    • I'd say a shame, but I own a PS4 anyway…..a vita on the other hand….

      • +3

        I'm never letting go of my Vita haha.

        • +1

          :( figures….I have a pstv but I always wanted a vita to pair with my psp…..

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    Usually I would advocate for selling privately, but a few factors are pushing me towards trading in:

    1) COVID, obviously. The exchanging of goods is different in this environment, such as some people avoiding cash (opens you up to risk)

    2) EB VIP day. The double EB World bonus on games and accessories helps to bridge the gap somewhat

    3) General ease of use. If you try to sell on FB or GumTree, be prepared to have a lot of your time wasted. If on eBay, you need to go through the hassle of posting it (including taking thorough protections to ensure the buyer can’t abuse PayPal to scam you, e.g item not received or not as described). But with EB, you just take it in, and you’ll be finished within half an hour.

    My basic recommendation would be to consider the opportunity cost of selling your stuff through more lucrative avenues, and determine if the extra money vs trading in is worth the time.

    • Thank you , duly noted.

  • I sold my PS4 (500GB) with 2 games and 1 controller for $330 yesterday.

    • PS4 pro, 11 games, 450, and not even a message yet here. But I am in Darwin haha

      • put it down to 400 (non-negotiable) and you'll definitely sell it.

  • I made my friend get a PS4 pro with two games for $320 on marketplace few days ago. The seller had enough with too much time wasters

    • Mad deal

  • +2

    Good news everyone!
    I sold mine today for the asking price of $360 minus the red controller. Thank you for all your input, you've been a great help.

    I'll leave the thread open a little longer for others to comment.

    • Congratulations 👍🏻. What platform did you end up selling it on? How much were the pro versions getting that you saw? Looking to sell a pro with 2 controllers.

      • +1

        Gumtree. The asking price on GT was around the 400-500 mark depending on what came with it, the age and condition. You should get $500 easy if you market it well.

  • +1

    Congrats man.

    This year was the best time to sell your PS4 since the market will be flooded with plenty of them once PS5 releases.

    I hope you will be able to pre-order a PS5 soon.

    • Now I have an xBone with the kinect sensor that I'm keen to sell as well, given the success I've had with the PS4!

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