Microsoft Power Platform Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals+ Voucher for Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals


Free voucher up for grabs, get in while you can.

Friday 7 November — session full
Friday 12 November — available

From Microsoft email :
Drive innovation, support development and rapidly respond to today’s evolving business challenges with Microsoft Power Platform Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals. During this free event, you will discover how Power BI, PowerApps and Power Automate can work together to allow everyone in an organisation to build custom apps, automate workflows and analyse data – regardless of technical expertise. Gain the skills to help your organisation create innovative, future-proof solutions for an evolving business environment.

You will learn how to:

Prepare for the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification exam
Build and manage innovative business solutions with Power Platform
Easily connect all your data to analyse business performance with custom-built apps
Automate workflows to improve daily processes, regardless of your technical expertise
Ready to become certified? After completing this free training, you’ll be eligible to take the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification exam at no cost.

Gain the insights and confidence you need to support development, innovation and crisis response in your organisation.

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  • I did this when they ran it last Friday - Was a very informative and well run course. Keep in mind the slideshows and recording are not available after it's completed, so I just took screenshots of the 'Summary' screens for my notes. Would recommend :)

    • Have you done the exam yet?

    • Friday 6 November taken so joined Thursday 12 November.

      Any chance you can share your screenshots?

      I can attend for most of the session (11-2) but will have meetings in between.

    • I used Internet Download Manager to download the Azure Fundamentals recordings, so perhaps you could do the same for this course (potentially with other download managers, and I'm not trying to push this one 😊)

      • How to record using download manager? During the sessionwe should start and once finishes it gives option to download? How it works?

        • Internet Download Manager includes a "Download video" button above the feed which you click and it downloads the whole thing in one go, as it's not a live feed. Note: this worked for me for the Azure course - I can't guarantee it will work for this course (although I've signed up for it and will give it a go).

          • @RichardMelbourne: Cheers mate, I'll get familiarize with this lol before training :D And actually, all those covered in training is there in free tutorial link for exam preparation. Mostly same.

            However, I was a bit smartass, in that, I did screenshots of important slides as presenter talked and put in new mspaint for everytime I screenshot but unfortunately didn't save for 3 days lol (Lazyness) and neither read :( And suddenly my keyboard stuck and I had to restart machine and LOST all efforts lol and extremely disappointed :( as like about 10 important screenshots :(

            Learnings: Save the file no matter what :)

        • Mate, I had taken the AZ-900 course, however couldn't use the IDM well enough to download it, is there anyway you could share the recordings? Really want the videos. Could you share them, please.

      • Thank you very much @RichardMelbourne. It worked just as you described. Wish I had known this when I did the AZ-900 training.

    • Mate, I also attended last week training, but did you get unknown number call from Microsoft for goodies? They said they will call people from private number this week whoever won the contest. I assume they call everyone lol as I saw the prces of bottles or keychains or t shirts are 2-5$ so everyone should get :D hahaha I haven't got a call yet.

      • LOL I actually assumed the same but completely forgot about it - no calls yet!

        • Unfortunately my Iphone is not charging well since Monday and I had my phones switchedd off multiple times and my ONLY worry was I would miss that goodies call :D :D IMAO

          Anyway fixed phone now and hoping to get the call in next two days (Hopefully) lol. I did contest well accurately lol and expecting to ask for a T Shirt (I searched in their site, the Sago Pack Cloud T shirt just have "Cloud" word lol and not "Microsoft" :( lol

    • You can try OBS for recording of the presentation (easy to setup).

  • Thanks OP!

  • thank! i've jumped on this one.
    i'll go to the class on Friday, and take notes, before getting back to studying for the free AZ-900

  • Yup am signed up for this on Friday - has anyone taken the exam? What is it like

    • Just do the exam practice, sample and you'll be fine. Got 95.3% on the first try so only got 1 wrong as the result.

      • Is that one of those sites with similar questions, or actual questions (with the list of actual answers) that people submit? Hopefully the former, for obvious reasons…

      • Mate, those are exam dumps, do not use/share them (

        • They are chaging the pattern from 9th November and questions changes. Unless these are real dumps, these will be applicable only until 8th Nov exam lol

  • Awesome, registered for next week! Thanks OP!

  • Thanks mate!

  • Thanks OP, registered for Thursday the 12th

  • Registered for next week.

  • Thanks have not used the Ignite voucher yet

  • so the contents of this virtual training is the same as the self learning you can do here?

  • Can watch it here as that is a recording ..
    Same content

  • “The event registration is full.”

  • Looks like few more sessions have been added.

  • New sessions:
    Wednesday, 18 November 2020 | 1:00 PM - 4:20 PM (AEDT) | (GMT+11:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
    Wednesday, 25th November 2020 | 11:00 AM - 2:20 PM (AEDT) | (GMT+11:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

    Got a few interesting things out of todays webinar, was a recording though, whereas I believe the Azure one was actually live.

    • The Azure fundamentals too was a recording.

      • It has been a while since I did it, pretty sure they answered questions live though, not just in the side chat whilst playing a video recording.

        • When I attended they did answer a few questions that appeared to be from the online audience but they were actually pre recorded.