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Breville BES900 Dual Boiler Coffee Machine @ $1,235 [BingLee vs BillyGuyatts]


Breville BES900 for $1,235 [Not including delivery costs] -> Delivery in mid December. RRP is $1,499!

HOWEVER, BingLee "price beat" it for me at the same price INCLUDING delivery. {To NSW 2033}
So its cheaper (est $15 for shipping) and you don't have to wait till Mid-December! {Just 3-4 working days!}

On a seperate topic, I managed to get the Breville Smart Grinder @ $165 including delivery
But BingLee website does not list it anymore… So don't know if they have stock.

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Billy Guyatts
Billy Guyatts

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    Price in Title?


      =) thx. Done!


    That's cool that Bing Lee has stock for the same price (after price matching). I've seen the $1235 price on at least one other site, but I think this is the cheapest shipping I've seen (plus in stock).


    I found once i had the best price around i would then see if this group would beat that price
    -haven't been disappointed yet.


    (nothing to lose)


      They don't even stock it.

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        Ok so you've been in touch have you ?

        in case you didn't notice i was offering an option (as this website helps each ozbargineer find new places and deals etc :)

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    While I am all for good prices and even better coffee…is this price for this machine a little nuts? I am sure CoffeeSnobs rank better for less? Like a Rancilio Silvia maybe? http://www.coffeemachine.com.au/rancilio-silvia-p-112.html $799


      Coffeesnobs are quite the fan of this machine, then again some of the forums sponsors sell it so take that with a grain of salt.

      I have one, i'm happy with it. It had an issue with extracting at too high a a pressure but Breville adjusted it and it's been fine since. Apparently this is an issue with the first shipment so it's something to look out for.

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    I'd never buy a Breville again. My friend's Breville purchased for around the $800 mark spent most of its first year in service until they gave up on it. I bought one for my brother on special last year (admittedly one that retails for $179) but it's nowhere near as good as a friend's Sunbeam purchased for $129.


      This machine is completely different to a lot of the more plastic stuff that is made for a price point. It also doesn't have a inbuilt grinder and isn't an automatic machine, so there are significantly less problems that could go wrong with it.