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Glenlivet 12YO Single Malt Whisky 700ml & 2 Glass Pack $65 Each or 2 for $120 @ First Choice Liquor


$65 just for this scotch is a great deal but you are getting 2 extra whisky glass for this one.

Buy 2 and use Taketen code to get the for $60 each and combine with 20% off at Cash Reward bring it down to $48.18 each

The Macallan Sherry Oak is not a bad deal either at $88.18 after cash back about $6 cheaper than the ebay/boozebud deal here

20% cash back is over

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  • no stock available on the website????

    • Try different stores. 3 stores near me in NSW have stock some doesn't.

      • Indeed, you are right! thanks cham, got mine x2

  • Got 3 in NSW

  • Thanks sir

  • Thanks got 2 in NSW

  • Thanks for the heads up, ordered.

  • Picked up two in WA

  • No First Choice liquor in Sydney CBD :(

    Nature Prophet Teleportation ulti would be handy here

    • There are some in Ashfield which is not too far.

  • Cheers, purchased!

  • Fantastic deal

  • +1

    Note to all. Do not buy when you're in the middle of a video chat with work.

    Enter code: fail
    Enter cash back: fail

  • +1

    nothing left in VIC

    • +1

      Caroline springs

  • Got 2 CC in Vic

  • +2

    Free delivery for $150+ also.

  • Nothing left in NSW…

  • Picked up 2 in NSW, good deal!

  • +1

    Just picked up mine but it came with regular glasses? False advertising?

    • What do you mean regular glasses?

      • +1

        Same in both packs (I got 2 packs)

        • Cant see

        • Did you check at the store and ask them why?

          • @highdealer: Nope it was in a box just got home and unpacked. Going to email first choice and see what they say

            • @cyrax83: There are indeed two types gift pack, one is tumbler and the other one is tulip glass.

              • +1

                @Mike Paper: Lame. I called the store and they were quite rude and exasperated- "we have too many orders and only 2 of us sorry I can't check anything for you come in store tomorrow". Ukh

              • @Mike Paper: glencairn

            • +1

              @cyrax83: Just pick mine up and also got the 2 tumbler. I ask them and were told the other photo is of the old stock and this new batch come with tumbler.

              It is very misleading and i am disappointed but considering the value of the whisky it is still pretty good.

              • +1

                @highdealer: Ahh. Lame. Oh well, I might email first choice to express my disappointment but keep it regardless. I'll probably get more use out of the tulip glass anyway I guess

              • @highdealer: Are the tumbler low quality ( thick glass) ?

                • +1

                  @EnALup: Yeah the glass is thick.

                  I wouldn't say they are of low quality but i will not be using these over my Glencairn for straight Whisky.

                  These are ok if you are into drinking mixer with ice.

                  • @highdealer: Thanks. I got my fav. whishky glasses, so will use these for other purposes. The price for spirit alone was quite good, so this is a bonus. Looking forward for the delivery.

  • How does Glenlivet compare to Glenfiddich?

    • +2

      Glenlivet is much better IMO

    • soooo much nicer imo

    • They are both good and Glenlivet is a little smooth. I will buy any of them if on sale.

  • very cheap price for this

  • looks like it's finished.

  • error when add to cart?

  • Order got cancelled as they had no stock :(

  • -2

    if you didn't get the proper glencairn glasses, don't be fooled by 'whisky is still pretty good price' coz it's not :D

    • Maybe not at $60 but it certainly was a good price at $48

  • +1

    In case anyone is interested:
    I ordered two of these via click and collect on the website, and it said stock available in store (Gold Coast, QLD), but after a few days of no updates (only 1 email confirming order) I called the 1300 number and, what sounded like a school kid on the other end (kept calling me "man" and "bro" and chuckling) took 10 mins to tell me that it's not in stock, and that the closest store with it in stock is 250km away, and would I be able to drive there and get it?

    He also mentioned I could get a refund on the phone or in store, or just exchange it for something else, so I went to the store, and they said that the product was never in stock there, and that it was Christmas stock that MIGHT be in earliest early December… what??

    They also said they cannot offer refund or exchange in store at this time, not even an exchange for the bottles without glasses, since the Click and Collect is a third party company and not actually owned by First Choice… so I just stood there dumbfounded, and then left, hoping that it will come in stock in the future and I'll get an SMS within the next 4 weeks.

    I can get a refund via the 1300 number I believe, but that's about it. Just a pretty bad experience really. The frustrating part is them taking no responsibility because their online inventory system shows stock but there is none, and that the click and collect is a third party and therefore can claim no fault in my disappointment.

    • +1

      Wow, it does sound really bad.

      [email protected]

      Maybe email them and tell them about it.

      Regarding the click and collect third party part. That is complete bull faeces. You are buying directly from their website, not some third party company. When I went to pick up, I was unhappy that the glasses were not the Glencairn profile one and they offer a full refund on the spot.

      Unless they do thing differently in QLD, the staff instore must absolutely be taking the piss at you because that is not supposed to happen. Make a formal complain and see how it go.

      • I just received an SMS an hour ago letting me know it MAY be in stock on 11th, so I will wait for that.

        Appreciate your reply, and I will email them if it turns out badly from here. Cheers!

    • Had a very similar experience myself, ordered a bunch of other things, was due to arrive last week, nothing came, called them - oh no we sold more than we have and we aren't getting any more.

      Cancelled my whole order and still waiting on my money back.

      Technically a breach of Australian Consumer Law Section 35 - bait pricing.

  • Picked up 2 from Caroline Springs store.

  • Aldi has the Glenlivet 12yo Gift Pack 700ml with 2 limited edition tumblers for $64.99 from 09/12/2020, Wednesday.

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