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$50 Event Cinemas Gift Card for $40 (20% off) @ Event Cinemas [Excludes VIC/TAS]


Gift Cards will expire 31 December 2023.

You must be a valid Cinebuzz member to access offer
Only valid for redemption at Event Cinemas, BCC, GU Film House or Greater Union. Not valid at Village Cinemas.
Not valid for use in Victoria / Tasmania.

Digital Gift Cards will be delivered via email when you choose.
Physical Gift Cards sent via post - with free standard option available.

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Event Cinemas

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  • I didn't realise they were back open - I've had giftcards from last Christmas :(
    Have any new films been made this year?

    • Yes, terrible ones like Tenet and Bill & Ted (which I got free tickets to, and even then they should have paid me to see it as it was that bad).

      The cinemas are dead. The Event cinema at Marion is getting desperate with offering a full cinema to yourself and up to 20 friends for $500, or a gaming session for $200 where they hook up your console and you can play the games of your choice on the big screen.

      There's just nothing decent worth seeing at the moment.

      • Thanks for the replies @Graffin @Smulder and @optusprime

        And thanks for the anonymous neg whoever that was!

    • The Outpost is an awesome war movie.

      City of Lies is a pretty good drama.

      Honest Thief is Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson… which obviously equals amazing.

      If you have some gift cards to burn, I would give these a go :)

  • There's no new movies (well…hardly any good ones anyway) coming out anytime soon

    even all the ones set for xmas are going to be delayed or move to online streaming….so I wouldn't suggest taking your chance with the gift card

    the movie chains in America are going bankrupt, wouldn't surprise me if it happens here too.

  • With all blockbuster movies postponed to 2021, I still have unused gift card from last year!!

  • Can you combine this with the $11 deal? It still seems to be open