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$100 Peter's of Kensington eGift Card for $85 (15% off, Online Only) @ Peter's of Kensington


Buy $100 Peter's of Kensington eGift Card for $85 - Expires 11am Monday 29th April.

Online only.

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Peter's of Kensington
Peter's of Kensington

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    so you only have ~4 days to redeem the card

    doesn't seem like a good bargain to me

    • +1

      The gift card is valid for 36 months but the offer of the promotion expires on 29 April.

      • +1

        This information, needs to be in the original post.

        I, too, was wondering when the gift card expiry was,
        so thanks for replying :-)

  • +2

    You guys don’t happen to be going out of business right? Right?

    • +3

      You think$15 saving indicates administration for the future?

      • I think he's referring to pushing out gift cards. If they go into administration the gift cards are next to worthless, ie some cheap a shot last ditch revenue raising. I doubt pok is going out of business for what that's worth.

      • A gift card is really an unsecured loan to the retailer. They get a cash injection now, you might get repaid in future if they don't go bankrupt first.

  • Any discount codes for new members? (To apply to goods not gc)

  • Does anyone know how many can be used in a single transaction?

  • at first glance I thought it was Prezzee

  • The usual warning about PoK being absolutely trash with their customer service if even the slightest thing goes wrong. Caveat Emptor with this bunch.

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