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Effectively a $750 transaction limit then.
13/06/2024 - 09:22
Why would you need to for a mobile broadband service? There's no number to transfer, so just get a "new" connection and plug it in to…
11/06/2024 - 17:59
It's a Telstra retail plan. You will become a Telstra customer and get a Telstra login.
05/06/2024 - 15:23
Looks like the deferred cost plans are no extra cost compared to outright purchase. Cost of money makes that an extra saving!
04/06/2024 - 21:52
Peter Alexander used to have some quality stuff, but they have regressed to low-cost, low-quality rubbish in recent times. Just trading on…
04/06/2024 - 17:44
I've got one of these in my laptop as a game drive. It doesn't fit with the heatsink attached, so it's installed naked. But if the machine…
03/06/2024 - 19:14
It's a fair point. But I struggle to wrap my head around the idea of Kogan being considered the most reliable option :D
01/06/2024 - 19:31
The point is that taxation is a complex subject. Most taxes are ideally designed to efficiently (and equitably!) raise revenue without…
31/05/2024 - 19:43
Whether one can afford it or not isn't really the point.
31/05/2024 - 07:00
Took me a while to work out what you were on about. But just for the record, that wasn't actually targeted. Anyone (who was any existing…
24/05/2024 - 19:31
How do you find free games on Steam? Epic just has them on the front page but I can't see anything similar on the Steam storefront.
24/05/2024 - 07:26
I did not know you could do that. thank you for the constructive suggestion.
23/05/2024 - 19:46
Why are targeted deals posted here? If you get an email you don't need OzB to tell you about it, and if you don't get an email you can't…
23/05/2024 - 19:08
Where's the Solo No Sugar?? Alls I can find is a ten-pack :(
22/05/2024 - 20:42
Looks like it's all the nosebleed seats. Still, pretty good value for $0.
22/05/2024 - 18:40
It's more "something wrong with their software portal". Rather than make a distinction between products where they actually *need* to…
22/05/2024 - 18:10
What is "life's news" exactly? Mrs Smith heard from Mrs Jones that slut Brandy was sleeping with Martha's husband?
21/05/2024 - 07:32
This comment chain doesn't deserve the downvotes... people need to get out and relax on a sex farm for sex hookers or something.
19/05/2024 - 08:32
>remain active for 30 days to be eligible for cashback. They are 30 day plans. So unless you can time your handover perfectly you either…
19/05/2024 - 08:23
Thems were the days. Whippersnappers today wouldn't even know what an IRQ is! Come to think of it, I never really knew what it was neither.…
17/05/2024 - 20:38
Cashback terms don't say anything about auto-renew being necessary. Don't know what the amaysim terms are on about it either to be honest.…
15/05/2024 - 22:00
Gotta love these companies paying me to have internet in the car.
15/05/2024 - 17:28
>the plastic chassis is quite fragile and easy to break as I had to replace the bottom case a few times. Isn't that supposed to be the…
09/05/2024 - 07:20
That's my gripe. No GPU really limits what you can do, and extra useless RAM won't fix that.
06/05/2024 - 07:18