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[QLD] 13.3KW New Canadian Solar HiKU MONO half cut cells (370W*36 Panels) Fully installed for $5989 @ Reliance Solar Brisbane


Deal Inclusions:

Supply and install 36 Panels (36*370W) Super High Power Canadian Solar HikU MONO Half Cut Cells and 10kW MS series Goodwe Single Phase inverter. Also includes export control device to cap it to 5kW for single phase meter.

Finance option available.Zero upfront cost or deposit required.To learn more about this offer please give a call to Sud on 0466099337 or email [email protected] or leave a private message here. Can customise deal to three phase meter type ( up to 19.98kW), get in touch for pricings.

About 10kW Single Phase Goodwe

GoodWe's brand-new Award Winning MS Series Single-phase inverter which has been already certified by AS4777-2

MS Series is GoodWe's answer to the residential segments expanding needs. This 5-10kW Single-Phase model with 3 MPPT-s, is a powerful and versatile inverter. MS Series can be oversized by 33% as per Au regulations and is actually manufactured to tolerate 100% oversizing. It can also provide 10% continuous maximum AC output power overload, offering a faster return on investment

About Reliance Solar :

RELIANCE SOLAR is an Australian-owned and operated company that specialises in the design, supply and installation of custom-designed residential, commercial and industrial solar photo voltaic systems since 2013. At RELIANCE SOLAR we use experienced solar photo-voltaic system designers and installers for all our residential & commercial projects. Till date, RELIANCE SOLAR has served many residential & commercial customers.

MOST IMPORTANTLY-All our Installers and Electricians are CECA (Clean Energy Council Accredited). We always ensure that every individual gets an exceptional professional service.


• Installation of system by CEC accredited electrician
• Solar system will be connected to the Grid
• Workmanship warranty
• Government rebates
• Testing and Commissioning
• Warranties as mentioned below
• Meter application will be done by us to allow energy provider to change your meter

Racking system :

Panels output warranty: 25 years.
Panels product warranty: 12 years.
Inverter Warranty: 10 years
Workmanship/Installation Warranty: 10 years


All of the above rates are subject to government rebate. Any changes in government rebate will affect the price. Price will be only locked once you have signed the contract or until the promised period

*Offer ONLY for suburbs which are "130KMS radius of Brisbane CBD"

*Offer valid ONLY for single/double storey house (tin/tile) with single phase meter and standard pitch.
*Offer does not include for properties needing switchboard upgrade.

*Offer not valid for Terracotta roof profile. ( Cost will be discussed after site inspection)

*Offer Valid whilst stocks lasts

Our Office Address : level-1/16 McDougall St, Milton QLD 4064

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    oh man… queenslanders are lucky. i have been waiting for these canadian solar panels…but unfortunately so far only cheap chinese solar panels on special here in victoria

  • i stand corrected. canadian solar is offering the cheap chinese panel solar (hiku). i guess the canadian solar name is just a commercial trick

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    • I see this all the time. e.g "German panels made in China" Who is doing the marketing? The Chinese manufacturer? The Australian retailler/installer? Is the Canadian company anything more than an importer/exporter? I doubt the panels have ever been to Canada.
      So dodgy.

  • It's good to see people starting to learn, how to avoid crap solar.
    Install LG Solar panels and SMA/Fronius in inverter and enjoy hassle-free solar.

    • Solar isn't just solar? I rent so never had to look into it, but if I ever do then it's worth spending a bit extra?

    • where can i read more about this? i just want affordable hasslefree solar

      • I think the 'crap solar' being referred to is just lower efficiency panels and inverters that fail and need replacement (during or after warranty).
        it's the usual "you get what you pay for" concept….. however it's just much more difficult to find reliable and truthful information with all the dodgy solar installers around.

        • yeah im willing to pay more for set and forget reliability

          but struggling with research given so much misleading information and marketing from dodgier places

          also cant decide whether we need a battery for storage

          • @furythree: If you're in Melbourne or Canberra I can give you some company recommendations.

          • @furythree: Search for you local approved LG Solar installer, it's hard to get the accreditation and harder to keep it.
            You'll be almost guaranteed to get a fantastic product at a reasonable price.

            Don't bother with Battery's at this current time .
            The return on investment is about 15 years when you break down the figures, most battery only has a 10 year warranty.
            Battery should only be used in areas of constant black outs, or if you have medical equipment in your house it's critical to life.

            Or if you just want them and don't care about the cost.

        • Crap solar is most often referred to the quality and the installation of the products, they're often selling systems at a price to good to be true.
          They then sub out the install for a few hundred dollars to anyone they can find and I mean anyone. The subcontractor installers don't have skills, time or funds to install the system correctly, or even to any CEC guild lines.

          There nothing wrong with entry level products installed by someone who knows what there doing, find a local installer has been open for more than 5 years and who does all of his own installs, search for realistic reviews on Google and Solar Quotes make sure they're not all purchased from India.

          Anyone using only subcontractors for there installs should be avoided!

          Search for Crap Solar on Facebook it's an eye opening experience!

          • @REDTUTE: thanks for the insight!

            if i dont have batteries, where do the savings come from if youre not at home during the day? is it still mostly from selling back to the grid?