Neighbour's Glass Shade Is Reflecting Sunlight to My House

My neighbour's newly install glass shade on their front door is reflecting sunlight to my house and it is very bright and annoying. I will approach my neighbour politely to discuss what can be done to address the bright reflected sunlight.

The reflection is from a shade made of glass and it looks to be dark tint already.

I myself have no idea what can be done but I rather approach them with a solution. Is there any film that can be applied to the glass to eliminate the reflection?

Should I even consider paying for it if they refuse? I know I should not but I want things done

EDIT: Is not their front door, but a shade

The post is to ask forum members recommendation on material/solution that can dampen the reflection so I can discuss and propose to my neighbour as this is the best approach in opening a conversation rather than tell them to simply fix it. With all the feedback, I have decided the following approach.
• Approach my neighbour later, at the mean time just count the days and minutes/hours I am impacted. No point asking for changes if it is just a week or 2.
• Another reason to approach later is the current shade is new install, so they may be reluctant to change.
• When I do approach, recommend frosting as other have suggested. It does go with their wall colour. Currently is some dark transparent tint.

Thanks all that have replied and having read the comments, I will group the reply as follow.

An eye for an eye – I much rather avoids that and live in a neighborhood where everyone can coexist peacefully. I deal enough with douchebag in my life and I don’t want to live next to one.

Break their glass shade that is causing the reflection – Let’s not do that for reason same as above and it is illegal. I much rather call bikie

They have every right to build their house which ever way they see fit – I agree, but please be considerate of others (me). Picture this, you have a weekly team meeting and your manager always fart in every meeting. Under this argument, then it is your problem and if you not happy then leave the company, don’t discuss this matter with the manager who is farting or HR.

Is my problem so close your blind and darken your house – true, but I feel I should not have to adjust my living condition in my own house in my own privacy because of external factors caused by others. Some external factor is unavoidable like neighbour renovating their house, but I feel the sun reflection can be avoided/addressed. I have neighbour approach me politely point out my outdoor spotlight is disturbing them and I happily address their concern. Is nice when everyone is friendly to each other.

More light the better – Not if the light is blinding you when you are inside your own house. Picture night time driving and incoming traffic is high beam you 4 cars away for 20min.

It is just seasonal – If it is 2 weeks in a year then I will tolerate, but considering my house is 2 story then it is likely to be much longer. Also considering the intensity, I think it will be many days to come.


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    Is there any film that can be applied to the glass to eliminate the reflection?


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    You can get a clear matte finish vinyl (makes clear glass look like it is frosted). It should stop reflection and still allow some light to get through for them.

    Another alternative may be to paint is with a flat/matte clear coat.

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    Install the same glass shade on your house to reflect the reflecting sunlight back at their house. Easy.

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      I prefer to resolve the matter civilly before calling bikies. I have enough crap dealing with Neighbours.

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      but it will reflect back to then then reflects back to you, creating a never ending reflection which will cause the end of the worlddddddd

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        Not not end of the worlddddddd, its free energy for everyone.

        • wouldn't it create a high energy zone and anyone that walks or drives between them will turn to dust, terminator 2 style?

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      I feel this will reflect poorly on the OP

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        don't worry he'll soon see the light

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          wonder how many light years away

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      Anyone who walks between the two houses is going to get roasted.

      • Haha

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        I'm imagining randoms walking past on the sidewalk and catching on fire. Like wtf I'm walking here and now I'm on fire? 2020 sucks.

        • This made me LOL

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          Australia doesn't have any sidewalks.

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        Is this the new microwave weapon of mass destruction ?

    • pay back time :)

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      Giant concave mirror.

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      Install a floodlight?

      Hope your neighbour isn't David Thorne?

      • I was about to go find the same link :-)

    • A solar battery can be installed to utilise the neighbor's sun light!

    • no tilt it a bit to reflect it to the next neighbour

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      I dont doubt that, but would be common courtesy to be considerate of others.

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        I don't think having a shiny door is discourteous. Not even sure how a door across a street could affect you that much, and it would only be at a certain time of day.

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          Is a glass shade over their front door.

          • @beefmaster: Wow! That is terribly unfortunate for you. (sincerely)

            But doesn't it move around?

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              @John Kimble: Yes, it will move, but given my house is 2 story and above is where the balcony door is so will have the same problem but on different season. I think I will have to endure it a good 1/3 of the year.

          • @beefmaster: Oh ok. What the hell is that for? Not what I was expecting from your original post.

          • @beefmaster: is it glass shade for their front door light?

            • @capslock janitor: Is not even a shade for their front door light. Just a small shade over their front door.

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        How were they to know it was going to do that?

        • Yes how would they know that glass reflects light.

          • @smartazz104: Reflecting back across the road right into the direction of the front door obviously. A small child knows glass is reflective. And it's only a temporary problem depending on time of day season obviously. Storm in a teacup. Smartazz by name ……

            • @corky: Corky by nature…

              • @smartazz104: If 100 or even 1000 people got one of these awnings, how many would even think maybe the reflection could be a problem? None I suspect. This is such an easy fix, 2 large pot plants outside the front door and 2 more upstairs on the balcony. Grow miniature fruit trees or something edible. Simples 😀

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    As with any neighbour dispute, the first thing to do is determine (1) how big of a problem the issue actually is, and then (2) what you might be able to do to mitigate the problem before even raising it.

    As others have said, I'm sure whatever the neighbour has done is 100% within the law/regulations, etc., so before "barging in" and asserting there is a problem they have to fix (they don't), refer to the above. Then you can discuss the matter from the position of precisely how big the issue is and that you have already attempted to take reasonable steps to resolve it without bothering them.

    Whether or not the above gets you the result you are looking for, the probabilities are that it at least means the conversation is civil as it's not starting from an aggressive, "you must fix this" position from the get go.

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      'I'm sure whatever the neighbour has done is 100% within the law/regulations, etc.'

      assume makes an ass out of u and me - I wouldn't be sure a neighbour has always done the right thing

      my law studies suggest this falls in the category of 'nuisance' - for which you could sue for financial damages - but you'd have to prove a financial loss

      anyhoo - start by being nice

      e.g. polite friendly conversation next time you see them relaxing in their front yard

      'hi - how's going - weather/health/family - all good [idle chatter to establish friendly relations] …'

      offer something nice - wife's freshly-baked biscuits - to establish a sense of quid pro quo - where they now will feel they owe you something in return (not legally - but subconscious/psychology)

      then - 'I wonder if you know that the sun shining off your glass cover is blinding at our front door …

      and shines through our glass into inside our house - and heats up our [whatever] and fades our curtains [whatever is the cause of the complaint] … ?'

      then watch their reaction -

      if they look like they want to help - hmm - can we do something about stopping that reflection ?

      if they look like they don't give a damn - hmm - I wonder if that would pass council inspection - causing a nuisance to neighbours … ?

      don't start a war - as soon as the walls go up they'll do everything they can to refuse your request

      maybe enquire with council first about their building approval regs - or ask a local builder about it - and whether there's something that could be laid on top of that glass to simply stop the blinding sun being reflected - like some of that green plastic grassy looking matting - $10 from Bunnings - job done !

      if you want further design suggestions, take an actual photo of the glass from a side angle so we can see the construction and what could fit over it or in front of it - I'm guessing some UV plastic mat.

      as others have said - sun angles change throughout the day and seasons so it's unlikely to be a problem outside a short period - so don't across all nancy about something that won't be a problem next month

      e.g. politely ask if they could chuck the green matting you bought over it for the 1 month it bothers you - each year - and pay them in something freshly-baked from the oven …

      make a friend - not an enemy … ;-)

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    Extra sunlight.. thats great, nothing better!

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      Not if the sunlight is blinding you

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        stand there every arvo and tan your back, looks like you will end up with a cool pattern

        • Fixed: stand there every arvo and tan cancer your back

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        Install a solar panel directly in-line of the reflected light?

        • coool idea, profit from this

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          What the hell is that website? Nearly gave me an aneurysm

  • Maybe something like this

    Whether they are willing to put it on their flash new door is another question.

    You could also consider some sort of shade or frosting on your side.

    Good luck!

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    Parents always teach their children not to stare at the sun.

    The easiest solution is to not look at the light.

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      imagine having a massive 4WD following your car around at night, with high beams on

      • I can imagine the 4wd, but I didn't see the high beam.

        • the high beam would reflect off your rearview and side mirrors, if they're behind you at the lights, its several minutes of squinting and discomfort, if they're tailing you (ie. roadrage or a bogan bullying a small car) its going to be longer.

    • go into the light Jonathan - that's right - walk towards the light … wooooooo

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    uploaded some photo.

    I have no intention to have a dispute with my neighbour and would try to avoid it and resolve the matter civilly. They have every right to build their house as they see fit. All I am asking is a bit of consideration of others.

    To all those say more light the better, these bright light is unpleasant and I dont want to look down on the floor every time I walk in my corridor in my own house.

    Picture this and look at it from my perspective, you have to adjust your living condition in your "own" house because of outside factors. How would you feel?

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      That is legitimately and surprisingly bright!

      Maybe put in a mature shrub next to that tree on your side, or a shrub or tree in between on their side of the road.

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        Agree re. a decent shrub … in fact, I reckon a few hedging plants along that front section would make the place look a lot better in any event.

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          It did cross my mind, but this approach means I will need to spend money and the hedge will only cover the front door but not the glass door upstairs that lead to the balcony.

          I rather pay for his change.

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          First you must bring us a shrubbery

          One that looks nice but not too expensive

          It is a good shrubbery I like the laurels particulary

          You must find another shrubbery

          Then another shrubbery slightly higher to get a 2 level effect and a path in the middle

          A path

          A path

          Then after you have found the shrubbery you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring

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      Why not hang a roll down awning on your house to stop it? Your home looks beautiful, or perhaps install a lattice type screen, lots of options without having to talk to neighbours ? Or a room divider inside your front door, or buy a couple of large pot plants

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      That is very bright indeed… annoyingly so !

      My neighbour's newly install glass shade on their front door …

      Are you referring to an awning? A glass sun catcher?

      • +5

        195 USD for THAT!?

        I'm in the wrong business, clearly.

      • a kaleidoscope for USD195 ?

        I have a cut crystal ball (many cut/cast facets) about 5cm diameter I got from some market donkeys ago for a few bucks - hung on a bit of clear nylon thread from a small hook stuck to the outside of our kitchen window glass

        when the sun shines on it, and the venetian blinds are open, it throws many small rainbows inside on the kitchen and living room walls - a beautiful thing !

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      That’s part of living in a community my friend. If you don’t want to live beside people then move further out with more space around your house. Personally I wouldn’t “feel” anything. It’s just sunlight. It’s not like they are purposefully shining light into your house. You are way over-reacting. Put up a blind and stop complaining.

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        No, having a blinding light beamed directly at your house is not "part of living in a community". Nor is "just don't look at it" a remotely rational solution. As for the suggestion that you should have to put up blinds and block out natural sunlight in your house…

        All legalities aside (as I have no idea what they would be), morally, they are perfectly entitled to expect this stops.

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        Did you look at the pics? Its literally shining right in your face as you walk out the front door.

        I'd wander over, have a chat with them, show them the picture and be like yeah, it kinda sucks, and politely ask that they reposition/re-angle it so it's not pointing directly at the door. If it was tilted a few degrees in either direction it's no longer a problem.

      • What kind of a saint are you? Or are you a sociopath who lacks enough empathy to recognise that this is a legitimate problem for others?

      • Hear hear

    • Oh man your house and front yard are really neat and clean!

    • Blind

    • Have you tried asking them to do something about it? Maybe it could be redirected or covered or something.

      I'd be pretty annoyed if I got blinded whenever I open the front door. I'm sure most people can sympathise with that

  • Vitamin D :)

    • +12

      Don't you mean…. Vitamin D:

      • :D or should it be :U or :V or :O or :Q

        sorry - lost face there …

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    I'd recommend a nice tall hedge
    Seriously though, that's a bit crap and I'd be annoyed to.
    Talk to you neighbour. Good luck.

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    Will it still reflect at that same angle, at a different time of year as the sun changes position
    Maybe just wait it out :)

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    Install a solar panel on your front door. Win-win!

    But seriously, show them these photos or ask them to come over to experience it first hand (remind them to bring sunglasses and sunscreen) and hopefully they are reasonable enough to work towards a solution with you.

    • +1

      can be solved the same morning if OP offers to pay for the solution

    • +2

      Yes, that is the plan. The reason for this thread is to find what option to eliminate the sun reflection and frost is the way to go and I will suggest it.

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    Rent your front verandah out as a "all natural, gluten and GMO free, low carb, vegan friendly, solarium" and watch the money roll in.

    • -1

      All that was missing was for you to scream “Muuurrriiiiccaaaaa”

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    Have you thought about copper cladding? Or even a mirror for that hall table?

    If you don't want to spend money, see if you can use a car window to hit the 1st floor bedroom.

    This isn't something that can be solved with a polite conversation. Your neighbour has invested in this nuisance device. Spend as little as you can to make this their problem.

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    as someone suggested place a temporary mirror or mirror tiles all the places it hits and reflect it back to them

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    If you want revenge, install a huge magnifying glass on your roof so that it lights their house on fire! lol

    • +15

      Calm down there Satan.

    • +5

      i dont think they live in a house made of hay

    • wouldnt it light Ops house?

      • You wouldn't be positioning the magnifying glass in between the "beam" that's reflecting from the neighbour's house! haha

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