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Peters Connoisseur Matcha Green Tea $7.50 (Save $3.50) @ Coles


Yes, it's right, the good old Matcha is back!!!
I miss this one soooooooooo much, now it's the time leaving home and head to Coles to bring my memory back.

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    Member when Connoisseur went on special for sub $5?

    • Not for Matcha, I’d pay the full price for it. It is disappeared for years…
      Now it’s back!!!

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        Even Matcha, it was glorious.

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        Yes it was for matcha as well, $5
        I got from IGA I think.

      • Has it been that long? I swear my local had it a year ago.

        Now let's hope they bring back Bed Stuy. My all time favourite.

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      Woolies had it on 5.5 not long ago

      • Apparently this new Matcha flavour is now Coles exclusive

        • oh i been waiting for it to appear back at my local woolies - will now get some on my next coles visit!

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        If Woolies has it do you think they will price matcha?

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    I find it a little too sweet and low in matcha content. It’s still good nonetheless!

    • yeap, nice but a bit too sweet.

    • It was still a breath of fresh air after trying the matcha tea powder from ALDI. That stuff is pure sugar!

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      The one from Baskin Robins was perfect but discontinued

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      And that's a bad thing? The more people buy it the more they will make it dude, ice cream isn't a limited resource.

      • It will be when the glaciers melt

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        It was a tongue in cheek comment that obviously didn’t translate well.

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    I find your lack of matcha flavour disturbing…

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    Not sure if the recipe is the same, would like the matcha flavour to be stronger and less sweet.

    • with a bit of crunchy in it from the waffles!!!

    • +3

      Get some matcha powder to mix in.

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    The old one was so lacking in matcha flavour it was more like a white choc ice cream. Why can’t we get the Haagen Dasz matcha here in Aus :(

    • theres a bubble tea genmai ice cream at colesworth thats 100 x better than this. exxy tho

      • I’ve had that but not a fan. The Thai milk tea version is better but the “bubbles” aren’t pleasant

        • only other ice cream i can recommend is ben and jerry's 'the tonight dough'

        • linksy

    • +1

      Yeah I used to consume tubs of it overseas.

      The connoisseur one is very lacking.

    • I saw it today at Thai Kee IGA in Sydney CBD. It had Japanese on it. $28 for a pint!!!! Shoudve taken a pic.

      • Yeap there's some in the Asian grocer here as well $25 a pint

  • I stumbled across it tonight after dinner at my local coles.
    This one is slightly different. The old one had white chocolate covered wafer bits, this one has white chocolate shavings in it.
    It was nice to have it tonight after having to buy my matcha green tea ice cream from the asian grocery stores.
    $7.50 is a bit pricier than I would like, but happy to get it for now.

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      but what about the matcha flavour? The old one had the faintest whiff of matcha, it was like eating vanilla white chocolate ice cream

      • +3

        I prefer it without the wafer bits. 👌🏼

        It's been so long since they discontinued matcha 1.0, but I feel like this one is slightly stronger and less powdery? I still agree with the comments above about how it's too sweet and not strong enough.

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    Potong Matcha ice cream is better

    Very expensive though and it's rarely on sale.

    • im interested

    • +1

      That brand is the shizz. They have all sorts of wonderful flavours which they sell in Asia.

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    Had this today. Amazing!

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    Is Connoisseur brand owned by Peters? I always thought it was an independent brand..

    • +1

      Bought out, I think.

      • +1

        Damn, hope the quality doesn't go down or price go up.

        • i believe it got bought long time as a few years ago i think i already knew

    • Peters brought it from Browne's quite a few years ago now.

  • That's pretty good when Ben and Jerry's is like double which is INSANE

  • Yeah I like this !

  • Be careful, mint flavour looks very similar. I am looking for macha green tea icecream every time when I shop.

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    This ice cream is for people that haven't had real matcha ice cream. So sweet!

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    This one taste horrible as everyone has sad the matcha is average.

    I usually get the one from Asian grocery store called La Creme Green Tea Ice Cream.

    If anyone lives Botany in Sydney you can go to their warehouse and buy a bigger tub from them as well. I got a 5L off them.

    • Where is this warehouse?

      • +2

        Warehouse was a terrible word to use, but factory is more accurate.

        They have a lot for sale but 1 litre tubs are limited in flavours.

        You can call or email ahead to ask what stock they have in what quantities for what flavours.

        This company has a lot of different interesting Asian kind flavours ranging from Taro, Durian, Sticky Rice (this is a pretty good flavour) etc

    • I second this. That's one of the better ice creams for matcha. Some asian restaurants in Sydney usually use that brand for in their establishments.

    • How much is it for the 5L tub?

      • +1

        Memory a bit vague but I think it was $45.

  • Omg (profanity) yes

  • How much does it cost for a 5L tub of La Creme green tea ice cream and are there any shops in Melbourne where I can buy it?

  • This is a sign that things are looking up….next thing, cats and dogs will be living together and Bill Murray will come to my house to smoke cigars with me

  • Looks like no waffle cone pieces in the new one

  • +1

    The previous version was definitely too sweat, with insufficient matcha green tea strength. I recently bought the 5L green tea tub from Zio Glen's. This is pretty good with a standard level of green tea flavour and only $5/L on special. The gold standard that I benchmark against is Kyoto Teahouse, which has three levels of intensity. My preference is for strong, more bitter and less sweat. Though, boy was it pricey as they charged $5.50 for one scoop.

  • I never understood why the original got cancelled, seemed to be widely popular & evidently was popular enough to bring back.

  • Must be no Ozbargainers in my area - this flavour was fully stocked at my local Coles.

    • I popped by Crows Nest coles and they were all gone but then again so were most other flavours. But then again Crows Nest coles has a pretty small ice cream section

  • 11:45pm RIP :(

  • So I bought this and have to say I'm pretty disappointed - not sure what all the fuss is about.

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