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BDI G02 TWS Earbuds BT 5.0 IPX7 Waterproof LED Display 6D Stereo 3300mAh Charging Case $49 Free Shipping @ Pc Bytes Online


Was browsing for a TWS and found this deal think worth sharing with the group.

Original pricing is $89 and down to $49 with free shipping.

IPX7 Waterproof: Resistant to sweat, water and rain.

Superb listening experience with powerful bass and exceptional detail

Built-in 3300 mAh Battery Charging Case

Noise Cancellation Technology

Perfect X'mas gift.

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  • $35 on wish/AliExpress

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      2 months waiting time and missing local support… It definately worth that few dollars! :-)

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        Few? $14 is not few for a item worth $35 my friend.

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          After 2 months when you still did not get your parcel or received a faulty product when you are crying, you will love that $14 dollar saving my friend.

        • Can you please check that $35 is the correct version of G02? there are 3 different type of G02: TWS, Simple and G02.
          The major different are on the display of the charging case and waterproof level.
          They are using the same chipset (Airoha 1532), but every dollar count on the product performance and quality.
          The cheaper price are always have a reason behind it.

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    For a crappy ass pair of headphones I would much rather wait the 2 months and pay $15 less. If the drop shipper is buying direct from wish/ali baba just to give me local support, please!

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      And before you reply my friend… Google pc byte reviews, they ain't the best so I don't know what local support your talking about

      • For a product which sales in locally, sellers are not the only support which you can talk to. Vendor will be a better option.
        if you have any question or product issue, please feel free to provide us the feedback at: [email protected]

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    from what i see after some google searches, the earpiece is very vulnerable to water so i think the ip rating is fake. G02 is the generic model of the earpiece and it has been rebranded many times too for eg: OmniPlay.
    This guy's earpiece broke after he submerged in water and there seem to have no rubber seal around the seam where the earbuds join

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    good price for this earbuds compare with aliexpress, the service for aliexpress is really bad, no warranty, no refund. Trust local company better

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