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Cashrewards $35 Cashback on amaysim Unlimited 125GB $100 6 Month Plan or 120GB $150 12 Month Plan


$65.00 after cashback on Amaysim 6 Month Unlimited 125Gb $100 Plan ($10.84 per month)
$115.00 after cashback on Amaysim 12 Month Unlimited 120Gb $150 Plan ($9.58 per month)

  • 6 Month Plan has unlimited talk to 28 countries. Unlimited sms to 42 countries.
  • Unlimited talk & text to standard numbers in Australia
  • Auto-renews if you don't turn it off in your account settings.
  • Optus 4G Plus network

Cashback is eligible for new & existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per Cashrewards account.

Cashback is eligible only on a new service (SIM) which is activated within 30 days of purchase. If the sale is withdrawn and/or refunded, or if the service (SIM) is not activated within 30 days of purchase, the transaction will be deemed cancelled and cashback will not be awarded.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • Will this be better than the Coles $120 plan apart from $5 difference? Same optus service, isn't it?

    • What network does Coles use? Optus or telstra?

      • +1

        Coles is Optus, Woolworths is telstra

    • +1

      The Coles plan includes international calls. Amaysim doesn't.

      • +1

        So does Amaysim, too 28 countries

        • Only on the 6 month plan. The original deal linked when I made my comment was for the 12 month one where there are no international calls included

    • Coles has international call included, and don't have to wait for the cashback? Take it as $5 for the international call inclusions.

  • I think coles plan will be better, which is already discount to same price , also mobile data tracking app is developed by optus.

    • amaysim is belong to optus now lol

  • When they say 'new' customers do that mean you've never held an account with the account or you are just currently not with that provider and wanting to port across?

    • +1

      The latter

      • Thanks! I was on Boost and upon expiry jumped on a cheapie Optus/Coles deal. Optus is still shocking in my area so I'll be going straight back to Telstra/Boost.

  • +3

    Isn't the 6 month plan much better? After $35 cashback you get 20gb data for $11 per month.

  • Wait for a better deal. Maybe Telstra will offer something next Tuesday on ClickFrenzy deals.

    • +1

      Since when has Telstra offered a deal even close to this?

      • -1

        Not a one to one comparison, but this deal was the best. Because I don’t need NBN at home using this deal since a few months ago.


        Because I also got the $45 cashback. My first nine months is actually free

        • +1

          I know about that deal, I bought one myself. But it's a 5GB data sim which throttles down to 1.5Mbps.
          Why are you comparing it to this deal?

          • @Arthur Dunger: Ok, it is no comparison. It was just a hope that telstra may give a deal on prepaid sims next tuesday. They are getting a little more active in trying new deals for the past few months

          • @Arthur Dunger: My 5gb 'unlimited' with Telstra is slow as snails, at the best of times.
            I switch to Kogan/VF just to get any resemblance of usability of internet.

  • Any know if got wifi calling or volte? Voice msg to sms?

  • For how many days is the Cashrewards offer valid from?

  • -2

    This is great brings the deal down to $25 for 6months and $75 for 12 months with refer a friend

    • +3

      How? All I can see with refer a friend is a $10 credit. And then are you sure it will stack with Cashrewards referral?

  • +1

    It's a great deal. Any idea if amaysim will be likely to roll out the 6 and 8 recharges for $10 like they did earlier this year though?

    • I’m waiting for that too

  • Wow! 500GB plans from Optus and now Vodafone joined the party. Also, Amaysim and Coles now dramatically cheaper than Boost and offer heaps more value…

  • Is this for existing customers as well?
    Cashback conditions mentioned by OP are a bit confusing as it first mentions:

    "Cashback is eligible for new & existing amaysim customers…"

    and later:

    "Cashback is eligible only on a new service (SIM)…"

    • An existing customer can get a new service ya know. Ever heard of having two phone numbers?

  • So if I'm an existing customer and want to keep my number id have to port out then back in?

  • Can anybody see when this deal finishes?

    • Just asked CR that, "unfortunately we are unaware of when certain promotions will change or finish, so we always recommend to use them while they are on offer."

  • From amaysim chat,

    "Unlimited 125GB Long Expiry Mobile Plan for $100 on first purchase which means for new sign-ups only and cannot be applied to existing amaysim number."


  • Is the data limited per month? Looking for a a new prepaid plan for my teenage daughter. She’s likely to burn the data is a month or two and hoping it’s limited to X (eg 20GB) per month on the 6 month plan.

  • So is this actually expired? i can still see it in cashrewards

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