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$10 Monthly Credit on All Data Plans For 12 Months = 5GB for $5 Per Month (BYO) with No Extra Data Charges @ Telstra


Telstra's Extra Small data plan is normally $15/month, but connections during '7 Day Frenzy' get $10/month off for the first 12 months.

No lock-in contract, so you can cancel any time and DONT FORGET $45 CASHREWARDS which will equate to $15 for 12 MONTHS , this means $1.25 per month for 5GB data- THIS IS CRAZY!

MOD: Received email from affiliate channel representing Telstra stating that Telstra are currently having tracking issue, and sales through cashback sites such as Cashrewards might not track properly.

Buy it, use it, bank it, boast it, harder better faster stronger!

No excess data charges. When you exceed your allowance, you can continue to access data, but your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps.

This is a data SIM, so you can use it in devices like tablet, mobile dongles etc. You might be able to use it in a phone, but you can't make calls, it's not made for normal SMS use (charged at PAYG rates).

New customers only. If you want a higher plan instead, $10 discount currently applies those also.

Critical information summary (but does not list the $10/month discount)

Mod: Thanks to Giles for the description, copy pasted from them (who posted the duplicate deal).

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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  • New customers only

    What if I’m out of contract? Can I just cancel and reconnect….

    • +1

      I believe so, chat or call them to know more but I am sure that if you cancel your current service for a day or so then reconnect than you will be issued a new data number which should be considered as new service.

    • +2

      port out and port in again

    • Actually new service. Existing customers can apply for this as a new service with the benefits.

  • +2

    Let’s say that I pick this plan, can I switch it after a month to the 25$, then maybe back again to the 15$ keeping the 10$ bonus for an year or, when I change the plan I lose the bonus?

  • +4

    Its actually not new customers only. I just signed up using my existing telstra account. Discount applied fine.

    • So you got two accounts now? And cancel the other ?

      • +6

        no it is a new service added to an existing account

        • Well my account has my (current) service. I'm aware of adding new service, now how do I switch my number across ?

          • +3

            @boomramada: you can't - you will need to port out and port back in.

            This is a data-only sim can't be used for calls SMS etc why do you care what number you get?

  • +1

    There is no contract for this. I don't know how it will work for the cashback. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work. It will require 100 days, do you just keep connected for 100 days?

    Seems weird but maybe that's why it is $45 because it's the $15 per month plan for at least 3 months. (cheapest plan is $15/month)

    Does anyone know the background behind the cashback offer? So can you technically make money on this? lol?

    • I have made money so many times on cashback (amaysim predominately before they introduce the once per account rule) so I wouldn't be surprised if you can make money on this because of the $10 off promo. Just bear in mind that it'll cost you a credit check to sign up so factor that in when you are trying to calculate how much you gained

      • shh

        • +5

          I do think people need to be warned about the credit check and implied cost associated with that. Not as big a hit compared to credit cards but still

          • @FutureTech: It doesn't cost us anything if a credit check is run.

          • @FutureTech: This is the first I’m hearing about a credit check being run if we use cash back sites? What are the disadvantages of a credit check being run? I’m a student so don’t even really know what a credit check is.

            • @fourmi: Not cashback sites - talking about telstra conducting credit check if you sign up on their post paid plans.

      • How many credit points would you lose from such sign-ups?

        • I'm curious about this too

  • +8

    The mobile base station is just on the roof of the building next to my apartment so I get excellent reception even in the bathroom. Under these circumstances the shaped speed has been very useable for light web browsing/light youtube (up to 720p 30fps) and overnight downloading (Indian youtube premium FTW) so this is an excellent deal for me and will be my primary internet source once the sim gets here. (I used this for a few months in the past before cancelling)

    • just on the roof of the building next to my apartment

      Lucky. At home, my 3G connection is often faster than the 4G connection (I have to force my phone to use 3G instead of 4G)

  • +16

    Wow cheap as chips. You can use in a dual phone $5 on this plus $5 on dodo and have a $10 with unlimited (capped) data win win

    • Lovely

  • I’m an existing customer which I was in friends and family plan which now ended. The $10 credit shows up for me if i choose the $50 or $60 plans. What do you guys think?

    • if it shows up it should be safe. I think as long as you are adding a service (not just upgrading an existing service) you should be able to avail of the discount

  • I have 2 of these$15 data Sims already can I contact them to get both discounted. or do I need to cancel and reconnect as a new customer to get the$5 deal

    • why do you need 2?

      • +3

        Probably dual WAN. I'm thinking about this too. $10 per month for 2 sims and get unlimited instead of $68 for 500gb from Optus. If test goes well, I would go through this route.

        • How to do dual Wan with 4g mobile? One go through with USB port in router which is I'm doing now.

          • +4

            @freeman: You need 2 4G modem to put 2 sims in. I used Huawei B315, which is cheap on gumtree. These 2 modems connect with router Asus RT-AC68U, this one can be setup to be dual WAN. All of the device clients connect to this router, it has QoS and traffic monitor so you know which device uses data alot and …. limit it :). Most of the time is your kids haha.

            • @codinghelloworld: That's great idea, but 4g modem is too expensive.

              • +2

                @freeman: You can find vivid modem, this modem is unlocked, can be used with any sim. On FB market I can see someone sell at $30-40

            • @codinghelloworld: "These 2 modems connect with router Asus RT-AC68U"

              • How do they connect to the router? Not usb? if so then one is usb2 and one usb 3
              • Will the telstra ZTE broadband modem send internet through the USB port?


              • @Oteta: The router has 1 WAN port, however, when you look up in the console, there is a part you can configure dual WAN by:
                - WAN port + USB port, this way you will need a 4g USB dongle.
                - WAN port + LAN port, convert 1 of 4 LAN port to be the second WAN port. This way you need 2 4G modem, like Huawei B315, or B525, etc

                Yes, it can send and receive data through USB port.

        • If you're using 2 modems does this mean your router can get 2 x 1.5Mbps (3Mbps) connections when the data runs out?

          • @ballistykx: Yes. I’m looking for a solution to aggregate dual WAN. There are some firmwares supporting this. Merlin, OpenWRT. But need some tutorial.

        • +1

          Great idea. I'm going to do the same. I'm currently using the $68 for 500gb service with Optus, will cancel once I get the telstra SIM and use it in the b818 I will have after cancelling.

    • Cancel and sign up for a new service

  • +4

    Good option for kids iPad from recent Optus deal.

    • We are currently using a Tab S4 and iPad Air 3 both Optus deals with this sim. Kids loved it watching Netflix nonstop.

      • But can it support Netflix with shaped speed though?

        • Yes. Optus had Netflix unmetered but the quality was below HD resolution on mobile. Easily doable on capped speed.

        • Been using this Sim on a Tab S4 as hotspot and watching Netflix on a 55” TV without any issues. Cartoons are no problem but it takes a few seconds to load normal movies.

          • @DarkOz: Might use this in an old phone for 4G connection to hotspot and stream Netflix to the bedroom tv….hoping it's fast enough for that when it gets capped.
            (Can't be any worse than the Kogan Sims I currently use)

            • @Spending2Much: You'll be looking at 720p at best

              • @FutureTech: How come it'd be 720p at best?

                • +2

                  @mudkipz: If you watch a show with a lot of movement then forget about 720p on a TV. The minimum bitrate for an avg 720p video requires about 2,500 kbps.

                  • @TomGum: I see. But Telstra 4g generally performs pretty well (obviously location dependent though) and would easily do beyond those speeds? Am I mistaken?

                    • +1

                      @mudkipz: We are talking about shaped speed. You will burn through the 5GB full speed data fairly quickly

                      • @FutureTech: Oh sorry, my mistake, I missed your first comment specifying shaped speeds. Fair enough!

  • -1

    Can anyone see the start and end date of the 7 day Frenzy?

  • Perfect to set-up for a kid to access messaging, lite internet content and facetime. Cheers OP.

  • +11

    Nice deal, don't forget the Cashrewards $45 Cashback to BYO Telstra deals! https://www.cashrewards.com.au/telstra-mobile *ends on the 21st of may

    • +1

      You mean we could get this sim for $5 per month, and get 9 months free with a $45 Cashback?!

      • +1

        Well yeah, I can't see anything on the terms and conditions saying otherwise

        • +5

          I did it twice today and have two $45 pending cashbacks. So far, so good. No cancellation fees either so you could potentially make money on this!

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Going to cancel the wife’s and open a new one for myself.

    These $15 data sim are great when shaped at 1.5Mps. We usually use about 120G each month. Now even better at $5.

    • +1

      I used 200gb once - money well spent haha

    • Do the unmetered sites get capped?

      Can I use up all the data, but still stream footy and music at regular speeds?

      • Normal data quota at normal speed then it’s capped at 1.5Mps which is good enough for our Netflix on a 55” TV. Music shouldn’t be a problem but I am not sure about live sport.

    • can cancel online ?

      or need to call / live chat ?

  • +1

    Darn didn't read the comments and forgot about Cashrewards. Oh well, still a great deal.

    • +1

      That makes two of us. Was in a hurry and skipped over that Big detail.

      Any chance to get onto live chat tomorrow morning to cancel and re-order with cashback?

      Edit: Maybe the cashback does not/no longer applies to the 5GB/$15pm plans from what I read now?

      • +2

        Sorry to tell you but it definitely applies. My $45 just tracked, however I forgot to activate the $2 cashback.

  • has anyone tried downgrading from existing data services and still get the discount?

    • No, new service only.

  • Will $10 discount work on port in 12 month JB hifi telstra plans also?

  • This deal is great for those who bought the iPad Air 3 + Cellular at Optus. Anyways what is the sim for the iPad?

  • Are you able to purchase multiple times and receive multiple cashbacks?

    Edit: Does this also stack with the $2 OzBargin exclusive deal for today?

    • +2

      No and Yes

  • thanks just signed up for the 5 gig a month for $5 a month after $10 discount. I will cancel my current 5 gig for $15 tomorrow.

    • +4

      Did you go through Cashrewards for the $45 + $2 cashback as well?

      This post should actually link to Cashrewards Telstra page.
      The $47 cashback is kind of a big deal on a plan that costs $60.

      • I did but there is a problem apparently

    • how to cancel ?

      online login ? live chat ? or call ?

      • I called to cancel

    • Rang up and cancelled my $15 5gb plan today and signed up online for the same plan but with a $10 credit each month for 12 months.

  • -1

    Anyone find the extra small plan?

    • +1

      Yeah it's under the tablet plans

      • Which means I can only get the extra small plan with a tablet? (Not familiar with Telstra…

        • +1


          • @fivevik: I see…not seeing Tablet as a clickable one
            Thank you guys

  • Signed Up, but please note:

    • $10 Monthly Credit - 12 Months
    Get a $10 monthly credit on your bill for months 1-12 added to a new month-to-month plan or with selected phones. Credit applies when you stay connected for 12 months

    • +2

      Credit applies when you stay connected for 12 months

      they clawback credit if not connected for 12 months ?

      • +2

        I don't think so, but that is a bit confusing. During the sign-up process it says "Min cost $5 when you stay connected on the Data Plan Extra Small plan for 1 month. Price may change if the month-to-month plan price changes." So if you only get to keep the credit after 12 months, the minimum cost can't be $5. Also during the sign-up process it makes it clear that you get $10 off with each monthly bill (it's not just $120 off after 12 months).

        • This.

          I’ve just received my first bill, discount not applied.

          Have raised it in live chat.

          • @qnm: How did you go past the robot to chat?

            • @Joe888: Typed a lot of things relating to credits until the bot gave up!

              • @qnm: Was your chat on your phone app (Get Help -> Blue bubble Message Telstra) or website?
                I've been waiting on the phone since the bot's reply "I'll get someone who can help you with this?" one and half hours ago.

                • +2

                  @Joe888: I used the app. It took 6 hours for someone to respond but they eventually did!

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