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ZENEZ Gaming Chair PU Leather with Footrest BLACK/GREY $104.50 Delivered @ Gshopper Australia


Gaming/Office Chair with Footrest
Shipped from SYD warehouse. 1 day handling time.

Professional race style with head cushion and adjustable lumbar support cushion.

Recline adjust between 90 to 140 degree. Height adjust between 47-57 cm.

Boddy Hugging design provide comfortable body support.

Retractable foot rest.

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    Currently unavailable now.


    Any idea on weight it can handle OP?

    There was nothing on the site.


      i have something similar ….its says 120kg….though i bought it from Amazon around $140.

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    Bought this chair from them (no sale) and it comes with no branding, like it shows in the picture. I contacted the support and they said its a generic chair and gave me a $20 refund. A few months later the piston is starting to decline by it self and the zippers on the back of the chair has become detached. I've contacted support about this matter since its still under warranty, but I haven't heard from them since (2 weeks).

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      Hi There,
      Please contact us again with your order number, we will follow up and look into the issue you have. thank you

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      Just save me $105

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    I'll never get the fascination with "gaming" chairs that look like race seats, they're shaped to hold you in place when you're driving at speed around corners and have holes near the top for a racing harness (neither of which apply when you're playing games on a PC). Maybe I'm just getting old but I'd rather a nice office chair any day.


      Maybe because playing games are after all, in the head. Being more mindfully committed to a game will make it a truly enjoyable experience and so having the right peripherals such as a gaming mouse, gaming kb and or the best of all, a racing chair are a must for one's full enjoyment


      If you go to office works and try out all the chairs you will find many gaming chairs are not as comfortable as mesh ergonomic chairs. In fact there are plenty of YouTube videos that will say the same thing. Sure gaming chairs look cool, but they aren’t as comfortable and certainly don’t last long. Many end up dumped on the streets. The answer is get a mesh chair like some gamers do who stream and play all day long.


    If this is anything like the other chairs of similar build, the seat padding is horrendous and you will have a dead ass after long sitting periods, highly recommend getting something else!


    Not keen on Generic Budget gaming chairs, but it's cheap though..very tempting


      What would you recommend?