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[XB1, PS4] Battlefield V $5 @ Target



Historic low-price for the game. Seems to be on clearance judging by yellow sticker. Can't pull it up online. May be worth ringing your store beforehand to see if they even have stock.

This game is eligible for the 2 game trade-in for Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla etc. Effectively making these games $39!

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    And will free to play when EA Pass becomes part of XBox Game Pass tomorrow.

    • Preloaded it already. You can download EA games now, I've heard you can't play until tomorrow but I'm not home to check at the moment if it will work.

      • Same. Well I’m waiting for it to download.

        • Already active! Just go into the game pass app and there is now an ea play section.

          • @Robmatho: As in… my Xbox Series X is still downloading every update/patch for Series X optimised games. So far just done Forza Horizon, now it's doing Gears.

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    Can you trade 2x of this game or does the 2 games need to be different games, and can you trade Xbox versions as trade-in for PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 (or vice versa)?

    • I want to know this too….

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      They should let you.

      I traded 2x Shenmue 3 for PS4 for Cyberpunk when it was first announced. Like anything it'll depend who you get at the counter.

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      Can be 2 of the same games.
      I did it with 2 copies of Shadow of the Tomb Raider twice. Got Cyberpunk and Watchdogs Legion.

  • I called two of my local stores, Bacchus Marsh and Caroline Springs and unfortunately they are both out.

  • Would have been nice if Amazon price matched

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    Hard to find a game match on the local servers this days.

    • Less than Battlefield 1?

      • haven't tried BF1 for a while, the best BF game I have ever played.

  • Would JB price match this? My local store has a few copies sitting around..

    • I managed to price match it for PS4.

      • On what basis? What did you tell them?

        • The Target next door had them for the price so straightforward price match. Been buying a few games from there lately so wanted to keep all purchases in one place.

          • @Lysander: Out of curiosity, did they ask for any proof?

            • @Captain Howdy: Yes. Showed them Ozbargain on my phone.

              • @Lysander: Hah, even the nicest price-matching experiences I’ve had have requested they check the official site themself. Assume you’ll trade towards games? Either way well done ;)

                • @Captain Howdy: No, I will actually keep it and play it.
                  Once I am done with the single player campaign it will be sold one.

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    What about pc? We are being left out 😢

    • sometimes just later….possibly target might not stock pc games?

    • They haven't stocked PC games for years.

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