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[VIC] Free 4YO Kinder and 3YO Sessional Kinder 2021


Daddy Dan has granted us free 4YO kinder


10 November 2020
This year, parents – but mostly mums – have had to juggle work and childcare and kids learning from home. Even now with students back at kinder and school, we know that balancing act isn’t any easier.

We want to give families one less thing to worry about.

It’s why the Andrews Labor Government will deliver free kinder for 2021 and support for more outside school hours care – saving parents thousands of dollars and helping more women back into work.

The Victorian Budget 2020/21 will deliver up to $169.6 million to make kinder free next year, saving families around $2000 for every child enrolled in a participating funded kindergarten program.

The investment will not only make sure more kids are getting a great early childhood education, it’ll make it easier for parents – particularly women – to return to the workforce as we recover from this pandemic.

Under this investment, subsidies will be offered to early childhood services providing funded kindergarten programs – meaning free kinder for four-year-olds and eligible three-year-olds attending a participating sessional kinder.

Families with children enrolled in kinder programs at a long day care centre will also benefit from a saving of around $2000 in fees.

And for those families that have kids attending unfunded three-year-old programs in sessional kindergartens, there will also be reduced fees.

This investment builds on the Labor Government’s commitment to deliver kinder for every three-year-old, reaching every part of the State by 2022.

To further help parents return to work or increase their hours, the Government will invest $81.6 million to increase the availability of before and after school care.

Grants of up to $75,000 will be made available to start new outside school hours care programs at up to 400 government schools – so that any school that currently doesn’t have a program can apply to receive a grant.

This investment will mean more families can rely on before and after school care – giving parents greater flexibility when it comes to work, study, training or re-entering the workforce.

The funding will help establish new services across our state and provide support for costs including equipment, setup and administration, facility upgrades and transport.

Not only will these investments support our kids, they’ll help make sure families – and our state – can begin to recover from this pandemic.

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    • I've never seem Tim Smith and Dan in the same room together… They might be the same person. Similar IQs…

  • +1

    How about couple who don't have children? not fair

    • +1

      Get down to business ;)

    • Relax. Your progeny won't be paying off Dan's monster generational budget deficit for the rest of their lives. You are up!

      • +4

        Your 'responsible economic manager' mates in the federal government have overlooked a recession ever since Labor left government. Racked up more debt than they did during the GFC too. But at least now you can blame Vic Labor and the pandemic for their mismanagement and people like you will lap it up while you're handfed propoganda from the newscorp/foxtel media.

        • +1

          It has always been — and always will be — Labor's fault.
          Got it? Always!
          Pun intended just in case

        • I'm militant centrist, not right, and the word is 'propaganda'.

          Vic budget is due Nov 24th. It'll be a doozy. Let's come back here then. ;)

    • Your gift is the joy of supporting all these people who breed despite not being able to afford it.

      • Who says can't afford it . I'm sure this is welcomed by all Millionaires as well who need to figure out where to put their money after the mortgage is paid off :)

    • +1

      It must be harsh only paying for 2, watching MA shows, sleeping through the night… ;)

      • Don't go acting like those are benefits when you chose to add an extra [insert number of crotch goblins here] to pay for.

        • [4] And I guarantee that I pay more for your lifestyle more than you do mine!

  • If the Victorian Government actually gave a shit about saving the citizens of Victoria money it would nationalise the child care sector.

    Like most (is it all?) sectors that have been privatised in Australia there is a long record of the Government providing a cost effective, efficient and effective child care sector followed by a shorter period of the private sector never being cheaper, more productive or effective. Competition has failed yet again and the only people that are better off under privatised child care is a few business owners.

    • +1

      Nah, keep it private. I don't wanna pay for your offspring more than I already do, thanks.

      • +4

        Cool. We'll make sure our offsprings taxes don't go towards your pension, healthcare and security.

        • That's fine. Exactly why I have super and personal investments, so I don't need to rely on your burdens when I'm older.

      • Cool. I don't want to pay for the roads you use. And I want you to refund the Australian tax payer for your subsidised education. Put your money where your mouth is.

        • +1

          I pay for the same roads you use so it equals out. I'll be more than happy to refund my subsidised education if you're happy to refund and forfeit EVERY benefit you've had due to having children. Can guarantee my subsidised education will be heavily outweighed by your breeder benefits.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser193539: C'mon dude, you got here on your own. Stop with your pretend Libertarianism and show us how it's done. Cough up.

          • @DisabledUser193539: Breeders benefit the economy. How are you going to make up for the difference if you don't have children?

      • Maybe we don't like the idea of paying extra DFAT staff to look after nuff nuffs who lose their passports.

        • Who lost their passport?

    • I don't understand how that is up to the Victorian government? And what do you mean by 'nationalised' child care?
      Not arguing just genuinely looking for an explanation

  • i thought kindy was always free

    • +7

      When boomers like JV were kids, they were.

      • And FREE tertiary education. Don't forget.

        • But I thought millennials were the ones who expect handouts?

  • Why kinder only. How about early child care?

  • +3

    this is great and perfect for my family. Free childcare for months, now free (kinda) kinder for him next year! I can actually work on getting my business back to scratch without him running around and also help with my finances!

  • -3

    "It’s why the Andrews Labor Government will deliver free kinder for 2021 and support for more outside school hours care – saving parents thousands of dollars and helping more women back into work."

    "It’s why the Andrews Labor Government will deliver free kinder for 2021 and support for more outside school hours care – saving parents thousands of dollars by stealing thousands of dollars more in tax in the first place."

    Fixed it.

  • Excellent! Just the deal Victoria needs after a terrible year of fires, COVID and media trying to divide us.

  • -1

    I live in wrong state. Thanks NSW

  • -1

    At the end of the day you/we are paying for it with our taxes, this year and into the future, might as well use it if you have kids of that age and it works for you time wise. My sons both did sessional kinder and enjoyed it immensely.

  • This is potentially the best money the government has invested in a while. There is so much evidence that shows the benefits of kinder or pre-school.

    Taxes should be used by the government to invest in the country. Using taxes is not bad - misusing taxes is bad.

    Can anyone put forward an argument that this is a misuse of taxes?

    If so, how do you think this issue compares in severity to other misuses of taxes?

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