First Car Advice (2 Choices)

Hey guys

I"m getting my first car in oz soon. Living in melbourne, hands down to 2 choices.

  1. Accord 2008, 4cyl, 187000 km for 7grand
  2. Accord 2008, v6, 174000km for 8400 grand (negotiable)

Which one do you think I should get?

I was looking at civic the other day but I like accord more..

My budget is around 8-9 grand

Does the accord v6 has more problems compared to the other one? I'm concerned about changing the timing belt etc

Please give me advice..



Also i'm always asking for service history and rwc. Some doesn't have service history, should I be that strict or just chill about the history? Some of my mates told me they don't really care about the service history etc


  • Which one do you think I should get?

    Neither, they both seem way over priced…

    • You sure? I checked plenty of times for Accord 2008 and most of them are around 8-10k at pretty much the same mileage

      • Covid tax on used cars at the moment. If you can hang on a few months I predict the prices of second hand cars will return to normal.

      • 12yo car with close to 200,000km on it. Redbook suggests about $4500 to $6100 for the 4cyl and $5800 to $7600 for the V6.

        Either of these vehicle would have to have an exemplary service record and be in near showroom condition to be asking those prices. At that age and those km, I doubt they have either.

        A realistic value for private sale cars is somewhere between the upper end of what Redbook says is trade in value ($4k and $5.4k respectively) and the lower to mid private sale (mentioned above).

        There are plenty of cars in the $8~9k bracket that are newer and with about half the km these two have on them.

        • Can you suggest what kind of other cars I should look at? I've been stalking carsales for pretty much a month actually

          Searched honda, toyota and mazda

          • @robertwt7: Auto/manual? Sedan/Hatch? Size? Small (Yaris sized), Medium (Corolla sized) or Large (Camry size)? Any other features are a "must have" or some that you would like but are not deal breakers? Need a bit more info

            The Honda Accord is an OK vehicle, my parents had the V6 one (bought new from this same time period) and it was terrible. Very expensive to service and to get parts for. The ride was crap and the seats were leather covered cement blocks. There was about 40,000 buttons inside the vehicle and laid out in what seemed like no particular order, but it was a Honda, and it was reasonably reliable.

            I would also add to your list Mitsubishi and maybe Nissan. The Mitsu will be bland as bat shit, but reliable. The Nissan will be blander still, but the Pulsar was available around then and that was a pretty solid blandmobile. The Tiida though… vomit inducing looks…

            Also, dont discount Hyundai or Kia from that list. They made some pretty decent vehicle back around that era and you might be able to pick up a newer, pretty good example with much lower km for around the $8~$9k mark

        • Redbook suggests about $4500 to $6100 for the 4cyl and $5800 to $7600 for the V6.

          Well…there is difference between recommended/suggested price, market price and agreed prices….

  • Looked at accord euro?

  • 2008 Honda Accord V6 Auto

    Still looking for the 4cyl one.

    Edit: found it

    Honda accord 2008 auto 187,XXX kms

  • The V6 will generally be more reliable and last longer than the 4 cylinder. It has a better interior too. If you can get it around the same price I would go for that.

    • I'm thinking about this.. but then i heard v6 eats up a lot of fuel as well. Otherwise I would just go for the v6

  • If you have a little time to wait before buying and want to go for something a little more value, take a look at Pickles auctions. They do ex government fleet vehicles, 60kish kms on them, full maintenance history and very cheap by comparison. Worth taking a look even if you don't buy from there

  • Way over priced. Get a smaller petrol or a diesel for city driving

  • I don't know how much these Vehicles are, but I would stick to the 4 cylinder and look for a less km version.

    You are going to hit gutters, hit MacDonald Drive Through yellow post, and you may even run into someone else.

    You are going to neglect the engine, and other maintenance. 2008ish are falling apart anyway so don't bother spending money on any cosmetics.

    Treat the first car as a training wheels.

  • I'd say double your budget and get a brand new car on sale which long term will be much more economical than a 12 yr old car . The covid increase on them really doesn't make used cards attractive .

  • Get the more expensive one, with less kms and a more powerful engine…

    The motor has done less work, and the work that it has done, has been easier (because more powerful engine pushing same car).