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20% off Garmin Fenix 6 Series at Bupa - Members Only: Garmin Fenix 6 Pro $519.20 (Was $1149)


Open Garmin link from Bupa Plus. No code required.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro $519.20 (Was $1149) Expired

Credit to venujo1991

Alternatively Garmin Fenix 6 Pro $666.61 at JB Hi-Fi

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    you still need a bupa account

  • Good price.

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    Considering if it's worth the extra $280 for the Solar version.

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      Debated for a long time before pulling the trigger on the non-solar. Just couldn't justify it and didn't think I'd use it, despite it being pretty cool tech.

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        Thanks, went with the regular pro. I think if it was ~$150 difference I'd go for it.

  • Is vivoactive 4s also 20%? Anyone with an account can comment?

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      20% off, however only off RRP. Reduces from $579 to $463.20.

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        Thanks for posting again

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        Thank you

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    AIA Vitality has 20% off on Garmin as well

    • Thanks added to post

    • But the price isn't the same, it's $561.75 so not sure why the difference

      • is after adding to cart?

        • Price on website is $749.00 and then once added to cart shows $561.75 which is 25% of the current sale price. Not sure how Bupa get the $519.20

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            @vast524: I bought it and thought you were going crazy with the $749.00 price (since I didn't even look at it) - but you're right. For some reason through Bupa it's taking an extra $100 off in cart ($649 less 20% = $519.20)..

            Edit: Ahh, per jamescavs' comment below, the 20% discount is applying off the RRP of $1,149.

  • Just confirming… the Bupa site says

    Receive 20% off RRP

    But it does seem that the 20% is off the already $400 off price, not just the RRP - ie shows $519.20 in cart :)

    Note, I had to use an incognito browser to get the discount to apply. As Bupa says:

    Please note: If you have previously viewed the Garmin site in this browsing session, you will need to open a new browsing session in order to receive the discount.

    Thanks @onhunt! :)

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    It's definitely an error. In the past when Garmin had a sale for their watches, you couldn't apply the 20% off through Bupa.
    You notice that it calculates the 20% discount from the RRP, not the discounted price.

    I went ahead and purchased the fenix 6x sapphire anyway (hopefully it doesn't get cancelled).
    It was down to $999, but the discount removed an extra $280 (20% off the RRP of $1400).

    Here's hoping it is dispatched before Garmin/Bupa realise this.

    • I agree I think it's a website error. I've also noticed that past sales you had to choose between the 'as marked' price on Garmin, or the '20% off RRP' offered by Bupa/Professional Society (25% for AIA).

      Killer price, I would have loved to have gotten my Fenix at these prices but bought a few months ago when they had a $250 off sale.

      Enjoy the new watch!

    • Yeah, they fixed it

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    Wow I wish I was a Bupa member! Would buy a Fenix 6 Pro at that price. Anyone willing to share their account details?

    • same boat !

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    Got a Fenix 6s Pro Sapphire for $639! Thanks OP.

  • I’m considering pulling the trigger on this and upgrading from my series 3 Apple Watch.

    Can someone recommend sizing for me.

    Have attached imgur link of me wearing the watch with the 38mm watch and the m/l band.



  • Hi anyone know if there is there an expiry on this discount? thanks
    and would signing up for car insurance will get you the access?

  • Hmm, I'll use this for fitness (nothing major though) and primarily want something nice for health tracking (HRM, SPO2, sleep tracking, etc)

    This or the Apple Watch Series 6?

    I am in the Apple ecosystem which is a pro to the AW6

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    Anyone willing to share their account details?


  • They fixed

  • Which specific model were you adding? 42, 47 or 51mm, Premium features? Standard, solar, or sapphire? Cheapest i can see is $599.

    • Expired as noted above. Deal marked as expired.

  • I think it was a pricing error.

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    I don't think the offer has expired, so much as the website has been "fixed" to only offer the best of (20% off RRP) or (current advertised discount). Which makes it useless for the Fenix 6 series, since they're currently more than 20% off anyway. But the discount still works (I just tested) for other products such as (just random examples):

    • Forerunner 945: $799.20 down from $999
    • Forerunner 745: $679.20 down from $849
    • HRM-Pro: $127.20 down from $159

    So may still be of some value if you're after some other Garmin product that's not already discounted more than 20% on garmin.com or elsewhere.


    • But you can't buy a Fenix 6 Pro for $519 as the title

  • Garmin dispatched my order so it looks like they're honouring all the orders for those lucky enough to buy it before the discount was fixed.

    • Same here. I fully expected my order to be cancelled

      • Me too, glad I pulled the trigger and ordered it when I did

        • Did you get a tracking number with your confirmation? It says in the email, track your delivery but I can't find any details.

          • @Stampy0123: Nothing for me either, judging from below looks like they did get shipped

  • I placed an order in the morning of 11/10 … my credit card was charged and I received an acknowledgement email, but no email about delivery yet …

    • Did the same, just received my shipping confirmation this morning. Very happy.

    • Got my shipping confirmation this morning but the watch turned up in the post today. Cracking price

  • They did the bupa discount over the RPP and the fenix was heavily discounted. I found it when looking for VA4 . I thought it was cheap, but too much for my needs. On hindsight I should have bought it

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