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KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription US$39.99 (~A$56) @ StackSocial


Just received an Email about it. Use Code LIFETIME20 to make it $19.99 instead of $39.99. Not sure if code is unique.

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    i received the same email and code! I assume we can use it multiple times.

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    Don't assume its actually life subscription. I had pure vpn lifetime but that was cancelled.

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      At least it doesn't show an expiry date (at least for me) in the account settings.

      My Windscribe VPN shows an expiry date of 2028 even though I also bought a 'Lifetime' plan.

      Also as a reminder to anyone considering - it's their 'lifetime', not yours.

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        I just checked and mine is also showing it expires in 2028, I plan to live longer than that :(

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          Mine shows no expiry date. Had it since 2017, just shows the purchase date, nothing else and labelled as Infinity product.

        • It says you just need to contact support and they give you another 10 years again, so if all things go well then it is essentially lifetime with a little bit of effort.

    • All you've got to do is send them a message via support and they'll update it.

      • Thats what I did when my purevpn expired and they said they don't have an agreement with them to extend it.
        Incidentally, their support is horrible to deal with.

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          Same here. The support issued me a full refund of store credit after a long wait time.

        • Did you contact PureVPN or StackSocial support?

          StackSocial support says that

          "The lifetime VPN offer you purchased is no longer available. Not to worry, however - we've got you covered with another amazing VPN provider!

          We are so excited to provide an extension with an upgraded VPN provided by our partners at VPN Unlimited.

          Please reply to this email and provide the email address you'd like to use and we'll get you set up ASAP!"

          I have replied and waiting to see what happens.

          • @karazy: I hope you are a patient person… The support sucks and I am sick of dealing with them.

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    I tend to use it when I have issues with my primary VPN (Surfshark). Get pretty good performance using IKEv2 and Wireguard protocols on my desktop, phone and laptop. However, it sucks on Android TV, as does Surfshark regardless of protocol or settings.

    Also FYI.. Keepsolid is based in US so in 5 eyes domain.

  • can anyone comment on Indian hotstar access, and their customer support.

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      I can confirm hotstar works on it. They have 2 servers for India. Customer support has responded every time I've contacted them so no issues.

      • Thanks for reply, I just signed up and tried on ipad, it says VPN detected :(
        may i know which device u tried?

        • I use the hotstar website not the app. I use it on a pc.

      • At the bottom of the list there is a dedicated hotstar server as well

  • lots of bugs on shopping cart, cannot delete added items. not sure its worth hassle

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    Just purchased using the code “novksvpn” for usd 14.5.
    Received the redeem code from stacksocial in a minute.

    I’m on Aussiebb 100/20. Here some Speedtest results: (iPad tests)
    Sydney server: 34.6/12.3
    UK stream server: 73/9.23. Not working for bbc iPlayer
    US stream server: 74.7/16.6. Work for both Netflix/Disney+/Pluto TV

    P.S. They only provide 1 stream server on a country.
    It shows lifetime in my account. Now I have 3 VPN subscriptions.
    Keepsolid is my last choice but for only usd 14.5, can’t complain.

    Hope it helps.

    • Thanks for the quick test and results.
      Which 2 are your top choices and why do you like them?

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        It really depends on your needs. I don’t use vpn for ptivacy so proton is not my pick.
        I use vpn mainly for streaming only.

        My 1st pick is PandaVPN pro which is designed for Chinese users as they provides servers to access Chinese contents as well as most common Asia online contents, I.e Abema, Hulu, Niconico, VIU, MyTVsuper. They don’t offer router access.

        My second choice is NordVPN. I found NordVPN, Expressvpn, surfshark & cyberghost works fine with us Netflix. With NordVPN I can stream VIU with leaseweb servers which the others do not offer. I set up NordVPN OpenVPN on my netgear R7000 so I can access hk content on Apple TV.

        So if you only use vpn for US streaming, Keepsolid is not a bad choice.

  • no more Hong Kong VPN which is a pain , and no taiwan VPN was well compare with windscribe

    • VPN Unlimited restricts you to 5 devices. If you wanted more it costs extra, if you wanted a different device and you already had 5 registered then you have to unregister an existing device and then wait because you can only do one per week. eg. You have 5 devices, it takes 5 weeks to unregister them all - seriously stupid.

      I have a VPN Unlimited lifetime account from another StackSocial deal 5 years ago, they were rubbish, crap speeds across pretty much all servers including the closest.

      Went to a Windscribe lifetime deal 4 years ago, (they allow you as many devices as you like - unless it looks like you're farming out the login to friends/family/neighbours/etc), and have only used VPN Unlimited to see if my account still exists basically.

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          VPN Unlimited, IMHO, was a waste of money for me: slow speeds (when they connected); the stupid 5 device restriction, (and a browser counts as a "device" - seriously?), and the waiting a week between unregistering devices. Hey, maybe they've improved a hell of a lot in the last 4 years …

          FastestVPN - no idea what they're like.

          Ask for a free test account, some VPN providers give you a day or two usage of a "pro" account so you can test without restriction.

  • Purchased couple of days ago, now the app says only 3 days of vpn left, can some one plz confirm if you are seeing similar?

    Also charged as per USD.

    Raised support ticket with keepsolid. Will update once I receive response.

    • Good luck with support. I've found talking to a brick wall gets me further.

      • Weird. I just signed up as my Purevpn was expiring and I had two seperate issues which were each resolved easily within 30 minutes of logging.

        • My issue was they kept sending me Keepsolid keys instead of purevpn keys and didnt tell me they were sending something else.
          So I have been emailing daily for the last 2 weeks to try and get something out of them.
          Sounds like you have had better luck than me :)

          • @Joz2988: Ahh are you talking about Stacksocial? I'm talking about Keepsolid support themselves…..