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Digital Infrared Thermometer for Body Temperature $39.16 Delivered (20% off) @ Technex eBay


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Loye LY-F1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer.


1.Fast: 1s Temperature Measurement
2.The reaction time: 0.5 seconds
3.Measuring distance: 3-10 cm
4.Intelligent: 3-Color Display Temperature with Emoji
5.Multipurpose: Character/Dual Use
6.Temperature range 32 to 42.9°C
7. Three Color Display Temperature with Emoji
8.Body/Surface Measuring Mode Switchable
9.Auto Power Off shutdown time:10 seconds
10.Battery: 2*1.5 V AAA battery (battery is not included)

It is FCA, CE approved with ISO standard having a 1-year shelf life/ warranty.

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  • Link doesn't work?

    • Neither does the product (well if you plan on using it for measuring skin temp). Our skin is too adaptable (sweat, blood flow, sitting in the sun/ out in the wind etc)…all makes this useless. Covid testers agree. Smoke and mirrors device for covid.

      Measure the temp inside someones gob is your best bet.

      However, as a device for measuring air con outlet temps, soil temps for farmers/ gardeners or to simply work out instantly is it cooler outside or in (should I open the windows) etc . This is great.

    • +1 vote

      I have checked it. It is working.

  • Any reviews for product.

  • similar product available for much cheaper without this 20% discount



      Yes it looks like similar but quality and Brand matters when you specially buy Health care Products.

      • Product your selling is pretty no name to me. Who's the ODM of your thermometer? I bet it's the same as the one posted.
        Is your product ARTG certified?


    Thanks for your comment. If it is same just consider following.
    1. Does that company provide any warranty?
    2. Is the Brand name registered or have any website.
    3. That product take almost 1.5 months to get delivered.

    Just looking like same and same functionality does not means it is same.

    Product quality, durability, packaging everything matters. The cheapest price of mine product on eBay is $46.95

    Sorry it is not Artg certified like others products selling on eBay.