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Netac N530S 500GB SATA III SSD US$42.44 (~A$58.45) Delivered @ Netac Official Store AliExpress


A very cheap SSD considering that big brand SSDs in the same capacity typically go for around $70+. According to reviews it's using the same SM2258XT controller used in the Crucial BX500 and that means it's DRAMless. You'd be better off using the SSD for something like storing Steam/Epic games or use as a portable SSD in an enclosure.

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  • A very cheap and nasty SSD considering that big brand SSDs in the same capacity typically go for around $70+ …

    • I disagree. Crucial is a big brand and yet they're selling the BX500 with 20GB less storage and the same DRAMless controller for about the same price. So the big brand Crucial are also very cheap and nasty?

      The difference is going to be with the NAND flash. Crucial are using Micron and it seems Netac have used Toshiba based on AliExpress reviews.

  • Crucial are using Micron and it seems Netac have used Toshiba based on AliExpress reviews

    Micron and Samsung make top tier NAND flash while Toshiba is just mid tier.

    Also, not sure who would buy this over local Crucial stock at same price for 20GB extra. Good luck to them sending it back to China for warranty purposes.

    • That's an excellent point regarding flash. I know DRAMless SSDs are controversial on OzBargain, but it's still a saving and I'll share it anyway.

      Besides, it's a good opportunity to discuss what are good SSDs ;)

      • I have a Netac N600S 720GB here, it uses the SM2258XT and what seems to be Intel NAND, (soon to be SK Hynix), 29F04T2AWCMG4.

        I also have another Netac 320GB SSD, both of them have worked fine for the last two years or so - a lot better than the Ramsta 480GB SSDs 🤣

        • Yeah they're really not that bad compared to others. People are just really into scaremongering because they filled their SSDs to near full capacity, like you're not supposed to and experienced performance drops. Netac are certainly more established than a lot of the others, or the "Allied" alibaba rebadge SSD from Techfast.

          I think I was the only one who received a decent Ramsta 480GB SSD. Mine has SK Hynix flash and this benchmark taken today is the same as it was when I first got it years ago. Obviously being in the 300mb/s is still quite low, but still better than a HDD. Stats are 6418 power on hours, 2.5TB total host writes and 1.9TB total NAND writes, with CrystalDisk still reporting 100%.

          Meanwhile my Reeinno 960GB that I paid $100 for back in early 2019 has much higher read/writes than the Ramsta, but the total host writes is only 109GB and 0GB for total NAND writes as it's hardly been used. It's benchmark is pretty much the same as the WD Blue benchmark.

  • not sure about buying a SSD from aliexpress…..

  • not sure about ssd drives by this brand, but they sell cheap memory in general. Was reading just this morning that they buy faulty memory chips and combine them to work at the lower than rated capacity to bypass the issue areas

  • By the time it arrives, you'll be buying 500GB mainstream brand SSD's for close to this price.

    480 WD Green was going for a tad under $70 not too long ago [can't recall where I saw it]

    Anyway FWIW, I'd rather spend the extra and grab something locally & a know brand [Crucial, Kingston, WD]