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Garmin Venu - Various Colours $469 Delivered (HK) @ Tobydeals (Officeworks PB - $445.55 C&C)


I have used OW PBG a few times on tobydeals with success. It seems many people have been declined in the past.
There have also been issues mentioned of the tobydeals URL not being available on in-store computers, but as this is online only for OW you have to call them.

It might help by giving them the URL as tobydeals.com.au - that actually redirects to tobydeals.com/en_AU

Either way I was successful over the phone with a price beat.

I can see it was listed much cheaper a couple of days ago, but is now expired and it seemed to be coming from the UK.

At least with this officeworks deal you have local stock, local warranty.

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    Just tried to price beat over the phone at my local Officeworks with no luck :(


      Did you try the officeworks 1300 number or the local store number?

      I had no issues with the 1300 633 423

      I was also very careful to tell them the website as tobydeals.com.au


      I called on the 1300 number and they straightway said they don't price match with Toby deals. I gave them the .au website.


    Is it more likely to get price beat if you go to the local OW store?


      It is online only so I don't think you could price match in store


    Officeworks from what I know have now blacklisted websites like Toby etc, so whoever can get it price matched is very lucky. They will not price match anything unless it is the exact same model/product code and gets shipped from Australia.


      It is listed with the exact same product code, although I know many products have different product codes. I suppose the different codes are a no brainer for them to decline.

      It doesn't say anywhere on the PBG that the product has to be shipped from Australia. Apparently this was changed some time ago. On the PBG now it simply states online without mentioning origin of website, warranty or anything else.


        Completely agree with you and I had to escalate this via a team leader through their customer care and was advised that the business needs to be a local Australian business that ships within Australia. Still worth a try but I have a feeling that there are higher chances of getting knocked back for a price match request.


          Well that's just false advertising isn't it…


            @cheaplee: Yeah kind of. This thread is dedicated to officeworks price match. A lot of people lately have had no success with parallel imports etc.


              @gadgetfreak28: I wouldn't say 'kind of' I would say unless there are more terms and conditions that are available for us to see (which there doesn't appear to be) then NOT adhering to what they are advertising is certainly false advertising.

              Thanks for the link. I did have a look at that thread, but the last comment was over a year ago so I wasn't sure what the current status was.

              In most instances the model numbers listed on grey import sites do not exactly match the Australian model number, or they are not listed at all - so OW are well within their rights to deny the request.

              It would be interesting to know how many ppl are being denied with matching product codes.


                @cheaplee: The terminology they use is very loose. Just like the politicians, no accountability and responsibility for any actions. From my personal experience I was refused a price match twice even though the product codes were an exact match, and I just stopped bothering with OW. Been happily buying stuff from overseas now.


    Disappointed that AIA Vitality 25% off Garmin offer does not include Venu. On the other hand my employer offers 20% off retail price on all Garmin products. Venu is $519 after discount from RRP $649. Still not good enough for me to pull the trigger.
    Is there any other ways to get Garmin discount?


      AIA Vitality did include 25% on Venu Sq. until I broke my account and AIA cannot assist in getting me any offers with Garmin.
      I went and bought Forerunner 245 Music during the sales. Much better savings.


        Not working for venu sq in my account either

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    Considering the Venu was at 335$ earlier this week, hard to call it a good deal ?


      It was limited to the one colour only for the $335 deal

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      I haven't seen a cheaper time machine and this is probably the best price for the watch today.

      Some might call it a deal.


      Dan Gilbert's talk on why people are so crap at making decisions is quite relevant here.


      As he says, and it is so true:

      This tendency to compare to the past is causing people to pass up the better deal. In other words, a good deal that used to be a great deal is not nearly as good as an awful deal that used to be a horrible deal.

      I could probably wait 2 years and get this for less than $100, or if I wait a few more years even better, I could probably pick it up for $50. Oh wait, but now I want the new one.


    Wish that 335 deal would come back I should have bought it when I saw it, was still in stock. Soon as I got home it was gone 😔