JB Hi Fi/ Telstra Plans ($59 + $500 voucher) - Add Internationall Call Pack

I signed up to a Telstra/ JB Hi Fi plan 5-6 weeks ago. I pay $59 a month (discounted from $69) and I got a $500 JB gift voucher. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/576973

When my SIM was activated, I chatted to Telstra (via app) and asked to add an international calling pack. They went to activate the international day pass instead and I didn't notice until I received a bill with international call charges in excess of $80.

Today, I finally got through to an agent and she advised that I cannot add the international call pack as I was on a JB Hi Fi plan. Never mind that it took 3 days for someone in the app chat to get back to me. She told me the new JB plan is not compatible with international call and SMS pack. I asked to transfer to a equivalent Telstra plan and she said I have to pay an ETC.

I dont understand how this works as I was on a similiar JB Hi Fi plan ($65) a month just the previous year. I ported away for a month then rejoined and now to be told I cannot add an international call pack. Does anyone have experience with this or can provide a phone number that I can call. Telstra have hidden all their phone numbers and the only I managed to get in touch with them was by app chat. -___-"

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    I dont have an answer for your issue, but I do find their app chat incredibly incompetitive. They ask us to treat it like messaging someone but:
    * They take ages to reply
    * Every new agent wants to confirm the phone number and DOB again
    * After confirming, they say they'll get back to us but they never do, we have to chase up after them
    * Are never able to solve an issue

    I changed my phone from Pixel 2XL to Pixel 4a and for some reason my voicemail to messaging app isn't working. I'm five weeks into my conversation with them and I'm still chasing after them and have to explain to each agent my issue again.

    • Yea I lost my voicemail to text after porting away for 1 mth. I requested for it via chat and it still doesn't work. Asking Telstra for support at the moment is just too painful.

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    Raise a complaint with the TIO. If you have spoken to Telstra, explained the issue and they are yet to fix it then this is the best route.
    After you do this you will be assigned a case manager by Telstra and they will follow up with you (as opposed to you having to chase them).
    I just did this to get 45k Telstra Plus points that didn't appear in my account and after waiting 3 weeks it took less than a week to get sorted.

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      You need to speak to Telstra first and then if you’re not happy with the response, then you go to the TIO

      The TIO is the escalation point, and when you contact them, they’ll ask you what steps have you undertaken to get it sorted with your provider

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      This is the best approach. Happened to me too and after being escalated to TIO, an overly helpful case manager from Telstra gave me more than what I was entitled for.

      Do you want to know why I went to TIO? I went to TIO for exactly what OP said, that they hid their phone numbers and I could only get them through chats and they don't follow up what was already agreed and took days if not weeks to resolve one billing issue (that they forgot to apply the credits and I ended up with elevated bills).

      So my TIO complaint was to force them NOT to hide their numbers but I got case manager instead calling me.

      • Their support is the worst I have ever encountered. I can't imagine older folks like my parents being able to contact them. The chat function is also not easy to find on the app. Surely a company has a legal obligation to provide a phone contact number.

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    Before going the complaint route I would try your luck in a Telstra retail store.

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    not in the exact same position as you but I was looking to add the "Call Pack", it was a pain as the purchase button is not even listed in the app and the reps don't even know that. Trying to activate the Call Pack only leads to a link to message Live Chat.

    • Just make sure if it actually activated. I asked for it and got the international day pass instead. Not very useful when one is stuck in Victoria.

  • Luckily jb guy refunded my cancellation charges and let me have my gc

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