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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers) @JB Hi-Fi (in-Store/Over Phone Only)


Another round of this popular deal. Confirmed available in all stores nationwide.

Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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    80GB per month?

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        I got 80gb for whole year

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          Cool story bro

    • I'm on the 60gb plan for same cost. Has anyone tried getting the extra 20gb by speaking with Telstra?

  • Nice !
    Missed out on the last round

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    hey dealbot ~ how do you find out about these?

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      I call JB Hifi every day and ask. Can't build a script for this unfortunately.

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        WOAH… I kneel before the OZB King

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          my king wouldn't lie to me

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            @blehgg: Oh, in case someone thinks it’s stalking, I call a different store each time.

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              @dealbot: JB-Hifi Staff picks up the phone (recognises number): "Hey DB - no… not today. How are the kids?"

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                @blehgg: DealBot: "Forget the kids. Give me a deal I can't refuse".

              • @blehgg: For the last time I won’t trade your kids

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        Now that is OZB dedication right there kiddies… Thank you dealbot…

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        Total ozbargain King 😍

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        Can't build a script for this unfortunately.

        Google duplex

      • What is todays deal?

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      It was posted yesterday by an “L” plater then removed moments later.

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        Oooh, controversy.

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        yah suss as eh

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          L platers aren't allowed to post JB deals.

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        There was another post removed about an hour ago with the reason - circumventing ban 😂

      • Could have been an employee

  • good find OP!

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    Hi, how does this work? I did not see it in JB Hi-Fi page.

    • I also don't see it. the offer of 80GB is for $69/month and bonus is $300 JB HiFi card

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        Offer is in-store. They generally don't advertise these deals. Please call your local store to confirm.

        • thanks mate.

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            @mantoh: Was in Jb Hifi when I went to get the prior deal, no signage for this, as soon as I mentioned telstra to a staff member she knew what i wanted

            • @Baghern: Gift card must be used on mobile purchase or any thing in store ?

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                @ChipsChicky: Anything pretty much.

              • @ChipsChicky: Anything,

                Unless they try to pull an exemption like the did with a recent console, which they withdrew due to all the complaints

                So I waited till I needed/wanted something before I got the deal, so I could use the gift card straight away

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          Available over phone too if you want to update your post @dealbot.
          Proof: I called up am signing up for the plan (13 52 44)

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        And then they have an internal offer that stacks 10$ credit and 20gb bonus data.

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          Stacks on top of this deal: for total 100GB/Month, for $49pm? How do we get this?

        • isn't that what bring it from $69 to $59?

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      They don't promote it - it's just internal communication to staff.

      Basically it sounds like they have a quota to sell a certain amount of telstra signups for them or they need to sell a certain amount of new accounts to get them at a lower price etc.

      So when they 'need' more signups this deal reappears. I presume it's when the management decides it's more profitable for them to subsidise the signups. Sometimes it changes in the same day if lots of people sign up.

      Last month I went in and it had reduced from $500 to $400, the guy said even internal staff aren't told when it will go up/down.

      • Anyone who works at Telstra can confirm or deny this? Really interested to know the logic behind the lack of promotion.
        Generally, lack of promotion means only the savviest shoppers, or ozbargain enthusiasts will sign up. And while we are a great bunch of people, our customer loyalty/retention rate, is virtually non existent. Strange business practises from the outside looking in, so would love to hear more from an ex telstra employee!

        I guess it’s a cost effective way to attract new business, no marketing required, and at least they lock in a 12 month contract (presumably splitting the cost of the voucher with JB).

        • Yeah and once they've got the amount sold they need they can just 'turn' it off without worrying a customer walks in and demands the same deal pointing to the sign.

          edit: I think the JB staff would be better to confirm - I doubt telstra are aware of it other than whoever wholesales to jb.

        • It will be a really complex environement and you won't get anyone from T to talk about it. It is most likely a combination of Telstra having as much control over the suggested marketing and price points that JB offers as they legally can. If JB goes too hard then Telstra stores (retail) get pissed off.
          In addition JB are likely to be on a bonus model, like car sales. Where once you get near the next tier of Telstra to JB Bonuses it can actually be better to sell it as a loss leader to get your total numbers up to the correct level.

  • I thought these deals were pretty decent? Was there a debacle I missed?

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      Just a bunch of whinies who (pick one or more of):
      - Ported when it was $400 or below
      - "changed to boost am I still eligible"
      - "OMG how do i do it if i'm with telstra"
      - "I'm with kogan and I pay 20cents a day and sip on Aldi wine because I'm so much better than all of you".

      • +3

        Lol best comment of the day.
        The 3rd comment just happened.

      • -4

        Yea, people who want to save money on OZB ugh

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        Sticky this

      • should be a sticky… lol

      • +1

        Please also add :

        "Yes - there's a 30 day waiting period. if you port out".
        "Oh I ported out for an hour - This worked for me. Go to different store."

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        A few more:
        "I can't see it on the JB website"
        "Wait what? You mean I can cancel straight away and only pay ETC of half the plan?"
        "Can I use the gift card on the new iPhone?"

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    Wow, great deal back @ $59. With my Boost $150 plan coming to an end in 3 weeks, it's kind of hard to decide between renewing that, or porting out then coming back in to this deal when it next returns…

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      I'm on the same plan and I think I will renew my boost. This would be a great deal if you really needed the 80gb per month instead of
      12 months

      • boost doesn't use 5g which may be a factor and also not some of the new transmitters - I find it's hard it high density places like shopping centres where Telstra have put them in but can't use them with boost

    • But Boost uses Telstra - will this be considered a port in?

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    Thanks for calling JB every day for this. Much appreciated.

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    I ported out of Telstra a couple of days ago. Is there any chance I get this deal, or do I have to wait 30 days?

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      when i joined last time they checked, but i don''t know if it's from the port out date or the last date of the billing cycle

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        Thanks @ballofspam, I ported out on the last day of the billing cycle :)

    • I think as long as you ported out before the deal was advertised in store, you should be fine. Same thing happen to me couple of years ago and the guy at jbhifi told me that I am good to go as I ported out before the deal was advertised.

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      I tried calling them on Sunday after I ported out of Telstra for around 1 week. They picked up and say because it hasn't been 30 days yet I am not eligible for the deal. However, from some comments I have read in the past, people having higher chances to get it done in-store. Will give it a shot later today.

      • +1

        Last time I ported out about two days before I came into store. I paid my last telstra bill. Went into store he searched my name in Telstra's siebel, and said oh did you used to have an account on Telstra, and I'm like yeah but now it's in active. He looked I had an active account but no active services, he then asked if I had any internet/home services with them, I said yeah, and said should be fine. Signed me up, ported across from a $2 Vodafone sim and received my gift voucher.

        Good chance that most JB Hifi Telstra guys, want to just get the new connection out the door, and don't really use Telstra's system as much as a Telstra store does so don't really know what to look for. I'd say just go in, after a day or two of porting out you should be fine. The guy at my store actually forgot to make me sign the contract.

        • So I am with Vodafone right now.

          Do I need to call Vodafone and cancel the plan? Or will porting in with Telstra just fix everything up?

          • +1

            @dabs: mobile phones when you port out it will automatically cancel the existing plan. so if your on prepaid you lose your credit, on postpaid it cancel it as it stands, ie it will end your contract early, or your on month to month you have to pay out your last month (it usually isn't prorated). you can call Vodafone to find out if you have any ETF but that's it. If you actually cancel your service you can't port it, it needs to remain active for it to port.

            Also even though i believe Vodafone is all automated nowadays, is that porting was only done during business hours. All carrier's official policy is this, but its usually automated, keep that in mind with Melb Cup (Public Holiday) you don't want to tick over another billing cycle month because it hasn't ported out in time.

    • Who'd you port to out of curiosity? Looking to do the same

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      I was with Boost so ineligible for the plan, but I signed up with a new number, and just got Telstra customer support to move my Boost number to the new plan, and the new number to the Boost pre-paid. Took about 2 hours to go through.

      If its for port in only, just sign up to an Optus pre-paid or something beforehand.

  • When does this end?

    • tomorrow

  • Can we sign up to this then switch to their XL 180GB currently $65 pm?

    • +1

      No.. i got slap with $500 bill includes etc of 400 or something..

      • -1

        Slap a lawsuit back at them. That’ll teach them.

      • F

  • Cancel the plan after getting it etc will be 360 $maximum

    In other words cheap 140$ voucher for free

    • +7

      Where did you get the $360? I thought the ETC for this plan is $414.

      • -1

        Isn't it meant to be 59*6 is the maximum (half the length of plan) ???

        • +1

          $414 is the ETC per the T&Cs of the plan.

    • have you done this before?

  • Do you know whats the ETC?

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      It means Early Termination Cost. Suppose if you have 12 months contract and you wanna cancel it in the middle of the contract.

      It can be in the first month of the contract or after couple of months or so.

      For $99 contract, total cost is $1188 and they are gonna charge you $594 as an ETC

      I hope it helps.

      • Where does it say ETC is based on half-life of the contract? I was told ETC is calculated on a pro-rata basis for the entire contract duration (Eg. if you take a 12 months contract, on the 10th month ETC is still applicable for the remaining two months value)

        • The ETC as communicated on their CIS (Critical Information Summary) is $414 - for the $59 plan. That is the 'maximum' possible charge they can charge you. One might think if they offered a $500 gift card, you can take it, then port out and leave with a $86 dollar profit. I've been told from the Telstra sales reps that are sometimes around the store that they usually put a black mark next to ur name whenever people port out (especially at the start, and especially when these kinda deals are on offer), thus making it harder for you to sign back up when trying to get back into any Telstra plan.

          Source: JB employee - just joined OzBargain tho but wanting to give some advice to help out.

          • +1

            @nang18: sure you have some evidence. Spoke to a mate at JB store in Melbourne and he hasn't even heard of such a thing. He says there is no system to record "black marks" as such, but multiple plans and plan changes may trigger them to ask more questions to validate intent, but nothing to stop anyone from legally doing a transaction

            • @randomdude14: It’ll be pretty easy to implement if you think about it… If I was a provider and this black mark system truly existed I’d just make my system loop during sign up so a confirmation never arrives at jb for a person who had a black mark. It’s not even discrimination since the onus will be on the person making claims to prove, with all they have to go on is Telstra system being slow.

          • @nang18: Can I get a price check on a MagSafe charger?

  • +1

    Do you know when this deal ends? I ported out of Telstra when this deal was on a few weeks ago and tried to sign up in-store but was blocked by the sales rep and they said that I had to wait 30 days which is until 4 November.
    Hopefully it's still available by then or if it comes back shortly thereafter as I'm really wanting to sign up to this!

    • Mate i am on same boas as u still 20 more days to go. Let me know if u succeed

    • Currently in the same boat, would love to know if anyone had any success! If yes, what is the magic word you used? Much appreciated.

    • +3

      EOD tomorrow. But it seems to be appearing monthly.

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    I signed up for this deal last week and my port was supposed to have happened on Monday. I got my sim and everything but the port still hasn't happened.Telstra has no customer care line and I'm having to deal with this stupid Chat AI called codi. I did manage to call a store today and they have no records of my account. I can see why telstra are pushing this deal. JB do the sales part and the AI does the porting. But you are on your own if the port isn't clean. Anyways just thought ill share my experience.

    • +3

      Try 1800 882 389

      • thanks ill try that number. I tried the main number a few times and no matter which menu option I try, I always get diverted to the app/AI Chat bot and the call hangs up.

        • +1

          na, this one is legit - i gave them negative feedback about some outstanding issues when they sent me a survey and then it said to call up.

          • @mouski: cheers, ill call it now.

          • +1

            @mouski: Boom Sorted!!!. Thank Mouski. I had a 5 min wait then got transferred to the port team, another 15min on the phone, and problem solved. My port was denied by optus because telstra had one digit wrong in my personal details. Such a small issue took a few days to fix.

      • +1

        Legend, multiple times contacting Telstra and 2 trips to JN calling this number fixed it within 5 min number ported

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