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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers) @JB Hi-Fi (in-Store/Over Phone Only)


Another round of this popular deal. Confirmed available in all stores nationwide.

Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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      • Thanks. Sounds like they stuffed it up as the text says 60 GB

  • Got it done today in jb hifi bondi westfield

    Thanks OP

  • So I went in today, but the port did not happen still. Will I still get the gift card?

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      I signed up in store tonight and the port hasn't happened for me either. Was told once the Telstra SIM has activated to go back in store and they'll give the $500 gc

      • Same, almost 7am and still waiting. I've ported before between other companies and it's done within 30mins.

        • Same with me. They said up to a week on the phone..

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            @Yeahyeahok: mine just went through @ 8am.

            • @aussiekid: Did they email you or give notice or did you just notice you didn't have reception anymore? I'm worried about missing calls

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                @Yeahyeahok: Mine ported through this morning and got emails from both Telstra and Optus. You won't be disconnected from your old service provider until the porting happens to Telstra though

    • Update: ported late at night. Got the GC this afternoon.

    • If you are still having porting issues see this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9531692/redir this was the only thing that resolved my port issue after 3 days.

  • Any suggestions on who to port over to, to be ready for the next one?
    Been sitting in a Telstra, $60 GB, for $65 since a deal 12 months ago, typically use 40GB of the data.

  • Is this actually confirmed as expired?

    • went in to get my GC, they said is still on today!

  • +1

    Signed up yesterday around 6pm, port still hasn't gone through yet @ 6:45am (can be up to 48h I believe). Was told when the SIM is activated, go back in store and then ill receive the $500 gift-card.

  • I purchased this when it was offered on 22 October in a previous deal.

    I am yet to receive the gift-card over a week later - is this normal?

    I did it over the phone (13 52 44) and was assured I would receive it - but when I contacted customer support they asked which store I purchased it from?

  • Anyone had issues porting? It's been 24 hours and no luck. Telstra said there's an issue and should be fixed within a week but can't give me a real time frame. JB won't give me the voucher until it's done despite having contract all signed.

    Guess I'll walk around with two sim cards waiting for it to swap

  • Wow….. I finally joined Telstra and I'm over the moon. Such a massive difference from Vodafail and Floptus. My reasons were simple, as i just upgraded to the new iPhone 12 Pro, and wanted to try 5G, and this deal after the $500 gift card works our to be $17.33 Per Month for 80GB every month, which is extremely good value. Jump on this deal as the Boost one is rubbish!

    • The Werribee store I'm at said it's 40+20 (60gb) not 80gb I'm trying to convince them but without it being advertised anywhere kind of hard to get them to honour it :(

      • +1

        It is advertised here. Show it to them.

        Transferred over today no issues.

    • -1

      I am using Boost. Excellent 4G speeds. Visual Voicemail. Don't care about 5G, happy with 4G as mostly on WiFi. Unlimited international calls (You have to pay extra for unlimited international calls with Telstra).
      What is the issue with Boost?

  • Is the deal still current today (Friday)?

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      I was told one dude at JB Knox it was on until the 4/11 w the 500 for port ins and 400 for new connects

      Others say today so…

  • Does anyone know if you can do e-sim instead of physical with this deal? Or have to swap after

    • +1

      for a new connection u need a physical sim first and then change esim (if its instore)
      if ur doing on the app then u can get esim straight (this offer is only instore anyway)

  • I missed out in the last $500 gift card offer because the deal was 1 day only, keep Getting the ozbargain email notification the morning after the deal has expired. How is anyone finding out about these so early?

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      I check OzBargain first thing in the morning, and then multiple times throughout the day, every day. Maybe I just need a life…:/

      • lol

      • I tried this too but still not quick enough haha. WA time.

        Now I have got 2 optus sims ready for deals like this to port back and forth.

        • I'm in WA too. You just have to get up earlier 😅

  • An fyi for peeps who might be interested.

    Can also sign up for the 0$ upfront s20 Fe on 99 /mth plan at the same time as a new number (cancel same day). Get the s20 fe with a receipt showing it was paid for with a 999 gift card (not best deal it could be as its 1149 in store…)

    Then can return the s20 fe for either A REFUND as a gift card (I was given a 999 gift card as the pixel 5 I wanted to exchange it for was sold out).

    If the pixel 5 is what you want (and would use jb voucher) then consider getting througg telstra esp if staying on 59/mth deal(not sure if locked tho) as it still comes with a free Google nest max ($349) and is at rrp of $999 which if prefer can pay for monthly.

    • Thanks for the tip. Did you get the free Buds with it, and if you did, did you have to return the Buds as well to get the refund?

    • hey mate, just want to know when u returned s20fe, dod they say anything? like this is the part of the $99 plan deal? is ur receipt mentioned anything like $99plan telstra? thx

      • I managed to return mine at Cannington, WA. It didn't say anything on my receipt about the plan and they didn't ask me so I don't think it shows up in their system. They only asked why I wanted to return it. I told them it was a gift for my partner but he wanted a dual sim phone so I needed the refund to put towards another phone. The guy had to get the ok from his manager first and it was all good. He didn't ask for it but I'm sure his manager would've noticed so I returned the free Galaxy Buds too,

  • Hey guys just went to pick up my gift card at Macquarie JB and told the offer is still active and finishes today. Get in on it!

  • Can't decide to get this deal for me and the partner and cancel the home wifi or keep the wifi and go on two cheapo plans? Hot spotting is a bit of a pain and drains the phone battery pretty fast but $1000 GC is pretty enticing, thoughts anyone?

    • This ends up as a "cheapo" plan if you sell the gift cards. Got this for myself and my son yesterday, the gift cards were sold on here before I went to bed. Ends up being $21.50 a month, pretty damn cheap.

      If you don't use much data at home, 160gb between you goes a fair way.

  • +1

    They have turned off the phone line, store people saying it’s in store only now?

  • +1

    Anyone know if you can do 2 phone ports at the same time and get double gift cards?

    • yes as many as you want.
      jb hi fi guy tried to get the misso to do hers too, said he could put a discount on it, not sure how tho..

  • Does JB port to a Telstra Business account?

  • Do you have to go back to the same store to get your card or can you go to anyone?

    • Most likely back to the same store as they match the paperwork signed

  • The deal is not good for people who wants to make overseas calls as you have to pay $$ per/second and wont be able to take any overseas call addons while you are on this deal.

    • +1

      Roaming is also massive compared to Optus however I figure borders will be closed for a while so can put up for 12 months

      • Isn't there a Telstra wide roaming deal (a few $$ a day or something) that you can switch on before you go overseas?

        • Yes it’s $10 a day
          You have an International Day Pass activated, which for an additional $10 per day lets you make and receive unlimited standard voice calls and SMS and includes 500MB data for use each day (AEST) when travelling in Eligible Roaming Countries. If you use more than your included data allowance on your International Day Pass, we’ll automatically add extra data to your service in blocks of 1GB for $10

    • Just wondering why anyone would use voice networks for overseas calls instead of VOIP things like skype etc?

  • I rang and it is still activate in SA, but you have to go into the store.

  • signed up this morning. But has the issue porting number from Vodafone to Telstra. I have to go back later when the service activated to get my GC.

  • I'm with Belong right now, can I port in and port out to get this deal? Or it needs 30 days cooling off period like Telstra?

    • +1

      You need to be ported out for 30 days, but some ppl were able to sign even in less than 30 days. Depends on JB staff if they check it or not.

  • With this Telstra plan, is it with unlimited overseas calls? Does anyone know?

  • Got it, but what an ordeal. 50 minutes in the store. Now I remember why I usually stick with prepaid.

    • Waiting for the port over mainly?

      • A range of things. Staff member without all the access he needed. Telstra's crappy systems. Porting time. Manager sign-offs for gift card.

  • Can anyone confirm if it's 80gb, the store I'm at say it's 60gb (40+20) and was it's not advertised anywhere i don't know if they'll honour it. End of the day 60 still fine doubt I'll use it up.

    • +1

      Yes it's 80gb. The original plan is for 60gb and the JB staff add on another 20gb during sign up

      • They told me 80, but just got a text from Telstra referencing 60

        • They have to add the extra 20 manually, just let them know it's only 60, only takes a few minutes to fix.

  • Got it by phone through 13 52 44.

    They pushed back over porting in a new number less than 30 days old. Not sure how they can discriminate, other than a recently ported out number.

    Sales rep reckons 7-10 days to receive the sim 2-3 days to port and then another 7-10 days to get the GC.

    Seems may be worth doing through in store.

  • Are there any $2 sims that can be activated with no recharge to get the number?

    • +1

      If it's Optus SIM you can call the prepaid customer service and they can activate without recharging

      • you can do vodafone too, but gotta plead the rep to activate without recharge :D

  • Just done mine at JB Hurstville!
    Speak to Alfred

    Manager is Michael and he was wondering how everyone knew about this offer since it’s not advertised.

    Apparently ends today!

  • Cheers DB! Got it in-store, the first bloke I spoke to knew straight away what I was after and so did the guy on the register. Fast and painless process for me porting over from Aldi.

  • Got it in store today, have to ask for it as its not an advertised deal.
    Ported over and got physical GC.
    Good times.

  • I got it done within 30 mins here in the ACT - ported number from Optus. They have to manually add in the $10 credit and bonus 20GB…

  • Wife attempted to do it over the phone a few hours ago and was told not for new customers (as we are already with telstra).

    Unfortunately for us, where we live means we cant really change to Optus or anyone else as we have poor reception unless it's Telstra. Is there any other way to "port-in", does the whole buy $2 optus sim and port that number across work if you are already a customer of Telstra??

    • Yes, did it today with an Amaysim card I activated yesterday. Have two other Telstra services - customer service added it to my existing account number.

    • Yep existing customer isnt an issue at all

      It's just the number itself has to be ported in

  • If I visit a store tonight (say 8pm), will the port go straight across?

    Or are we stuck in the 90’s and have to wait for a business day?

    • Your existing service works until the port.

      • I was hoping to use the gift card immediately and have read that the port needs to be finalised for the card to be issued :)

        • That's correct

    • I did it at 5:15pm today from Optus and it still hasn't ported now 2 1/4hrs later

      But the JB Hifi assistant was surprised it didnt go through quicker - but someone said Optus ones are processing slower

      • I did mine from Optus this arvo. Took about 2min to port

      • I also did this in store today and whole process took less than 30min.

        • Perhaps porting a sim less than 10 mins after activation can be problematic…

  • It's not a bad deal but I use my mobile data for literally everything, I never turn wifi on and I've still got almost 400gb in my Belong data bank. Belong doesn't have VoLTE unfortunately but still, 80Gb is a lot of bloody data.

  • Signed up for this today in blacktown JBHIFI. Ported from Optus. Took 15 mins to change over so got the $500 voucher right away (saving for ps5). :)

  • Couldn’t get to JB in time.

    I wonder if the deal is still active today?

    • Called two stores. This offer has expired.

      • That’s a shame. I could go to Chadstone, Southland or Brighton.
        I’ll give them a call

        • Still valid at Castle Hill home centre store. I confirmed with a staff member who was porting one for another customer. I was there to buy something else though.

  • I was told by Hills Super center store that this deal was expired yesterday. Anyone else had a luck to get this deal today?

  • i get the value of this, but i can't come to know how to use the jb gift card eficiently?
    theres nothing at jb to buy is that of value?

    what is everyone using it on?

    • +1

      Next gen consoles, New tv for next gen console, mobile phone outright etc.

      • yeah, i am looking, just nothing at the moment, maybe the new iphone i guess!

  • think the deal expired? shall someone mark this as expired?

  • Store says finished yesterday

    • Apparently it's now a $400 gift card

      • +1

        i recon there be more of these.

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