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Gigabyte B550I AORUS PRO AX AMD AM4 RGB LED Wi-Fi 6 ITX Motherboard $275 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Chipset: B550
Form Factor: Mini-ITX
WiFi: Yes
M.2 Sockets: 2
RAM Type Support: DDR4
RAM Slots: 2
Max RAM Capacity (GB): 64GB
RGB Header/Connector: 1
Socket: AM4

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      PS: You're comparing an ITX board with an ATX board.

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      You are comparing ITX and MATX….so I guess which form factor are you after?

      In general I would place AORUS over Prime (Strix would be the Asus equivalent to AORUS).

      This AORUS board trades the 6th Type A port for a Type C port. If you keep in mind neither board has a 3.2 Gen2 header, this might help you with your decision. Both have 2x M.2, both have WiFi 6 (aka AX). The linked Asus board has 4x RAM Slots and extra PCIe slots, but the Gigabyte is an ITX board (there is no space for either of these)


      In addition to what aim54x said, the Asus Prime is notably cheaper. So I think it comes down to if you actually need the smaller form factor of Mini-ITX or not.

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    Gonna nab this for my incoming H1 case. Thanks OP.


      I saw a comment on the other post about how this mobo lacks a USB C header. Is this a concern for you?

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        Ah, but there aren't a lot that connect to the USB C port at the top. Probably willing to sacrifice the port for a nice mobo at this price.


      whats your build? I've been on the bench about h1 due to 650w psu and pci3 riser cable…


        Slowly chipping away at it over festive season deals.

        I've been reading that the 3080 will run fine on 650w PSU, but want to run an all AMD build because they use less power and will be optimised better between cpu, GPU and ram, so 650 should be plenty if 3080s are running on it. The only problem is waiting. Probably have 3080ti out by then 🙄

        I'm happy waiting, but I've only purchased the:

        • H1
        • Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1TB - M.2 NVMe - MZ-V7E1T0BW

        Looking for

        AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT hopefully around $350-320
        Rx 6800 or XT ($900 - $1200)
        This mobo.
        Some form of 16gb 3600mhz ram ($120ish)



          5600X will be a much better buy long term.


          CPU: 3700X
          RAM: 32GB 3200mhz
          MOBO: Asus B450i

          I was building with purposely into H1 few months back, just lack of stock. Now my issue is GPU stock like everyone else 😅, and the whether the 650w is sufficent, though i can see people are putting asus 3080 tufs into it fine!


    I wonder if this would get any cheaper for black friday or christmas. I am not in a rush to buy but this is pretty much the board that I would prefer considering its vram.