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Batman Anthology Blu-Ray ~AUD $13.30 (+ Delivery) @ Amazon UK


Is this the lowest price (at least from Amazon UK) for the Batman Anthology Blu-ray set (which includes the 4 Batman movies from the 80's/90's)? £9.99 with VAT removed is £8.33 which is about AUD $13.30 - you'll need to get over £25 for free shipping (if you don't, then just getting this set AUD $19.17 with delivery, but you're wasting 30% of the price on shipping, so might as well get something else and go over the £25 free shipping threshold).

And it's region-free, of course, for those not used to buying from the UK.

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    I just picked up this little pack from JB last week, for $24.98. Nonetheless, nice find.

    You may want to edit your description/body of the item, as it actually contains 4 films, not 5.


    Historic low price according to blu-ray.com


    hmm what else can i get with this? any other good deals on blu-rays?


      Nothing that stands out, or have recently dropped in price, but Amazon UK prices are usually lower than many other places anyway, definitely lower than anything you'll find in Australia.

      Blu-ray recommendations include:

      Plus I also purchased some more recent movies, that are also pretty cheap, including The Adjustment Bureau, Source Code, The Lincoln Lawyer, Sucker Punch … just have a look at the top 100 Blu-ray sellers, and that will give you some ideas!


    Thanks, got this with An Idiot Abroad Vol 2. to cover the shipping.


    The first two were good.

    Prince, Jack Nickelson and Tim Burton is a winning formula.


    It sounds like the OP is saying anything from the UK is region free. This is not correct.

    Certain movies from the UK and USA are region free, however Europe (UK) and Australia happen to share the same Bluray region (region B), therefore any Bluray you buy from the UK will work in your AUS BD player.


      This is what I meant by region-free, ie. for Australians using Australian Blu-ray players.

      I didn't take into account that there would be others not from Australia, or not using Australian Blu-ray players, so sorry about that (although if you're in Australia, then getting a B regioned Blu-ray player, or even a region-free one, isn't too hard nor too expensive).

      But coincidentally, I was right about this particular box set though, in that it is region-free (well, region ABC):


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