Finally Time to Upgrade My iPhone 6s- Should it be the 11 or 12?

Hi everyone,

After over 5 years with the iPhone 6s which has served me well, I think I'm finally ready to take the next plunge into the new-gen iPhones.

As you can tell, I'm happy to remain with iPhones given they tend to last well, and I am familiar with the Apple ecosystem. I'm tossing up between a new phone which will hopefully last me 5 more years.

  1. Iphone 11

+ Cheaper
+ can use same charger as current iPhone
+ Seems to represent a decent enough upgrade
-Already an older model, and if I'm going to hold on for a few years, maybe it will get outdated too quick?

  1. Iphone 12

+ 5G capacity, which will mean in a few years time I will have the ability to use a 5G network
+ better camera?
-more expensive

I will be purchasing either phone in Cash. I'm thinking of waiting until boxing day and getting a better deal then. Alternatively, I've considered buying second hand, but it doesn't seem like the price difference is too tempting to do so. I'm leaning towards the base model, I don't see the pro/pro-max being worth it, although happy to hear second thoughts.

I'd appreciate any thoughts/opinions/advice. Thanks guys!



    In the same boat here still using an iPhone 6S


      Honestly sad to let it go, but I think it's time

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        I'll just re-paste my answer from the previous thread:

        Used but good condition iPhone are the Best Value. But be smart, don't get ripped off, nor fall for scams.

        If you want the most compact: iPhone SE ($250 - 128GB)
        If you want Headphone Jack: iPhone 6S+ ($350 - 128GB)
        If you want Rugged Metal back: iPhone 7+ ($400 - 128GB)
        If you want Fingerprint scanner: iPhone 8+ ($450 - 128GB)
        If you want OLED screen (cheapest): iPhone X ($700 - 128GB)
        If you want to get ripped off (expensive): iPhone Xmas ($900 - 256GB)
        If you want to get ripped off again (pricey): iPhone 11max ($1,700 - 256GB)
        If you want the latest and greatest: iPhone 12 Max ($1,900 - 128GB)

        As you can see, it really depends on what "value" means to you. Personally, I think the iPhone 8+ is the winner here, as its still very fast, decent battery life, water resistant, and fingerprint scanner. So no stupid gestures, no annoying notch, and the price is actually fair. It has a Glass backplate like all current phones, so a case is really Mandatory. You miss out on the Headphone Jack, that sucks, but you can buy this for an affordable $40 and make-do.

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          Have the iPhone 8 Plus. I like the home button with finger print scanner. I use the lightning to 3.5mm adapter for headphone which isn't too bad imo. You also get wireless charging which earlier models miss out on. Glass back is nice, I had the 6S Plus before getting the 8 and the glass is much better than the soft aluminum they had before that. I don't use a cover which I know is kind of living dangerously


          The 7+ have biometric.

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    If you are keeping for 5 years, the bit of extra cash probably doesn't matter that much, better to get something that will get updates for longer.


      Yeah, this is a good point. I think it makes sense to probably upgrade to higher storage too whilst I'm at it.

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        Better to get something you will be happy with, and will suit you long term than regret it.


    Can anyone comment on the iPhone 12 battery life?

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      Lower than the 11 series

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        True, smaller battery and power-hungry 5G chip

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      I've only had the Max for about 15 hours but so far it's…too soon to draw a conclusion :)

      The batteries are slightly smaller from the 11 series. The 11 made a huge jump from the Xs. But you're still getting very similar battery life to the 11.

      5G, when used, will use significant battery of course.

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      I’ve got 12 upgraded from X. Battery seems a lot better than X, perhaps on par with my old 7 plus


    Camera in the 12 is basically the same as 11.
    Ultrawide is a bit better in the 12.
    Charger is the same in the 12 as well, don't know why that's a pro for the 11.


      Maybe OP is referring to magsafe? Or the charging brick not being included

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      Yeah, I was referring to the magsafe and the fact a charging brick isn't included. Very small negative I know


        The power adapter is no longer included with the 11 either.

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    Another option is the iPhone SE 2020


    iPhone SE (1st gen) here still going strong.
    SE (1st gen) was released 6 months after the 6S (9/2015 vs 3/2016).

    Yes battery is getting shorter but a positive I realized is it charges quicker !

    Maybe you can wait until the iPhone 13 next year, then you can get the iPhone 12 for discount or just get the 13.


      I think the SE and the 6s have the same chipset.


      Battery on those is fairly easy to change, bit fiddly but worth it. Changed the battery on mine a couple of times. First time because the battery life was noticeably crap (80% health). Second time because the first was so easy that I didn't wanna wait for it to get crap again (90%).
      The second time I hadn't really noticed the battery life was short, but after changing it was noticeably better.

      They cost under $20 too, nothing.
      Worst case you mess it up and have an excuse to upgrade. The old SE is still great though, other than the camera.


    Look for the last of stock XS.

    Amazing display, camera almost as good and save you some dough.


    My wife and I are both on 6's, they've lasted 5+ years and are still working fine albeit a little slower now. I've dropped mine a couple of dozen times with no issues. Really can't complain.

    11's or 12's, it's a tough choice- for my comparisons it's $2078 vs $2778 (64 + 128). But what's $700 in 5 years, with 5G and MagSafe?

    Gonna go order my 12's now…

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    I was in same boat deciding between 11 and 12 - ended up getting 12 because

    OLED screen, higher res, and Harder front glass

    5G capability - I’m not in a coverage area atm though, nor does my carrier (moose) support. I figure in a couple years will be more mainstream.

    Thinner and Lighter

    More power efficient chipset

    I use my phone heavily for work so the difference in price between them works out a bit smaller after depreciation.

    I don’t blink at spending the extra for something that I’ll use for 3 years, both are great phones though.

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    13 - proper 5G and new battery tech. I just replaced the battery in my 7 plus. It’s back to lasting 2 days again. 12 doesn’t look that special to me. The 5G spectrum auction in Australia is set for Jan next year, after that Apple will know what frequencies are needed for mmWave 5G in Aus.


    I would wait till next year. iPhone 12 is NOT a proper 5G phone, and will find itself superseded within 12 months.
    In fact, bc of the Wests' ideology placed upon Chinese tech, we are here in Australia forced by the US to spend billions more on inferior 5G. mmwave will occur '21'22, and beyond, and this is the proper lightning speed that they alleged in the first place.
    iPhone 12 will not work with mmwave 5G.
    Save your money.

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      You sure it's not the Chinese ideology placed upon Chinese tech?

      That being, state involvement in large business, combined with willingness to attempt to hack the US all the time, equals US doesn't want to use your hardware for its national communication infrastructure.

      Seems like practicality from the west rather than ideology.

      If my family member is a locksmith, I have a controlling interest in his company, and you keep catching me trying to break in to your home, would you consider buying a set of locks from my family member, and using these on all your doors? Why not? Ideology?


    If you can hold out another year, I'd wait for iPhone 13 as well.

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    Thanks everyone for your comments. I've done a lot of research and thinking, and I'm now tossing up between the iPhone 12, iPhone 12Pro or to wait for the 13.

    I'm leaning more towards the standard 12 model, as the differences between that model and pro centre mostly on the camera, which I don't think I'll notice too much.

    I guess the harder choice is between the 12 and the 13. Could I wait another year? Probably…. but is it worth it for a product which might not be so much different? I'm not sure


    If you need a replacement handset urgently, then get one.

    If I were in your situation, I would wait. Why? IMO:

    • iOS 14 issues

    • Because the 5G network isn't there yet (5G doesn't matter to me, 4G is fine) and that Telcos shouldn't be charging a "fee" to use the 5G network.

    IMO, Apple will maintain the form factor for their iPhones for 2021, so it's about the internals, camera and by then some sort of 5G network infrastucture will be in place (given the take up of 5G handsets between now and then). But if you really need a replacement, then get one.

    You know Apple will always announce at their conventions "It's our best iPhone ever". Every year.


    No brainer - it must be the 12, mostly due to 5G. Especially seeing you indicate that you will probably sit on that phone as long as it lasts.

    5G will change the world, no question. It's the biggest game changer since wireless internet appeared. If you are stuck on 4G in a few years you will be kicking yourself due to how slow it is.


    Get the iPhone 12 Pro 256GB.

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    Depends if you can find an 11 on sale or not. Bit the bullet on a 11 when JB Hi Fi had the 128gb version for $960 3 days ago, when comparing the two I couldn't justify paying $469 (almost half the price of the 11) for a
    - a better display (coming from a SE I think any recent phone will be a decent upgrade)
    - 5g (seems to drain the 12s battery)
    - better night mode and ultra wide shots
    - magsafe
    - ceramic shield
    - better fps on gaming

    I guess a month of waiting could do no harm so long as you've got a capable phone to get you by, in the meantime look for discounted gift cards on here (anywhere between 7-10% in covid times is reasonable). Good luck :)


    I would like to keep using my i-Phone 6+ for a long time BUT I am suddenly finding that its IOS 12.4.9 operating system will not upgrade any further. Unfortunately, I am now finding that new or updated Apps are not supported by this operating system. Even an on-line fast-food delivery company App yesterday would no longer update and work with the iPhone 6+. This angers me but tells me that I will have no choice but to upgrade it within the next 12 months.


    If you're still happy with the basic design of the iPhone 6s, you should consider the iPhone SE 2 as it's pretty much the same formfactor but with an A13 chip (same as iPhone 11), wireless charging and water resistance. Way cheaper that the 'new' style phones.