WD Live Streaming Media Player - Best Price Ever! $84.50

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This is probably the best price in the WORLD! P.S. it is the latest media player from WD with inbuilt WiFi

Actual OW catalog price is $144.00, Did the Price match with Amazon deal, got it for $84.50

OW: http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Technology/Dat...
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B005KOZNBW/tanny02-20

Had to bargain a bit, finally store manager agreed to beat the Amazon price. i.e. $89.00

Posting the receipt for proof incase anyone needs.


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    what? is this serious? how come the manager price match with online store where it is not located in Australia.

  • Details in the Receipt

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    But it's my first day.

  • I am not sure but is this the same product http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/49914

    • Its the old version. Google the model numbers/ specifications for more info

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    Lol, wtf? Pricematching with Amazon? <_<

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    epic pricematch, well done

    as for others having luck, might be tough

    • I would call it Epic if someone uses my receipt at W.O.W. or some where else to price match again!

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    Saw this for $108 at my local HN on thursday night!

    • It's likely that this is the old version of the WD TV Live, because HN have had it that price for a while, but correct me if I'm wrong, because $108 would be a fantastic price!

  • Amazing!

  • haha mad price match skillz….rezpect

  • Checked the official WD site and specifications state no RMVB playback. In a previous bargain somebody said he got it working with RMVB? Possibly with plugins? Can somebody comment on the legitimacy of this claim? Cheers

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      i have one and you are right, it doesn't support RMVB, but it's a very good machine.

      • Yes it is, I have the WDTV Live with B.Rads firmware and it is a beast but was thinking of upgrading if RMVB was available. Cheers for the info.

    • There are several custom firmwares, like WDLXTV that could possibly add that functionality.

      • Yeah, unfortunately if the original device doesn't have the hardware required to play the files, custom firmwares can't do much. According to B.rad on the WDTV Live anyways.

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      Rmvb is a crap codec that should just die already…

      • unless HD recorders start recording in another format rmvb will still be the baws of tv show rips

        • mkv is.

          RMVB is horrible.

        • but the fact remains that even though rmvb is still the more popular format with hdd recorders,its certainly not superior to the mkv container.

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    Pricematching deals. Do not lead bargain with price matched price. Use the offered price, then you are welcome to remind people that you can get a price match. Price matching is a bonus.


  • Wow that is ridiculous.

  • so… Apart from boasting what's the point of this?
    should I be able to go into office works with this and get the same price?

    • "If you think you CAN'T, you're right…
      .If you think you CAN, you're right…"

      (I think Henry Ford is accredited with saying something like the above…)

      Do you need someone else's permission (eg, here on OB) to TRY?!?

      Just go try, eg, next time you need something at OW.

      But be both polite & assertive about it,
      ie, to increase your chances of success.

      PS Another reason to expect success when buying,
      . when you might never expect to win:

      The economy is up-side-down, across the world, &
      OW's (& others') buyers may be winning excellent
      deals (or, because of the lag (from OW's ordering
      to their receipt of huge quantities of goods),
      may have done so, ie, when the Aussie $ was higher in value).

      They may well have room to negotiate…
      so, you might as well be the one to win
      if they do.

      You won't know if they do & will match,
      until you go, politely & assertively, &
      put your case.

      Let us know how you did… :-)

  • Voted for the successful effort of getting OW to picematch an online price that too in USD !!
    pretty sure the manager didn't even realize amazon price was US !!
    However, the chances of anyother OW doing this are slim at best

  • Note to Nay-Sayers on this deal:

    Lookup "Globalisation"

    As soon as you begin to fear pushing your rights to use Globalisation for your own benefit… well, others… out there… consider you've given up.

    I KNOW OfficeWorks doesn't want (or in some cases, let) you price-match with other online stores…

    but… WHY NOT?

    Why shouldn't they START doing so?

    After all, THEY use Globalisation to compete (for their own benefit).

    I think it's about time Customers do that, too…

    even in a thread of nay-sayers.

    Who knows? You may find a born-again Xian, in a manager's role…
    They may be in such an Xmas mood as to WANT to price-match.

    So, for whatever reason, LET THEM do it, if they decide to.

    My 2.2 cents only, folks… Nothing to see here, move along… :-)

  • Dont understand that receipt. The price indicates a reduction of $4.50 or so which would make the original price $89. Which is not the OW price for the new model ($138 I think). Its more likely the price for the old model.

    Unless I'm missing something?

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      OW will beat price by 5% ($89 x 5% = $4.45)

    • The $4.50 discount represents beating the Amazon price of $89 by 5%.

    • "even if it's on sale, we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%."

      • You are all missing my point which is that the OP says this is the new model (with Wifi) but the receipt implies the old one.

        • Huh? Ok, now you've just lost me. (That's not hard btw :)

          the original price $89. Which is not the OW price for the new model

          Correct. It's not the Officeworks price, it's the Amazon price that Officeworks has matched. (And then taken off an additional 5%, as per it's lowest-price guarantee)

          The OP includes a link to the Amazon site with the $89 price showing the new model with the larger remote.

          AFAIK, the receipt doesn't state the regular Officeworks price.

        • You got it surethang. The price guarantee number, $4.45, is simply alluding to the additional 5% being taken off the matched price of $89.

        • Ah okay. Whenever I price matched the OW receipt showed their original price and the discounted price. I guess this one doesn't.

  • Coolndeep, price matching is not a deal, as per our guidelines. I'm moving this to the forums.

  • receipt is definitely the WD TV live with WiFi (new model). Anyone had luck with OW matching other stores price match?

  • Got it matched in Brisbane Cbd. 93.10 though. Price matched to amazon and converted. Not as good as the original deal, but good enough for me

  • thank you for sharing… I just got it price-matched. I called before coming in to make sure they will price match it. At first they were reluctant but I told them in QLD they were able to match it.

    I got it at 5% of the original price + shipping so in total $101.91. Still a good bargain!

  • got it price matched in Bris CBD, for the same price as OP. They insisted that they don't match Amazon, but said because the other store did it they would honour it. took in a printout of OP's receipt. I think the name of the manager who ok'd it was Paul.


  • Printed off your receipt and took it to Glen Waverly OW! NO questions asked. Same price!! Thanks dude! Been following this thread for a while and think you were a little harshly done by )

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    Thanks so much for posting receipt, took it to JB Hifi and got it for $84.95 :D! thanks!

  • Hey Sponge36 would you mind posting your receipt so I can take it to GW. Thanks

    • Can do… juts trying to work out how to attach to this thread… any helpers?

  • Would it be easier if I emailed you, or I just upload pic to here and copy the url http://www.postimage.org/

  • Thanks so much I will head down tomorrow, I want two too so that is great thank you for taking the time and effort.

  • I got mine for $95 from The Brisbane CBD store. They didn't want to give it to me for $84.50, because it is currently $89.99USD. So after factoring in the shipping cost from america, they decided to sell it to me for $100 plus 5% discount :)

    • Could you please take a photo or scan your receipt so I can try and get it for the same price?

  • This still works!! Bought 1 today.

    Thanks OP.

    • Hey can you provide your receipt?

      • I just used the scans that are already on this page. I also showed them the link to Amazon which still has them for $89. Ill try and scan the receipt later.

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    which amazon page did you show to the staff?
    I cant seem to find it.
    If not, is there an alternative I can use?

    • There's a link at the top of this page. Although it looks like Amazon have raised the price to $99. Maybe better off with a new Apple TV?

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