ABB to Superloop, Now Have No Net

Good afternoon,

Yesterday I made the switch to superloop nbn, and now for over 24hours I still have no net.

Phoned support, not much help. Have to wait for the tech team to call me sometime Monday after doing all the tests over the phone with no luck.

I switch company's every 6 months and this is the first time having trouble.. its always ever been a smooth process.

Router is a Asus rt-ac88u and I'm fttp

Currently so far I've done a router reset. Turned off/on 1000 times.

Wan settings is on auto, no vlan tag.
( not that I've ever had to change my settings in the past 5 years when switching.)

Any help? Am I missing something super simple or is it there end thats stuffed.

Thanks guys, appreciate it


as of today i managed to finally get out of the supeloop contract without paying the first month bill, and switched to internode (which connected straight away) so no idea what happened with the switch from ABB to superloop

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  • On the weekend?

    • What do you mean? I signed up yesterday, within a few minutes I got the msg saying I was all connected ready to go and to switch over to the next port

      • If it's FTTP it could be any of the 4 ports, give the others a try. Also try plugging PC directly into the NTD and bypassing the router altogether.

        • Have also tried that, still nothing

          • @dijm8: Go here to reset the connection.

            • @Twix: Tests all done, all passed 🤷‍♂️

              • @dijm8: Something must be up on Superloop or NBNs end.

                • @Twix: It has to be, it was working fine yesterday, I was still connected ABB.

                  Signed up to superloop, got the msg it was good to go, I switched ports it didn't work. So I thought I'd still use abb while it was still working and I'll wait till morning until it got terminated.

                  This morning abb finished switched ports and still wasn't working.. and as of now still not.

                  Im now waiting for them to call me back and blame my router haha. 100% it's not. So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

                  Thanks for the help

                  • @dijm8: Yeah most of the time on FTTP the Aussie BB service should still be active.

                    I doubt it's the router settings.

                  • @dijm8: Exactly the same thing happened to me. I switched from ABB to SL when there was a promotion. Received the confirmation emailed from SL almost instantly and I made the switch. It went downhill, called support but was put on hold. I called the main line instead, put up my case and someone was kind enough to follow through even though it wasn't her function. On the line for 30 minutes, checking and changing everything the engineer advised but was told NBN problem. Since it was a Saturday, I've to wait until Monday for any update. I called back ABB immediately, switched back and everything was working fine.

                    • @Roon: Exactly what's happening to me, tried cancelleling SL but its gonna cost me first month $$, for something I haven't even used… I'll ring them before lunch and get an answer

                      • @dijm8: All the best.

                      • @dijm8: Any updates?

                        • +1

                          @Twix: 2hrs on the phone earlier this morning with them, no result i have to wait for nbnco to run the tests.

                          Not allowed to cancel until they have an answer, or pay 50% of the bill..

                          I shouldn't have to pay for something that has never worked. I've given them until tomorrow before I crack the shits

  • Have you connected your router to the right port on the NBN box?

    • Yes I have

  • Phoned support, not much help. Have to wait for the tech team to call me sometime Monday after doing all the tests over the phone with no luck.

    What tests?

    • Couldn't tell ya, I was on hold while she was running "tests" on her side.

      All I did was reset my router and the nbn box

      After about 30 minutes she told me nbn tech team will call me Monday.

      Tried cancelling altogether but was told I still had to pay my first month's bill even tho I haven't even used it

  • +6

    have you turned it off and on?

    • +1

      1000 times 😅

  • It hasn't kept your login details from the previous provider for some strange reason? Not that I think ABB requires any?

    • Nah Aussie BB and Superloop don't require logins.

    • Not some sort of IPv4/IPv6 issue? Were you using IPv6 with ABB?
      Just spit balling ideas lol

      • Not that I know of, everything has been set to auto ( dhcp) for every ISP

        Been with,
        I republic
        Kogan (also use voda)

        All have never been an issue till superloop

  • Why do you change every 6 months? I havent changed in 20yrs :(

    • Keep going with promo rates I guess? Most offer $10 off per month for 6 months to get you in the door.
      Given there's no lock in contract and it's generally quick and simple to change providers, there's not much incentive to stick with one for 20 years if you can get the same service at a cheaper cost elsewhere.

    • What whitelie said, promo prices to sum it up, and given how easily it is to switch, normally connected within minutes.

  • I think you are entitled to a free internet loaner as your connection is just on 6 months old.

  • Long shot but have you tried logging in to your superloop account and kicking the connection?

    • Yes, I tried that a couple hours back, but no luck 😔

  • I had a problem going from ABB to superloop when I did the transfer. They could see my router and mac address but for some reason the router was not able to obtain the IP address from Superloop. I tested with another modem and it was able to get an IP address. I was using the Telstra smart modem at the time but the odd thing is that the Telstra modem is working fine and not faulty. I reconfigured my internet to the orbi mash router and have been working since then. Try and test with another router and see if that's the problem.

    • Thats the problem I've currently got, can't seem to grab an ip address.. unfortunately I dont have a 2nd router to get nor should I have to buy another.

      • unfortunately I dont have a 2nd router to get nor should I have to buy another.

        Yet all of us on FTTN are required to test 2 different modems on the line to be able to lodge a fault 😂

        You’re fortune that you can just use a laptop/PC to test the connection as well which you can’t just do with FTTN/B.

  • I had a similar issue when switching ABB to Superloop, both sides said it is not in their domain and NBN issue… Eventually got internet in about 12 hours or so.

  • -2

    Why do you switch around so often?
    If it is to save money, dealing with this situation would not be worth it to me.
    Couldn't imagine wasting time and effort to save a few dollars if so..

    • +1

      Why do you switch around so often?

      For the vast majority of people there's no downtimes or issues with churning. One thing NBN have gotten right is the ease of which to change providers, unlike the absolute clusterf*** that was the ADSL + PSTN.
      Churning (or a new in-place connection for FTTP/FW) issues are rare overall, or if they do happen they're (generally) fixed fairly quickly.

      Can't say the same thing about porting mobile numbers with the pitfalls and hassle that goes with them, along with the risk of losing your number or being stuck between 2 different providers for a few weeks where neither will take the responsibility as there isn't the one wholesaler like NBN handling it all.

      • I already know everything you said, I work for a Telco.
        I just don't see the value. The only time I tell people to shop around is when you have issues that are not getting the right attention

        • +2

          A lot of people will see the value in saving $10/month (over 10% generally) for switching providers given it usually takes less than 15 minutes. OP has switched 5 or 6 times and only once encountered a problem. If everyone did this, it would put a lot more pressure on Telco's to look after their current customers rather than offering a honeymoon rate or a better deal to new customers only.

        • +1

          I just don't see the value

          You don’t see the value in people using sign up offers to save $10-$20/month for 6 months (so $60-$120 total) for what amounts to 5 minutes of work for it? I’m not suggesting this for people to be porting through to RSP’s like Dodo/MR etc, more going through the higher quality RSP’s sign up offers.

          I’ve ported my service half a dozen times and through friends and family have had another 50 or so and not one of them has had a single issue with doing so.

  • +1


    as of today i managed to finally get out of the supeloop contract without paying the first month bill, and switched to internode (which connected straight away) so no idea what happened with the switch from ABB to superloop

  • Speaking of migrating from ABB -> Superloop - once migrated, do ABB refund the remaining monthly amount in pro-rata?

    • +1

      would like to know the same, as I was thinking of changing tomorrow. ABB site says that they pay back pro rata though

  • I moved from Telstra to SL - What a joke. I stayed with it and got connected 7 days later. I was told they need to run a new lint to my house? After the service had been working for 8 months with Telstra.

    Now I want to leave. I need SMTP settings to scan to email from my printer and SL support sent me setting for Telstra that do not work.

    Can I ask has anyone got this SMTP setting that work from SL? Support sent me these links - After 2 week of harassing them.

    Looks like they are not ready for the influx of new accounts and no one is driving a customer support team at all over there.

    I'm jumping and going to try ABB, Happy to pay for the service. Pay peanuts - Get monkeys. That the SL Support team.. Things have changed from the support they were once known for….

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