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Leffe Blonde 330ml 24 Pack - December 12th Dated - $54.99 (Save over $40) + Free Delivery @ HelloDrinks


Leffe Blonde 330ml 24pk with Free Delivery from Independenly owned HelloDrinks!

Save $40 off Dan Murphys Listed Price

Buy Now Pay Later available with Latitude Pay or Zippay.

$54.99 - Use code HELLOSUMMER for Free Delivery

Stock is dated best before December 12/12, offer available whilst stocks last!

This beer generally holds its freshness for up to 6 months, Beer has been taste tested with no issues reported.

We just secured 1000 more cases from a new supplier at $10 cheaper than last price, so we are passing this on!

The best beer deal you will find this side of Christmas!

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    • +1

      Just an update for others. Delivered today, finally. It only took a 12 day transit b/w Brisbane and Sydney. Would I do it again? No. Price isn't the only determinant of a good deal.

      • Make sure the beer hasn’t been affected by the hot weather.

      • Hey 5cooter, apologies for the delay, due to the volumes, some of our beers got caught up in the backlogs at the couriers. Normally Sydney - Brisbane orders are delivered within 1-3 business days.

    • Hey 5cooter, can you reach out to us with your order number at [email protected], not sure about the Cut and past responses, about 5% of orders that were affected were all jammed at the couriers, we were flooded with customer tickets at unfortunately couldn't get back to all. We are investing more resources in this area, so we will be ready for any such spikes in future, we have also put a plan in place with the couriers to ensure we don't suffer these backlogs again. Deliveries to Brisbane are generally 1-3 business days for our customers, and upon releasing the 2nd batch of 1000 cases, we saw these flow more smoothly through the networks.

  • It's been 2 whole weeks now - no update.

    Tracking still says "Booked for delivery"

    Customer service non existant!

    • Hey jetfar, can you reach out to [email protected], the orders showing 'Booked for delivery' were actually at the Courier depots, this was the issue we were having, as the orders were caught in the bottlenecks we had to wait for the couriers to scan them, and get them moving. We have put a fix in place with the couriers so we don't have a reoccurrence of the delays we experienced to some orders.

  • Time to Paypal chargeback their ass.

    • +1

      What about paid by credit card?

    • Orders are in transit, Couriers Please had a backlog with the last 2 pallets, which are in the queue to begin moving over the weekend, we are pushing hard to get orders to you, as always our promise stands, we will cover any lost, damaged or stolen items in transit. Appreciate your patience.

  • +1

    Delivery Address: Punchbowl NSW 2196

    Nov 20, 2020 4:55AM AEDT Order Placed HELLODRINKS LIQUOR MARKETPLACE Smithfield, NSW
    Nov 20, 2020 5:12AM AEDT Packing Order Smithfield, NSW
    Nov 20, 2020 8:06AM AEDT Booked For Delivery Smithfield, NSW
    Nov 23, 2020 2:35PM AEST In Transit
    Nov 27, 2020 5:43PM AEST With Driver

    Still havent got it. Wtf

    • That is absolutely bad, wtf!! No updates for me at all

  • +1

    Received on Monday 30/11/2020. I was late to ordering (ordered day #2 of the deal). The ale is a robust style and tasting as great as it should.

  • +4

    After two weeks and two days, half of my order arrived, only it is not a case of beer - it has been repacked into a big cardboard box - bottles thrown in.

    Some of the bottles have leaked and are half empty. Everything is sticky and smells of stale beer.

    Would never order anything from this company again.

    If I don't get a refund I'm going to hit the fkin roof.

    • +1

      What did the roof do

    • Absolutely, mine hasn't arrived yet. There is no contact number for this company, doggy company, doggy courier. Never again

  • +2

    I'm still waiting for a reply to my emails to follow up on a non existent Fastway tracking number. Zero replies so far. I will reserve final judgement when I get my shipment, but so far their customer service is horrendous.

  • I just got my case today after over 3 weeks, and the product is already past the used by date. Going to try and get a refund as selling past used by stuff is really not good. Paid via PayPal so going to escalate to them, as company does not answer emails.

    • -2

      Hey mate, the stock should be 12/12 which was advertised in our clearance, can you send me a photo to [email protected]. I am not sure about after 3 weeks, stock was only released as per the advert on 23/11 which was less that 10 days ago. Cheers JP (owner)

      • How is it that I email your customer support and get no reply but one post here and I get a reply in less than an hour?

      • Money was taken on 16/11. It is in the record. Email for confirming shipping was on 18/11

        • Yep due to the volume of the promo, we were pre-booking labels which is why you received the notifications so we could get the orders into the courier queue, we advertised all orders to ship on 23/11, which 90% did, we had a delay with Couriers Please arranging a 2nd truck to collect the last of the pallets, which were collected on 25/11. See below, our promise is to cover all lost, damaged or stolen in transit orders, we are working to get your order to you.

      • Everything is tracked with record. 23/11? R u kidding?

  • So, I ordered a case on 19/11, money taken out of credit card instantly, tracking didn't work for over a week and is now showing order placed on 29/11, booked for delivery on 30/11 and crickets since.

    Should I expect this to be delivered in December 2021? Considering the recent heat and expiry in a week, I'm not so keen anymore to be honest. Going to give it 1 more week then raise a dispute with my credit card company.

    • I will do the same, as the customer service just told me to wait and can't refund now as it was shipped. Worry the beer will be expired when arriving

    • Just be aware you will get expired beer if wait for one more week

      • We won't be selling in 1 week, the stock is purchased from the supplier as we sell it, so each day we raise an order with them, too much stock for us to take a risk on it.

    • All previous orders have left our Warehouse, latest dispatch was 25/11, Couriers Please have been blocked up with a small few orders, which are getting sorted this afternoon, and will begin scanning across the weekend, rest assured as always, HelloDrinks will cover any lost, damaged or stolen items in transit, we always have, and will continue this promise. We are working hard to get these beers to you.

      • Mate, I have a Shippit tracking number that says Fastway and doesn't exist on Fastway's site. Your sales and customerservice email address have not bothered to reply to me.

        • As we were sending in Pallets, the drivers don't scan the labels at our site, they are collected in trucks, unloaded at the courier depot where they are in the backlogs to be sorted, I am confirming all orders from the first release in this promo have been sent. We are still clearing through a number of tickets, whilst pushing on the couriers to work through the backlog, as are other retailers. Hold with us and hopefully across the weekend we will see them getting scanned. Thanks for your patience.

  • +2

    Honestly simply one of the best beer deals ever. No brainer. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Oh would definitely have got this if i didn't just make my first keg beer on tap

  • +2

    Hrmm suddenly wish I'd paid with PayPal …

    • -4

      You can trust us!

  • +1

    BOUGHT IT!!!!!

  • +1

    The first page of comments convinced me to buy it but by the third page I was on the fence. Guess i'll leave this deal for someone else given they don't accept Paypal & I'm not in the mood to gamble $55.

    • -3

      You can trust us, and your purchase is protected by all payment providers, and consumer affairs. Gift us a chance!

  • +1

    December stock, of course it should be half price

  • http://hellodrinks.com.au/products/leffe-blonde-beer-330ml-2... is being blocked because contains malware according to my employer. https link also not working.

    • +1

      Link is working fine, just checked from what you posted, maybe your employer has a restriction on alcohol sites.

  • +2

    I will never trust Hellodrinks again. Horrid service and unreliable delivery.

    • Hi Limosine, Can you please write to me at [email protected] so I can take a closer look at your experience with HelloDrinks, if we have done something wrong, we will hold our hands up and rectify this, as this is not our intention. Cheers JP (Owner)

  • is this dodgy? should remove this listing then.

    • -1

      Nothing dodgy, totally legit!

      • +3

        Post your customer phone number then.

  • -3

    I can see these guys getting a lot of heat on here. The deal is legit, the beer is delicious and its a great price. I just bought a second case. You can't blame the couriers mistakes on the retailer.

        • +1

          Drop me a message to [email protected] and I can take a look at your order, not hiding from the fact a small amount of the orders got held up at the couriers, orders were released to the couriers on 23/11 as was out commitment to ship them, whilst 2 pallets were held back until 25/11 as they couldn't fit on the truck, some of these were caught in the backlogs at the couriers, and only began getting scanned today. Not ideal by a long shot, and which we will take up with the couriers.

          • +1

            @HelloDrinks: Are you guys offering any form of store credit/ vouchers to those that ended up with such late orders? Basically have a few days to drink an entire case of beer before it is out of date

            • +1

              @tjc589: Send it back and get a refund. Paypal offer free return shipping.

  • How do you get to use store credits? They don't come up on the payment page

    • Hey, please drop a message to [email protected] and they will look into it for you, if you have already placed your order, please share your order number with them. You need to be logged in on the website for any available credit to appear. Cheers

  • +1

    Great offer, one of my favourite beers! Thanks!
    EDIT: Just read the comments here. Hope my order gets delivered =/

  • +1

    Ordered on the 16 Nov, still haven't gotten it and judging by the comments seems like if it ever gets here it'll be out of date.

    Emailed twice with no responses.

    • -1

      Hey mate, check your inbox, or spam folder, an update was sent out from our owner in the last hour.

      • I recieved an email that stated a courier was booked on the 18th but youre still waiting on the courier to pick up the parcel which is hopefully this week!!

        How can i cancle my order that is absolutely rediculous.

        • Mine still shown as picked up, no sign of delivery…

        • Bloody hell.

  • +1

    I just received my Leffe's, order 16 Nov originally, I live in Perth as my name may imply… Tried a couple and they are absolutely fine, taste completely normal. They have secured more stock and I ordered another 3 cartons through shopback code HelloDrinks10 as new customer. This makes it less than 50dol per carton delivered, unbeatable… Only caveats are fairly long delivery and out of date for those who care. It may be worth another post to highlight it to others!

    • +1

      Yeah i just received mine today too, I’m in perth.
      Paid on 16/11, processed on 18/11.
      Took a fair while yeah.. but came in pretty good knock. Ordered a fireball whisky too which was packaged great and in heaps of foam beans 😬
      Wish I had waited though to get to $10 cheaper.. lol

  • +2

    Ordered some Cider from these clowns on the 25th of November - still no tracking number provided. Dont support them.

  • +2

    jeez, it's taken over 3 weeks and still haven't received anything..

    • +1

      Sounds like it's better to just kick off a PayPal dispute and get it over with.

    • +1

      Also just got charged for it. But for $65 instead of the $55… Yikes

  • My order only took a week to arrive to Melbourne - one case for me another for my bro and we're both happy =)

  • +2

    Like others, it's been 3 weeks and still nothing. I emailed last week and was told it would be sent the following day. To make things worse, they keep adding stock and dropping the price. It's a neg from me

    • Still nothing for me.

      • Didn't you order three weeks ago?

      • I just had mine delivered today, after starting a chargeback with my credit card yesterday. I'm not sure if that's a coincidence. It's a festivus miracle!

  • -1

    Still non-existent Fastway Tracking number. It was purchased on the expectation that it would be delivered prior to Best Before date. Going to seek a chargeback.

  • -2

    Shameless seller, the bbd is 12/12/2020, which was not mentioned in the description!

  • mine still in transit.
    good deal for when you want a beer in a month's time.

  • Requested a Paypal Refund on the 10th and got one. However it still says pending 5 days later. Anyone have this issue?

  • +3

    i purchased on the expectation that it would be delivered prior to Best Before date. got mine only today but best before date was 10th dec

  • tastes good

  • I have had the same problem in delivery for 2 orders and have received very sketchy to no responses on the same. Get repeated sms on for delivery daily but no product actually arrives. Very disappointed with the overall experience and action follow up.

    Hope the OP can look into this as one order is going back to almost start of December

  • Finaly received my parcel today, but oh no I ordered 2 Cases of beer and only 1 turned up

  • Ordered 17th November, still thirsty.

    Received a text offering a 5% off code as it had been a while since I'd ordered.

    Well you said it…

  • +2

    Never got these drinks and unsatisfactory responses - blaming the courier yet no updates unless chased up and no sense of urgency that maybe the customer would want the drinks for celebratory reasons towards the end of the year. I expect they are hoping people will forget about the offer and just pocket the money. Refund requested

  • Ordered dec 8, still not delivered.