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Leffe Blonde 330ml 24 Pack - December 12th Dated - $54.99 (Save over $40) + Free Delivery @ HelloDrinks


Leffe Blonde 330ml 24pk with Free Delivery from Independenly owned HelloDrinks!

Save $40 off Dan Murphys Listed Price

Buy Now Pay Later available with Latitude Pay or Zippay.

$54.99 - Use code HELLOSUMMER for Free Delivery

Stock is dated best before December 12/12, offer available whilst stocks last!

This beer generally holds its freshness for up to 6 months, Beer has been taste tested with no issues reported.

We just secured 1000 more cases from a new supplier at $10 cheaper than last price, so we are passing this on!

The best beer deal you will find this side of Christmas!

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  • Very tasty beer.

  • Thanks OP! One of my favourites, just bought a case. ;)

  • Very good beer just ordered thanks.

  • I got an offer to get $10 off for each referral on my account - is there a way to get the referral system added to here?

  • My fav beer..Made my day seeing it pop up on OzB. Thanks OP!!!!!

  • Got one… Thanks!

  • Best before December? How much beer do you guys drink!

  • Hi OP,

    Title suggests "dated December", description suggests "best before December", which one it is?
    Any chance to get the specific "best before date" for those contemplating?

    • I'm not going buy almost expired beer not matter how good is the bargain is.

      • Beer doesn't expire, it only has a best before. Many beers can actually last with no noticeable issues long after their best before.

        Can't vouch for this beer specifically, but a Belgian 6.6% ABV beer will probably hold up fairly well past BB date.

        • I have had beers that were not that good (to say the least) after their best before date.
          Including Belgian ones.

          • @reg401: Absolutely, it depends on a huge number of factors. I'm making a generalising (hence probably) that a 6-12 month old 6.6% Belgian will likely hold up ok.

            • @Schmiddler: I sure hope that's the case for all of those who bought this batch.

              • @reg401: I bought a case, hard to go past at this price. If I get burned with a lacklustre brew, I can take it on the chin, but I'm optimistic that it will have held up well. I would also imagine that if the beer has issues prior to the best before, Australia consumer law will allow refunds/exchanges.

      • I just wonder why the OP is reluctant to respond, after all, it's a very simple question, which can potentially bring more customers. Will be interesting to see what people get.

    • it really can be hit and missed as it can depend on many factor, like how the beer is store. If it has been in cool room the whole time…I will buy it even it has been shortly expired.

    • Hey Reg, apologies for the delay, date is 12/12/20, I can personally vouch that I have tested the beer, and no issues what so ever with it, consistent as it has always been. Some customers have also received their cases, and have started drinking, with the feedback very positive on taste, price etc. Actually due to the supplier giving us all their stock due to the success of the promo to keep it going, we have had a high volume of repurchasing.

      Generally a beer can hold it's freshness for up to 6 months after BB date. If you are going to be sinking a few of these over the Christmas, you won't have any issues.

  • Only 3 cartons left.

  • Thanks OP. Been searching for a good deal on this one for ages. Confirming the free shipping code works and CashRewards cashback. Thanks

  • Quik mafs, $2.70 each delivered.

  • Great beer… Id def buy at this price, trying to have less alcohol in the house so im not tempted loll

  • December Dated
    Challenge accepted!

  • Awesome my 2nd favourite beer, my #1; Leffe Bruin

  • I love this beer. And the close expiry date is a reason to drink it quicker ;)

  • I like this for a mass produced Belgian beer. I've spent a lot of time in Belgium, and there they drink this with a slice of lemon or orange in it - which is a bit strange but it works.

  • Why is the rrp so expensive compared to other imported beers (eg Heineken)?

  • My doctor said I shouldn't be drinking much anymore, but that restriction can be lifted if a good deal is on I'm pretty sure.

  • Shopback was instantly confirmed @ 4% (",)

  • Says it’s gone but then now available

    • +5 votes

      We sold out of the first allocation, we gave the supplier a call while he was eating his dinner, and secured another 200 cases! Nearly gone already!

  • Love this beer. OP do you ever have other Belgian beer on sale? I just purchased a stack of la.chouffe beer and it hurts the wallet big time last time I was at dans

  • Used to be able to get it regularly at this price last year if you kept an eye out for specials. Hope those days return, it's a great beer.

  • December dated means nothing. Would still drink next year.

    • Exactly, most beers can hold their freshness for up to 6 months

    • Also high alcohol low hops, should be fine for a year.

      • hops are a preservative so ….low hops=short life

        • Hop flavour and aromatics drop off incredibly quickly in beer, particularly modern hazy styles of IPAs with dry hopping.

          Moderate-High ABV and low hops used for bittering are sufficient to hold beer for a long period of time depending on style.

          • @Schmiddler: ahh it's good to explain it rather than just downvoting like the others do. I thought hops were used as a preservative to extend the life span. That was my understanding anyway that's what the original use of hops was for. The extremely bitter west coast clear IPA lasts a long time, where as the juicy hazy nonsense with ddh and wet hops looses it's aromatics quickly.

            • @9hundred: You're not wrong in that thinking, it's just a touch oversimplified. Hops are indeed a preservative in terms of deterring bacterial growth which extends safe shelf life, but they can actually negatively impact a beers 'tasty' shelf life, depending on the way that they are used in the brewing process.

  • Christmas beers sorted. Magnificent, thanks op

  • I'm so excited about this. Been meaning to buy a case of this over Christmas anyway but this price just helped in a huge way. Cheers!

  • Don't worry about the expiry date. These sorts of beers actually get better with age. It should almost say best from Dec 2020…

    • Most commercial beers don't get better with age, home brew often does get better with age but generally peaks before 6 months. Some craft breweries were hesitant to send beer to Australia as they recommend their beers to be consumed within 4 months but it takes a month to get here. Hoppy beers lose more flavour than others.
      Most of the expiry has to do with temperature changes and light.

  • Purchased. Lovely.

    Just need a sale on the dark version.

  • +5 votes

    Folks, last 100 cases just added, you won't find a better value beer this side of Christmas, we thought about marking this one up, but our owner bought up 500 cases, and told us let them go at this price with Free Delivery due to the tough year a lot of people have had through Covid! Enjoy, and grab them before they are gone!

  • Great deal! Any chance you’re likely to stock Tripel Karmeleit at some point in the near future? It’s my absolute favourite beer but so hard to find in Australia

    • Same here, I always have some in the house, but given it's usually $120+ per case, I don't drink it that often. It's usually easy enough to find someone with stock if you look around online, good luck finding in a store though, that would just be lucky based on location.

  • Omg so tempted. Haven't finished my case from last year.. I'm not a beer person normally but Leffe is the ONLY exception!

    Tried it in Europe and haven't stopped since

  • Ordered :) What courier companies do you use for interstate deliveries?

  • If buying more than 1 case, use code "HELLO10" to get 10% off, which works out to be a better discount than the $10 off coupon.

  • Thanks OP. Got one for Christmas!

  • Thanks OP! bought a case.

  • my favourite beer! thanks!

  • sold out - story of my life

    • Check back in tomorrow morning, we are waiting on confirmation of the remaining qty that we can release.

  • Thanks OP just grabbed one

  • Omg I literally went to the toilet, came back, and they were sold out. I really regret that #2 lol

  • This is a great price, waiting for more stock.

    Also it's funny watching the number of people viewing this page in the link, the number changes up and down by a large margin after each refresh, gotta be random number generator.

  • Rest of the stock is on sale now :)

  • +3 votes

    Good Morning All, Here we go again! 300 cases just released to the site, be quick, this looks as though it is the last of it!

    The best value beer this side of Christmas, delivered to your door for free!

    Thank you to all those that supported HelloDrinks and grabbed a case yesterday! Much Appreciated!

    • That's almost 1000 cartons just for you guys.

      DM's has been showing out of stock for in-store purchases for months.

      If they've been sitting around in a warehouse since arrival, it might suggest $100 RRP is too high.

      This isn't a reflection on HelloDrinks, just a general comment that if they were priced $60-$70 they would be flying off the shelves.