Is a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV ES ADAS 2020 Good Value at $40k Drive Away?

Looking at pulling the trigger on this run out special. It is brand new


Keen to understand people's opinions on this from anyone that owns it.
Any other good value alternatives similar price out there?


  • NB: 10 year warranty capped price servicing

    • IF you adhere to their "Terms and Conditions"…

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      It’s more like 5 year warranty and an extra 5 if you do all services with them. You can’t service with anyone else.

  • I have the 2wd non-PHEV LS Outlander (I think the LS came with ADAS as standard??) as a work vehicle and it's pretty nice. I would have been happy to pay money for it. Only issue is the CVT feels very slow/slugish and surges at times. I dont know what the PHEV transmission is.

    If I could have gotten a PHEV for $40k drive away, that wouldn't be a bad price, as its about 20% or so off retail price.

    • That 1 speed gearbox IMWO is horrible… the ex's ASX has one….

      • Not the biggest fan of it. It works, and I generally don't mind CVTs, but the programming or implementation on the Outlander one needs a software update. It feels like an old 1970's 2 speed power-glide from an old Holden.

  • Downside of the 10 year warranty is you need to service your car all the time at a Mitsubishi dealership or else you just get the standard 5 year warranty.


      I never understood why this was a bad thing (if the servicing is capped and the car is under warranty)?

      Anyone want to explain why it is such a bad thing?

      (besides the dealership being really far from where u live)

      • I think oil changes are only included in capped price servicing. Other than that they charge exorbitant prices on other services when you need to start replacing car parts.

        • Everything "mandatory" in the logbook is included in capped price servicing. Options/Additionals are extra

    • Considering this is a fairly specialized vehicle with its Plug in Hybrid system, there isn't really many others that can service it properly.

  • The diesel is more economical to own (in general). There is a comparison of all the math on YT between the PHEV and the Diesel.

    I have the diesel model with safety pack btw. 2017 - It also comes with a conventional 6 spd automatic transmission (many advantages to that, if keeping long term).

  • Is it tho? Phev does trip 54km on battery alone which is 95% of suburban trips…

    I think diesel is only a couple of km cheaper new

    • And if you are predominantly doing short trips, school runs, work is close and shopping, I would not get the diesel. If your kid's school was 40km away and work was a freeway stint and you had to drive to the next town to get to shopping, then buy a diesel.

      Lots of stop start, short distance travel, get hybrid.
      Lots of long, freeway miles, get a diesel.

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        If your kid's school was 40km away and work was a freeway stint and you had to drive to the next town to get to shopping, then buy a diesel.

        then you should (profanity) move!

      • Takes 20 mins to do a regen, can even do it in traffic generally (my particular vehicle).

        All the newest diesel models from Mitsubishi can do regens in everyday traffic.

        While a solid 30 minute drive above 2000rpm and 60kmh used to be a periodic bi monthly recommendation.

  • it says starting at 48k?

  • Run out special for the 2020 model

    I think new 2021 version is around 53k for ES is similar to ES ADAS 2020 which ADAS has been adopted in new model

  • I heard the 2021 PHEV will support V2H tech.

  • I was considering one myself on an older model, however some consumer reviews on the battery put me off.

  • Yes

    Biased Opinion - I just bought one

    There is no other plug in hybrid SUV available in this price range, other than the Chinese MG. Otherwise next cheapest is the Mercedes GLC 300e which starts around $80k

    It's not really comparable to the Rav 4 Hybrid - you are comparing a 1.6kWh battery to a 13.8 kWh battery with a plug in system.

    It has all the necessary features, but without any flair.

  • I have had one for 4 years, 100K km, wife still driving it daily, gets most of 40Km from the battery, but hard to tell for sure. Nothing failed, could use a GPS update, wish they were free like with Tesla.

    Wife likes it because it has all the traditional buttons, knobs and levers that legacy cars have, unlike Tesla with the single screen doing everything.

    Any decent workshop can service it - the fluids are not that special or hard to change, no timing belt to replace, just plugs, filters, and fluids to change.

    No wear on brakes yet, but had gone through 2 sets of tyres since new. They all need to be the same kind of tyre too, otherwise you get unusual surging on decel at highway speeds.

    Works OK on the highway with 3 people and ski gear in it. Quieter and smoother than the non-EV versions. You still have to use the brake pedal to stop it though, no one-pedal driving experience as the regen isn't that strong.

    Radar cruise is pretty good, you still have to steer, but can leave managing the speed up to the car in front of you, which eases the load a lot if you are on windy country roads with lots of speed changes. Unlike Tesla, this car does not know to slow down for corners.

    Nothing else in this price bracket gives you this much car for the money with EV capability, you are getting a pretty good price, given they debuted at $54k when first released.

  • One thing to watch out for - the "Diamond Advantage" 10 year warranty ONLY applies if it was registered AFTER 1st October when this warranty type started … if it was first registered before this date then the previous standard warranty will apply.

  • We purchased one this year, I think we paid close to 50,000 for ours. I am pleased with it but I do not track the specs. We started at 50Km per charge but over the last few months the vehicle says we are getting about 36 per charge now, think it is based on accessories (we added luggage racks), how you drive and driving conditions. We also have solar at the house so only charge when the sun is up. Not sure of the petrol usage but being we are in NSW we managed to get the motor vehicle 250.00 charge card they offered for seniors and have been using that.

  • This might help you to make a decision…

  • Ended up getting Cx8