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3x Traditional/Vegetarian/Value Pizzas + 2x Garlic Breads + 2x 1.25L Drinks $25.95 Delivered @ Domino's (Facebook Required)


Go to link to get your unique code. Only 1500 codes available so be quick if you want it! Just checked and was still able to get a code at time of posting.

Note: this code is valid on Wednesday 18/11/2020 only. However, you can head to www.dominos.com.au NOW and place a timed order for tomorrow!

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  • How does this work - I entered my email address and clicked “take me to my code” and then Facebook prompted me to log in? You get the code after logging in to FB?

    • Yes have to log in via Facebook. It's to try and stop people getting many codes I'd say, but it's legit.

      • Thank you for clarifying, but that’s a hard pass if so.

        • As far as I know people won't know you have done it but it will register woobox I think to your Facebook apps but it's pretty confidential and anonymous apart from being associated with woobox.

        • Why? Just register for a new Facebook account?

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    A Footy deal ???

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    Got one, thanks!

  • Got the code .. Note: this code is valid on Wednesday 18/11/2020 only. However, you can head to www.dominos.com.au NOW and place a timed order for tomorrow!

    Thanks OP!!

    • It's not too bad about a savings of $9-10 on average imho maybe more because this comes with drinks and garlic bread.

      • Except someone shrank pizzas, now you get about the same value as before when it was about $35 for bigger.

        • Eh this is the best deal value wise if you want dinner quick and easy.

          Their $15 deal for 1 pizza delivered no minimum delivery spend is pretty rip off unless you just want 1 pizza really badly.

          Imho they need to fill the gap with a 2 pizzas delivered for $20-22 kind of deal when you want more than 1 pizza maybe throw in a drink and bring it to $23.

          That would be ideal and honestly perfect if they just keep that at least for single people haha lol couples probably don't mind getting 3 pizzas and sides to share between themselves but I think the target market for that is families with kids which is fair enough.

          • @AlienC: We did get them before, 3 pizzas, while they were $25.95, but then they shrank. Of course, it is still a good deal if you want pizzas. Better than paying $35.

            • @bargainparker: Amen to that I really should stop eating out though big money hole when I can easily pick up something for 1/3 of the price from Aldi/Coles/Woolworths.

              Just can't use the kitchen much always some nuisance in there but I can do a quick microwave maybe.

  • Thanks

  • This is the best value deal for delivery I've seen in ages.

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    Anyone agrees their quality keeps dropping? And it comes to the point it is so low I will finally stop buying from them , or it is just my local franchisee is particularly bad.

    • Hard to say when their standard is to cut corners with stingy toppings since day dot.

      I miss big daddy pizza… 😢

    • And size.

  • You will clean up your messy room before you watch those Japanese cartoons, young man!

  • Not sure if I’m a tight ass but this still seems expensive? If I don’t use my code someone can PM me for it

    • Can you propose a cheaper alternative?

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        I usually buy the $5 value ranges ones from dominos.They are getting smaller every year so we just go to our local pizza shop to get a normal size for $10.

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          Yep I agree they're getting smaller, but I can't imagine your local pizza giving you 3 X pizzas + 2 X garlic bread + 2 X Pepsi delivered to your door for $25

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            @downhillar: my local charges me that amount for 1 large pizza…. pick up.

    • $8/pizza pickup is the "standard" voucher deal. Paying $2 extra for 2 drinks, 2 garlic breads and delivery is quite good.

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    I don't know if it's a coincidence or what, but literally the second I placed my order I got a spam text message and about 5 seconds later a spam email, not from Domino's, just phishing junk.

  • Any comments on their new taco and burger pizzas?

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      They're meh. There's definitely worse but nothing great. 6.5/10 each.

      • Cheers! What about the 2 Indian ones?

        • I tried them both last night, they're ok but nothing special, just like the taco and cheeseburger.

    • +1

      They were on the menu before covid, but just brought them back. I like the burger one but don't think much of the taco one.

      • Cheers! Any thoughts on the 2 Indian ones?

  • Hey friends, I claimed a code before realising I have a family dinner tomorrow (and prob shouldn't be eating pizza anyways). Please shoot me a pm if you want my code!

  • Claimed a code before noticing only usable tomorrow when I am not able to use it. PM for code.

    • My code is claimed.

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    3x premium pizzas & 1x BBQ Meatlovers for $24.95 pick-up is better.

  • Oos

  • Anyone get a code they don't want? Will gladly take it :)

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    I have got these unused vouchers if anyone is interested,


  • also have a code for tomorrow that i wont need… here it is: 018633333542

  • Thanks, managed to grab one earlier on.

  • Cant swap the GARLIC BREAD for another dessert?

    • I couldn't even manage to swap the Pepsi for something else, so I didn't bother trying with the garlic bread

      • Deleted 2x Pepsi, manually added 2x Pepsi Max

  • had my code i just tried to use but it's expired already. sniped?

  • 018987509939

    • Had been used already unfortunately, but thanks

  • I got the code and I dont need it.


    • Thanks. Used that for tonight

  • Wasn't going to use mine but now that SA's going into lockdown figured I better get my pizza fix before they close…

  • I've got a spare code if anyone wants. First to PM

  • +1

    Here’s mine. First in best dressed


    • Thanks TwoDollah - I just used it for tonight dinner.

  • Seems like you can still get premium pizzas with this through the half and half hack

  • this also stacks with the 1 free pizza deal you get for signing up/into the dominos app (and placing the order by the app).

    also as mentioned above the half and half hack for premium also worked, total $25.95 saving $59. 4 pizzas, 2 garlic bread, 2 drinks, delivered. i no complain!

    • Bugger. I completely forgot about that.

  • +1

    Does anyone happen to have a code? I missed out

  • Can the code be used today for a scheduled order for tomorrow?

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