Wireless Earbuds for Side Sleeping Recommendations?

What is everyones recommendations for wireless earbuds for us side sleepers?

Want the ability to stream audio from my phone, quality doesn't matter as it's mostly podcasts. Battery life >3 hrs preferably.

Have already tried those ebay headbands and they are uncomfortable with a huge bluetooth module on one side or are too hot and break easily.

Some of the cheapo ones on amazon look like they protrude from the ear canal a bit so would make it uncomfortable for side sleeping specifically.


  • Can you wear one TWS bud in the ear you're not lying on?

    Best thing that's worked for me, trying to find the little thing in my bed every morning has become a solid part of my morning ritual.

    • I crocodile roll around a fair bit even when falling asleep so having buds that lay as flat as possible would be ideal.

    • Or one ear bud of the wireless but both buds connected by a cord (necklace) type. Easier to find in the morning.

    • I get up early for work so just leave and let the missus find them when she makes the bed :)

  • If you're not after true wireless earbuds, have a look into the Shure se215 bt2 (bt2 specifically. Bt1 is the last gen bluetooth cable with slightly poorer battery life). Battery is 8 hours and supports multipoint connections if you're into that.

    The cable also goes over the top of your ear so its a bit more secure in terms of being accidentally yanked out during sleep.

    • Thanks, I mentioned I tried this in my OP. Those bluetooth modules either come with an intergrated speaker and hurt the ear, or the head bands speaker wire inside breaks easily. Looking specifically for wireless earbuds that sit close to flush with the ear and aren't too uncomfortable :)

      • Oh yeah, I didn't get past the headline lol… ;)
        I use Apple Airpods and perch my head on the edge of the pillow so that the back half is supporting the weight of my head. This works to get me to sleep, but sometime in the middle of the night random things happen and the Airpods end up in all sorts of places.

        They do implants for hearing aids now I wonder how long before we can get bluetooth speaker implants? :)

  • What about speakers next to your bed, like a homepod mini or android mini thing? You don't mention a bed partner that it could annoy.

    • Yes, new partner has to wake up at 5am so speakers would annoy them. Could always get another bedroom lol.

      • I can't sleep with no music or anything going. When I'm ready to sleep I block all background sound out. It's when sound starts and stops that it wakes, but if it's constant sound that doesn't start and stop (except song gaps) then I know not to wake up I guess. It helps mask little sounds that would wake me up I think.

  • +1 for the Shure SE215s mentioned up above, excellent for side sleeping or lying down or using in helmets.
    Battery life is not bad, will definitely last you more than 3 hours.
    The passive noise cancellation is exceptional, thanks to both the actual design and, if you use it, the foam eartips. Also makes for a very comfortable listening experience, I was able to use these for hours and hours on end.
    The sound quality is amazing to say the least. Very nice sounding.

  • I own a gazillion headphones including most that are mentioned here. I can confirm Marshall Mode and Audiofly Af53w are super comfy for side sleepers.

    Shure se215 fit will be a hit or miss. Better try it once if possible before purchasing. Minidisc, Addicted to audio allow you to try them.

  • Original wired Samsung earbuds attached to a cheap BT receiver. The earbuds are slim and very comfortable.

    I put the receiver under my pillow, and place the the cable behind my neck so when I shift in bed the buds just slip out rather than pulling on my neck.

    I leave my phone away from me on the dresser, and use a BT timer app which disconnects at your desired time and the receiver turns itself off.

    Links are for pictures only, you can find the buds & BT for about $9.00 & $7.00 respectively.